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  1. Darn, I missed the VHS again!
  2. Just my opinion, but I have zero interest in any type of prequel/origin story for Jason. The original F13th is probably the best origin story there is. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Late to this thread, but I spotted this list. Oh, the memories. Definitely an awesome list and Near Dark is a really good vampire flick with an stellar cast.
  4. I am in the camp of those whose playstyle hasn’t really changed. Escape and evade has always been my primary objective. If I am in a good group (or at least appears to be) I will try and help as many as I can. If it is a crap group, I only worry about myself.
  5. The only thing I don’t miss from the beginning was the Host Rage Quitting. Blowing Jason off of the map with firecrackers or being Jason and getting knocked off of the map with smack of a baseball bat was amusing.
  6. This has been an issue for a while. I do not remember what patch caused the issue, but you used to be able to hear others when in close proximity even without a mic. At least on Xbox. Not sure about PC or PS4. As a side note, I find it to be a blessing and a curse. For whatever reason, this game has the most toxic players of any online game that I have played. I do not use a mic anymore and have found things to be much more enjoyable. I would be ok if the voice issue stayed as it currently is. Just my 2 cents.
  7. Mine just popped a few days ago, so I can confirm it isn’t bugged. I am on Xbox, if you are referring to a PS4 trophy. As for the 1,000 matches.......pretty sure I will never get that one. LOL
  8. Haven’t had a turn as Jason yet, but did 3 matches as a counselor. Patched hasn’t effected me much, as I have always been an escape/evade type of play style. Funny thing was that 2 of the 3 matches ended with Jason rage quitting near the 18 minute mark.
  9. I’m suprised that NECA never released an “Ultimate” version of their Part 7.
  10. Same. When I saw it happen, I could see the players via Sense swimming around under the Crystal Lake map. It was very entertaining.
  11. If you are a F13th fan, then pick it up. I have definitely gotten my monies worth. I play on Xbox, so I have no idea as to the PC community.
  12. No problem, to each their own. I can’t justify running and hiding, as it is only a game. It is a shame that they made it way to easy to pull off.
  13. It actually feels kind of liberating. It no longer seems like a big deal. Lol
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