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  1. Anyone know what they talked about on the panel?
  2. True. According to this poll you already have $490 in revenue to look forward to.
  3. I'm like that too. Though I did have Nightmare on Elm Street 3 completely memorized by the time I was 10. Loved that movie! Though I wasn't allowed to watch Topless Nurse scene. If I had kids, I probably wouldn't want them playing some of the single player scenerios.
  4. To be fair, not many games make the truly bizarre decision to release the Collector's Edition at the end of the game's life-span. Usually these are released up front while there is still hype. @gtdjlocker311 The X-Box fan base thanks you for not adding more 8 year olds to the player base =D Though, your kids are double the age of many on QuickPlay.
  5. Even if I didn't own the game I wouldn't buy it. I'd buy it on sale for $20 and get the DLC which overall is still cheaper than the standard slasher edition. I don't think a folded up poster and mask is worth paying $70. For people that own the game and want to buy this - I'd rather give $70 to charity or buy some cool merch that you can get. You can get an actual wooden Crystal Lake sign for $70 on Etsy that's pretty cool.
  6. I'm not sure I understand how missing the cutoff due to UI (and the marketplace, lol) by itself means they can't be released if the concepts behind the kills were completed.
  7. Oh, I don't really agree with that. I guess I can see how some people would perceive it that way, but I really doubt they intentionally are going around displaying work they can't release as a means of antagonizing their customers. I just think it's another oversight to add to their history of bumbling just about everything, so patience wears thin for some people.
  8. Or I'm just not into false advertising. They can edit it. To be fair I otherwise liked the trailer. I think the pricing on digital is fine, but the collector's is a bit much. Then again, some collectors now charge you $159 for a crappy statue.
  9. Not only that but I could see some people who already own the game buying this thinking it comes with exclusive kills. They should take it down and edit it.
  10. NScarlato

    Still Undefeated

    I should have been killed as Jason but was a pussy and sat in the water. I wont do that again. This was when Jason really sucked and there were 9 knives and 4 shotguns every round and I was being a little bitch about it. That said today, if you earn it, you earn it. I feel better now. #F13Confessions
  11. Waiting on the suggestion that we not only do another kickstarter but all buy the $70 special edition lol.
  12. Agree it shouldn't go for more than $40 - it's original price - like other Game of the Year I Guess We Are Done Editions that bundle everything together after a year. I initially laughed at the $70 price tag and the pessimist in me imagined them going "shit - the player base can do basic math!" when lowering the price.
  13. Bugs in the listing. Please check back in March 2019 for correction.
  14. NScarlato

    Best f13 Army thread!!!

    To be fair, the game cashed in on the license. It probably wouldn't have been on the radar of millions of people without the big name.
  15. NScarlato

    Legendary Perks

    For those without legendary perks, you aren’t missing anything. If you have well rolled epics those will likely be better.
  16. If it’s quickplay it doesn’t matter -90% of those matches not a single part is installed in anything unless I pick a repair counselor...or am willing to try as Jenny lol.
  17. NScarlato

    Best f13 Army thread!!!

    So is this the F13 version of Rose McGowens #rosearmy she created after she went insane?
  18. A lot of their articles are nonsense but none of that leftist politics were in the F13 article.
  19. This is what IGN posted today: http://www.ign.com/videos/2017/05/31/hilarious-friday-the-13th-the-game-hover-glitch Well, reposted. Originally it was in 2017 but it was re-posted today as "revisit."
  20. I might get in the salt mines. Every night my GF shows up and screams "YOUR STARTING ANOTHER MATCH OF THAT GAME! I WANT THE TV" and I have to leave lol. No respect for wife/GF aggro
  21. Because of this topic, I totally missed numerous threads that have fallen onto page 3 in the past hour. -.-
  22. Anyone check twitter? Nothing on Facebook.
  23. The lack of things to read gave me the time to view your profile gif for the first time. Cracked me up 😂