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  1. Good luck. My first game today got locked up in the “checking session for room” screen and the second ended with the Host rage quitting. I love the game, but I am not going back to P2P.
  2. Spawn preference is Jason, with Jason and counselor set as Random. As someone posted earlier, it keeps it a little more interesting.
  3. Seen as how I started the bow controversy, I guess I will elaborate. In my opinion, I just can’t see any of the “zombie” Jasons using a bow. It didn’t bother me in the remake and probably would have been fine with parts 2, 3, 4 or 5. Ghost Jason strikes me as a zombie version. Just my 2 cents. As for Never Hike in the Snow, I liked it (minus that bow scene.....lol).
  4. Liked the trailer and can’t wait to see it. The only thing I didn’t care for was the bow.
  5. Did you get the metal fence kill yet? The one around a graveyard. That one eluded me for a long time.
  6. Just tried to start a match on Xbox and got the “connection time out” error after the Jason intro - Higgins Haven map.
  7. Figured ping might be an issue. I added it because I checked ping multiple times and it was always in the gray. Usually when I have issues, my ping hits yellow or red.
  8. Figured I would add my new-patch experience. First time as Jason (part 9) on Jarvis map tried 2 grabs and I passed straight thru the counselor. Grabbing the entire match was extremely off. Same match - Tipped the boat, drowned one. Second counselor got back in boat and I was unable to pull them out. Prompt showed, but pressing it did nothing. They just sat in the boat without it moving. Second time as Jason (part 7) on Higgins Haven had difficulty breaking locked doors. First door took 3 hits as normal then would not break. Other door at same cabin took 3 hits as normal then took about 6 more hits to break. Tried to slash a counselor in same cabin and swing action turned me approx 45 degrees to target a door. One match as counselor (AJ) attempted to put gas in 4 seater (Packanack) and glitched. Prompt failed, but stayed on screen. I could try again, but all the hit boxes were doubled and turned green. The checks auto-failed every time. Wheel stayed present on screen and prevented all other actions, except gas. These are all new glitches/bugs that I have never encountered prior to this patch. I am on Xbox.
  9. Just to add, one reason why you do not see more Jason deaths is because they run. Saw this again yesterday where Jason just ran away whenever Tommy and sweater girl walked went after him. I am all about smart tactics when the odds are against you, but watching Jason just through knives and consistently run away is just sad. Just my 2 cents.
  10. He is building a Halloween diorama. Not exactly sure what that means game-wise? (If anything).
  11. If I see that after I escape or die, I just leave the match. Thankfully I do not need the xp/cp and would rather just try to get into another match. If I am Jason, I go on a scenic tour of the camp. After the match I leave.
  12. Maybe just a suggestion - leave things the way they are, but have only 1 machete and 1 axe per map. Just a thought off of the top of my head.
  13. Reworked how? Easier or harder to kill? Jason is not too hard to kill now. Why make it any easier? Sorry, been off of the forums for a while. Did I miss something?
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