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  1. They must see some type of money making potential.
  2. Gonna go read that right now.
  3. I too am expecting it soon. I play nothing but QP w/o a mic and have seen or been part of killing Jason a lot since the drop of dedicated servers.
  4. After battling for control of the phone house (good group of counselors), decided to hide inside the bathroom, hit Stalk and wait. Sure enough, Tommy fixed the phone then stood guard by the main doors while Tiffany started to make the call. I was Part 7, walked out and grab-killed Tiff. Doesn’t happen often, but feels awesome when you can pull it off.
  5. Ditto. Dedicated Servers are awesome! Not to mentioned host quitting doesn’t end the game anymore.
  6. I am really liking the dedicated servers so far.
  7. I have experienced same, except with people upstairs. Never seen anyone in the fireplace.
  8. I keep it set to Random. I like them all and it forces you to play the hand your dealt. Same with counselors.
  9. Maybe they are trying to have it land at the same time as dedicated servers.
  10. I guess this will eventually come to Xbox. Is it a different start sound or the same as the car?
  11. Maybe try a hard reboot of your xbox.
  12. One thing I tried when they stopped trap stacking is to trap near the fuse box, but not right at it. I would place the trap by a bush to camouflage it a bit. Also placed one near a door to a main house. Both have worked many times and it changes up the gameplay a bit.
  13. Looks cool. I might just be picking this up. You can never go wrong with a NECA mask and I only have the remake version. I also don’t mind throwing in some cash to keep the game going.
  14. Yep, I still enjoy the game.
  15. I am fine with them being primarily for others projects. It would make sense in that the game is all profit at this point. If running properly, the game and dlc will still bring in revenue while at the same time not being the primary cost driver for the servers. Of course, this is just an educated guess. I do hope we get them, because the host quitting is getting really annoying.