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  1. 30 seconds in, first ki ki ki ma sounds, jason now has morph, second ki ki ki ma ma ma doesn't change from when it goes now, so timing on gaining sense doesn't change, but it does give councilors a chance to get into houses, also make it so the parts for the phone don't spawn in the phone house, or car boat parts, legitly right next to the car. boom, problems solved.
  2. So, every 2-3 games on xbox one crash when I host, when I join others I don't crash at all. Memory Leak for hosts maybe? not sure but it's getting ridiculous, along with some of the other game breaking bugs I've encountered.
  3. It's fun, it crashes alot though, and their are quite a few gamebreaking bug's that I've encountered as both councilors and as jason. If you like your fun mixed with aggrevation (that you get to unleash most of when you play jason) go for it. It's got a lot of potential, and if they do it right, it's going to get better. Like I said though, I'm hitting the topic again to expound on it a little, it crashes, alot. As host, your lucky to get through 3 games before you're kicked back to your dashboard, memory leaks im guessing. As a player, your host faces the same issue. Playing with friends we play 2-3 games, quit and restart the game, rinse and repeat. It's become less aggrevating with that, but until I caught that trend, heh, well I won't state the language that spewed forth from my mouth here, lol. Anyways, if you do decide to get it, and want to play a game or two an learn the ropes, shoot me a pm on the forums here! ~~edit~~ Also on xbox we have clubs, one is called Friday the 13th Maniacs. Helps with finding private games, once you have the game and join, you just pop onto the club page and you'll be greeted by a swarm of invites from randoms of every flavor. If you choose to host yourself, press Y in your private lobby, select choose from club, choose friday the 13th maniacs, change invite to party to invite to game, press a down the list (31 people max) and press start and generally you'll fill a lobby up really quickly.
  4. so you're saying that you had to back to be a f13 fan? sorry but you seem to be misinformed. Just because I didn't back a game by a developer that's not on the radar, doesnt mean not a fan. So, did I know of the kickstarter? Yes I did. Why Didn't I back it? Because, I forsaw this. The pressure having so many backers create, all the voices, all the hopes you want to live up to, is a hindrance. How much pressure can a small developer really take? I'm not talking trash, I bet it's been rough for them, they have people hounding them, contiunally, and probably have for a while now. They made promises, and that's the worst thing, a small developer can do especially not knowing what goes into a release like this.
  5. Bahahahahaha bahahahahaha, the studio would of done it anyways, and who knows, without the butthurt fanboys, they might of been forced to call this game as it should be, EARLY ACCESS, because to call it a retail release would be an insult. I'd compare it to ubisoft's many many shenanigans. Seriously it's a skin, it should be sold as dlc if they want to make money, to say they don't would be to deny the truth, I mean, look at the state of the game they released. Sure, it has it's fun moments, but I find many more moments of frustration due to the massive memory leaks (I'd rather smack my head against a wall than play it on xbox 1 right now) and gamebreaking bugs. It's more of a troll/insult to those of you who have backed it than anything. Things like this are precisely why I DON'T back campaigns like this. I wish I would of read the reviews before purchasing, so I do hope it improves. I'm entitled to what I paid money for, and thats a game that works, damn near flawlessly, anything less should be unacceptable. I feel for the backers, at least the ones who think like I do, screw a skin, give me polish, make sure the game is ready to go before releasing it, or draw my ire.
  6. Its fun, when your jason, otherwise your dealing with him grabbing you from 20 feet away, being able to shift right in view of a councilor (never saw that bs in the movies), amongst other things, makes this hardcore fan, cry tears of wtf did they do to my homie jason. The memory leaks are a joke, if this thing was a boat you know how fast it woulda sunk? it's been like this with a lot of games lately, and the trend is going to contiune as long as WE GAMERS keep allowing this to happen, we have rights too, we're spending money, earned through our time, on something we're spending time on which could equivilent to more money. The reviews are pretty spot on, I gave it a 3/10. While i enjoy playing, the current state of this game is a joke and I could care less about what any little wanna be fanboy gotta say
  7. jasons about as scary as a pickle, but this force grab bullshit needs to go asap, happy my brother is giving me rights cause i'd be downright pissed if I wasted my money on this.
  8. I've noticed something, after this happening for a few days, I've caught a trend. When I don't host, I hardly ever dashboard, I'll get connection lost messages and such, and generally its the host getting dashboarded. When I do host I'm lucky if I can get 3 games in before it dashboards me, seems to be a memory leak for those hosting the game, Seems to effect how the game acts in game too, i can generally spot the game (when im host) that I'm going to dashboard on, things get kinda choppy like it's laggy.
  9. seems more of a memory leak to me, thus getting dashboarded, happens with a few games i've noticed, all have pc counterparts and it's like they ported it over instead of optimizing each one for specific consoles. Host lost generally is the host getting dashboarded. When I'm not host, I hardly ever dashboard, but when I do, if I'm lucky I might get 3 games in before I get dashboarded.
  10. So whats up with jason, when did he learn to use the force, one of luke's failed apprentice? Dude has force grab, like he's nowhere near me, next thing i know, he's hugging my throat as tender as a bear. Kinda sucks, i mean i dont mind it pulling me out of any animation I do, he's jason, but when he's definintely not in a normal range for chokin me out I have issues, tho I do like being choked, take notes
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