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  1. Grape


    When counselors stop picking up pocket knives and running in groups then Jason will stop slashing. In other words..........simply won’t happen.
  2. Lol. Sometimes it seems like this game has a mind of it’s own. I feel like that at times. There was a period where it seemed like I would only spawn as Part 9 Jason.
  3. I do not have a favorite and keep the selection set to random. I do the same with Jason. Helps keep it interesting, at least for me.
  4. Well, I just played a matched yesterday, the Host rage quit and the match did not end. After the match was over, I was listed as Host. Not sure about “outdated client” as I have not experienced that. Just wanted to add that ever since dedicated servers went live, the host quitting never dropped a match that I was in. FYI - I play on Xbox.
  5. And I believe the initial digital release was around $40.
  6. Grape


    Haven’t watched them yet, but I plan to. Thanks again.
  7. Grape


    Received the blu-ray the other day and just got done watching it in our theater room. Still a great little film and a much better viewing experience then on an IPad. Thanks for all the hard work making it happen.
  8. Grape

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Glad to hear he is a horror fan. If they put the same care into a Friday film like they did with It, I think it might turn out pretty good. Also always, cautiously optimistic. It would be interesting to see how they pull it off given the current legal issues.
  9. They must see some type of money making potential.
  10. Gonna go read that right now.
  11. I too am expecting it soon. I play nothing but QP w/o a mic and have seen or been part of killing Jason a lot since the drop of dedicated servers.
  12. After battling for control of the phone house (good group of counselors), decided to hide inside the bathroom, hit Stalk and wait. Sure enough, Tommy fixed the phone then stood guard by the main doors while Tiffany started to make the call. I was Part 7, walked out and grab-killed Tiff. Doesn’t happen often, but feels awesome when you can pull it off.
  13. Ditto. Dedicated Servers are awesome! Not to mentioned host quitting doesn’t end the game anymore.
  14. I am really liking the dedicated servers so far.