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  1. This has been an issue for a while. I do not remember what patch caused the issue, but you used to be able to hear others when in close proximity even without a mic. At least on Xbox. Not sure about PC or PS4. As a side note, I find it to be a blessing and a curse. For whatever reason, this game has the most toxic players of any online game that I have played. I do not use a mic anymore and have found things to be much more enjoyable. I would be ok if the voice issue stayed as it currently is. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Mine just popped a few days ago, so I can confirm it isn’t bugged. I am on Xbox, if you are referring to a PS4 trophy. As for the 1,000 matches.......pretty sure I will never get that one. LOL
  3. Haven’t had a turn as Jason yet, but did 3 matches as a counselor. Patched hasn’t effected me much, as I have always been an escape/evade type of play style. Funny thing was that 2 of the 3 matches ended with Jason rage quitting near the 18 minute mark.
  4. I’m suprised that NECA never released an “Ultimate” version of their Part 7.
  5. Same. When I saw it happen, I could see the players via Sense swimming around under the Crystal Lake map. It was very entertaining.
  6. If you are a F13th fan, then pick it up. I have definitely gotten my monies worth. I play on Xbox, so I have no idea as to the PC community.
  7. No problem, to each their own. I can’t justify running and hiding, as it is only a game. It is a shame that they made it way to easy to pull off.
  8. It actually feels kind of liberating. It no longer seems like a big deal. Lol
  9. Finally got mine. I knew I was being hunted when all of the sounds pings were moving together and nothing was being fixed. I played it too aggressively and it bit me in the butt. LOL Received a message from Tommy that I wasn’t sure if they were being a smarta#@ or not, but I responded congratulating them.
  10. Not knocking it, it just got to routine and boring for me. I also see a lot less dance parties and obnoxious emotes. I am having more fun setting up a few good surprise kills.
  11. It is a great feeling when you shake the need to beat the clock. Going 2/8 but getting 2 stealth surprise kills as they pick up the phone is more fun then chasing the 8/8. Just my opinion.
  12. Something you might want to try is start playing unpredictable. 99% of Jason players follow the same basic pattern - trap phone, knock out Tommy generator, trap objectives, chase counselors, etc, etc, etc. Something I started recently is leaving the phone house untrapped and sitting inside using Stalk. It has been a blast grabbing a counselor as they start the call. Be careful of Morphing to your shack as the kill squad is probably already waiting for you as 99% of players Morph there right away. Don’t feel pressured to kill everyone. Enjoy just watching via Sense and try and get them to come to you without them even realizing it.
  13. FYI - Incase anyone is interested. I didn’t see anything posted.
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