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  1. No. Reasons have already been stated.
  2. Agreed with pretty much everything you wrote, but I do like the forward lunge and stinger.
  3. I understand Gun’s decision as it relates to running a business (as I stated in earlier thread). I do hope (maybe foolishly) that they finish working on the Jason X/Grendel map and release it as a paid DLC after the suit is settled. I would gladly pay to have it. That is assuming that it it mostly completed and wouldn’t suck up to much money, allowing Gun to actually make a profit. Hopefully their isn’t some legal hurdle that prevents any additions after this is settled. Wes and gang, I love what you created for us F13th fans. I wish you guys the best and hope some luck drops your way. It just really ticks me off that I finally get to play a great F13th game that gets cut down by drawn out legal crap.
  4. Grape

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Hopefully we will get some new info. today.
  5. Even w/o a mic, I can no longer hear anyone. Used to be able to, but not anymore. Kind of a good thing, as I no longer have to listen to the trolls or unpleasant people.
  6. Grape

    We're Still Here

    I’ll still be playing and holding out for a lucky break on this lawsuit.
  7. Grape

    Is the Game over now?

    I wouldn’t blame them if they dropped support altogether. If there isn’t any money to be made, them why keep dumping money into it? As much as I love they game, I understand that ultimately it is a business. Hopefully they have some type of inside scoop that the game will not be tangled up in this mess for too long. I will keep my fingers crossed.
  8. Grape

    Is the Game over now?

    I just read this on Bloody Disgusting. I guess the game got pulled into the Miller lawsuit. Supposedly the Devs released a statement. Edit: Just saw similar post - either lock or merge.
  9. I like them and have been using it on Part 5 and 7.
  10. Just my 2 cents, if body blocking, door combat, double trapping were considered exploits or non-intended then counselor traps at objectives certainly falls into that same category. I have yet to see it, but now that it is being talking about it will probably start occurring more just like every other exploit that is overly discussed. As for my self, I never trap the phone fuse first anymore. I started with the Tommy generator once the killing parties started and everyone figured out that Tommy is the ultimate troll/nuisance. I have only been burned once by the cops doing things this way. Depending on the map and opening cut scene, you know where the radio house is at the start or you can make an educated guess. Also, in my opinion, most people avoid the phone house (thinking Jason will show up) and just speed loot looking for pocket knives. This gives amble time to trap both in many circumstances. Like I said, just my opinion on the subject and how I have altered my play as Jason.
  11. Got glitched on a window in the final 2 minutes that led to getting killed. After I died, I was out of the game with the message “Error, you were kicked”. I never saw that one before????
  12. Didn’t see anything announced, but I started getting double XP.
  13. Me too. I enjoyed just stalking counselors, but the time limit can be a killjoy. Hopefully they will see about lifting those in the future.
  14. Thank you. For some reason I couldn’t find it when looking in the Xbox store.
  15. Is this not on Xbox yet? I am not seeing it in the store.