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  1. Sorry you guys have been having crap luck. I am on Xbox and have been having a good time (overall). Biggest issue I have been seeing is players that spawn in as Jason quitting right away. Not sure why they just don’t set their preferences accordingly? Granted, I don’t use a mic anymore due to the “hateful” personalities this game has attracted. If someone escapes in the car alone, I chalk that up to them trying to get the Chad achievement. If I can give 2 tips to a better gaming experience (at least for me) - lose the mic, unless you are playing with friends and stop chasing Counselors when you are Jason. Strategize and have fun, 20 mins is plenty of time.
  2. Sorry, but have to disagree. I still see plenty of Counselors killing Jason, escaping and running out the clock. Granted, some matches are harder/easier due to randomness of map selection, counselor makeup and Jason. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Had something similar the other night, only it occurred at the Tommy generator. Sweater girl (Vanessa) rage quit when she was the last one remaining - good times.
  4. As much as I would like a cool surprise announcement, I am not getting my hopes up.
  5. The Friday bonus perks are pretty good. Newest was a Ghost Hock mask.
  6. Yep, just saw same article. Definitely going to contribute!
  7. First death was about 1 year after release. Kinda wish it had been sooner, because it is a freeing feeling once done. Died about 4 times total and don’t really care anymore. Only time I will actively try and prevent it is if the players are toxic or cheating in some fashion just to try and get the kill.
  8. I started doing this awhile ago, when I stopped worrying about trying to clear the board and just having fun. Stalk and Sense works great in doing this, even on Jason’s with negative Stalk. Some of the phone/cabin layouts work better then others. I wait until they fix the fuse and start making the call. When they are calling, counselors are in a fixed camera spot and cannot take any other actions. I usually stay in an adjacent room and just walk over and grab them. Others just run away, so I just walk back to my spot and go back into Stalk/Sense. Rinse and repeat until they stop coming back. I think the most kills I got in one match was 4. If counselors ignore the phone house, it can make for a boring match. I still found it quite enjoyable using Stalk/Sense to watch counselors running around not realizing you are even there.
  9. Probably, but I don’t use a mic anymore so I really don’t know. Lol - ignorance is bliss.
  10. Just to add, when the Devs added it back in it was a little more muffled then the car start up and easily missed depending on how much background noise was going on. Lately, I have not been able to hear it at all. Just my experience on this subject.
  11. Well, I got on the forums to discuss this. Just had a match were 4 suicided and one came back as Tommy. The only person I killed that match stayed dead. Not sure how, but they did it.
  12. I confess, I am a defender and I will give a brief reason. Gun is a small studio with limited resources, I paid $30 for a title no AAA studio would touch, no Gun - no F13th. I got more then my money’s worth from one of my favorite licenses. If a AAA studio with almost unlimited resources can’t release complete games and/of fix their glitches, why should I expect Gun to perform better? Not to mention all maps and Jason’s have been free. I am frustrated with the state of the game/lawsuit too. Just wanted to drop my 2 cents.
  13. Darn, I missed the VHS again!
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