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    Got the blu-ray pack, but missed the VHS. Oh well, but it would have been kinda neat to have. Let us know if anymore VHS packs get released, because I would definitely purchase it. Thanks again for the heads up on the additional orders and the cool little fan film.

    Sweet! Thanks

    Looks like I missed the blu-ray....crap! I see they are releasing a VHS pack. Might be interesting to add to my limited VHS collection and hopefully the blu-ray will be included.
  4. Part V: A Great Idea Really Badly Made?

    I enjoy Part 5 more now then when it was initially released. I was pretty “meh” about it due to the killer not being Jason. I am glad that I went back to it (many years later) with an opened mind, because I found it very enjoyable.
  5. Guns in (North) America

    Research the Founding father’s views on the 2nd Amendment. It makes it pretty clear what their intentions were. The first one that usually comes to my mind is Thomas Jefferson.
  6. I voted “yay” as I am interested to see how this plays out. I just hope that they change the selection process (as mentioned in the original thread) so that everyone can’t run the same “meta” perks. Which I am also guilty of at times.
  7. Unmasked tactics

    Well, came very close tonight to getting killed for the first time. Well coordinated group that didn’t use party chat and it was QP. They beat the tar out of me, I went 2/8 using Part 7. Sweater girl and Tommy showed up at same time. I knew Tommy was called, but didn’t see anyone pick up my mask. When I saw sweater girl, I knew I had to think of something fast. I Morphed out to plan some type of attack, but ended up letting the time expire as there was 1 minute left. Not sure what I was gonna do anyway - I was out of knives, never mastered the shift grab and they were all together watching each other’s back. They weren’t very happy that I didn’t stand there and let them kill me.
  8. I rarely use Combat Stance. Counselors seldom go one on one unless behind a door. I may use CS, but I don’t really care too much if I get stunned through a door. Most counselors use the “run and quick turn” melee. If you go into CS, they will just keep running. I try to bait the swing and hope they miss. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. If I get mobbed, I just swing away w/o CS or grabbing. So far, I have won all the mob wars. Just my experiences.
  9. Part 4 Jason

    Since the latest patch, I don’t think that any Jason is weak. Some are easier then others, but they all can wipe a board. I have been using Part 7 a lot since the patch and doing fairly well. I find myself using Stalk a lot and moving by water if at all possible. I don’t find the - traps that much of a weakness anymore since you can only place one anyway. Just my 2 cents, but to each their own.
  10. Personally, I am enjoying Part 7 again. His Sense and Water Speed on the large maps is very useful. I kind of hope that they don’t change him as he forces you to change your play style. Just my 2 cents.
  11. Part 7 is fun the play again. Still not as easy as some of the others, but at least not a piñata anymore. Just as a side note, Sense and Water Speed work really well on the new Pinehurst map.
  12. Does Thrasher even work?

    Lol. No reason to even use Thrasher then. Axe hits usually stun anyway. Definitely not worth the perk slot. Thanks for the info.
  13. Does Thrasher even work?

    I tried it the other day on Adam. I hit and stunned Part 9 three times, but failed to knock off the mask. My Thrasher is +22%. After trying it, not worth the perk slot. Just my opinion.
  14. I hope your are correct. I would like to see a confirmation from the Devs on the issue.
  15. Well, I got dashboarded 3 times yesterday and probably double that in “lost connection to host”. Should I be expecting a ban?🙄 I get that it is frustrating, but reporting people for leaving at this point is just a waste of time. You have no way of determining how it occurred, unless you get some type of PM for the player. Just my opinion on the topic.