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    F13 in 2018

    Haven't turned on my PS4 in quite a while, let alone play this. Sad to see we are still in a content / fix drought. They need to at least get some news going or something to generate interest. Hope the community has been doing well; game still has that (at least those on this site, not actually in quickplay).
  2. Normally when people post “am I the only one” type threads people would state the obvious - that of course at last someone else out there agrees with OP. But in this case I really feel OPs dislike of Summer of a Heat is unique, and he should seek mental help. Preferably at Pinehurst.
  3. ROFL "too complex". What a joke. This game is actually quite shallow in the grand scheme of games.
  4. NScarlato

    No Clothes On Shelly

    I can’t believe people are suggesting that someone find and bump a 4 month old thread rather than just ask a question. Even if he found the thread some would complain he bumped an old thread. If you people would stop complaining like wannabe mods then the thread would be answered and go away. People here act like grade school children, eager to tattle and tag mods as though they can’t do their job without them because there is just oh so much volume here.
  5. NScarlato

    Too many double XP events

    I think they make up for the lost XP we on consoles suffer from due to the lack of dedicated servers.
  6. NScarlato

    Is A.J Mason overrated

    She's hot but not skanky, cool personality and a good fixer. I personally like stealth. That's why I use her. Don't find her over-rated since she runs slow and not very far. If anything people have been saying she sucks since the game started.
  7. Yes. I used to play a lot but now maybe one match every few days. As someone whose played a lot, the new Jason and map did very little. The game still essentially plays entirely the same with some basic perks moved around. Each map should come with a new Hero and a new escape method. Maybe even a new way to kill Jason based on how he died that movie. This would add variety instead of rearranged cabins and a pretty set piece.
  8. NScarlato

    Worst game ever

    Wow. You must be really special to never have been slashed to death by Jason who is still at the car while you had run far away from the car and are shown to be in a cabin. That’s if your lucky enough not to rubber band into the car every time you get out of it.
  9. I use both. You can usually still find 2 or more sprays (so you get 4) and if you get a knife to cover a mistake you can still juke for quite a long time.
  10. NScarlato

    Medic Perk - Your Thoughts

    Sometimes things are fine as they are and brainstorming to change things doesn’t really result in any good ideas.
  11. *shrug* We are free to disagree. I don't really care if Gun Media hands out all the rewards and discourages extra play time - it's their call. I don't have much interest in spending more time arguing over something so unimportant.
  12. You can pay for new Jason Kills via DLC if you need more variety and what you get at low levels isn't enough. There are only 3 kills locked behind high-levels to distinguish high-level Jason players and 2 DLC packs locked behind $, which you should have if you are working so much you can't play the game. I know the "give me everything for free and without effort" crowd is popular these days, but if you spend very limited amount of time on the game why do you even care? You are locked out of very little, and again, don't spend much time playing anyway. I bought the DLC clothes and emotes and not the Jason Kills because I don't want to spend $8 on them. I could complain they aren't free or unlockable before level 10, or I can decide what is worth my time or money to get and not care.
  13. If you don't have much time to play, then you aren't spending much time caring you don't have stupid shit like bloody Jason skins or counselor clothes. There are tons of counselors/Jasons/Jason Kills/outfits to wear at low levels, and if you don't have time because you have job, you can spend $2 on DLC to add more variety. That said, I completely agree that OP is correct in that that level range is a true slog, with nothing to look forward to. They should add more interesting rewards or spread them out better.
  14. Games should have rewards for the most active players. Active players keep a game going. It’s not hard to get to 150 - you don’t need skill as you get participation points. The rewards are largely minor. The game isn’t that deep and if people aren’t planing for try gameplay itself and don’t find the game fun enough to put much time into - why do they need all the rewards?
  15. I’d hope someone as lame as Pappus wouldn’t have an impersonator. How truly pathetic that would be.
  16. NScarlato

    Tractor in Pinehurst

    Same people still saying the same shit.
  17. NScarlato

    tea baging

    Jason should get a button prompt if someone is crouched near him while he’s on the ground. It would extend his hand and rip off some balls for an insta-kill.
  18. This isn’t necessarily the same. Jason is a monster with superhuman strength and massive weapon swings that can sever body parts. His swings could cut through the door and hit someone leaned up against it. I don’t see the counselors having that effect.
  19. Amazing! what can’t you do? Aside from lose your virginity.
  20. Cult leaders tone where he thinks he sounds really cool and better than others really made me laugh.
  21. While I take full advantage of hitting Jason through doors, including doors he hasn't yet even started attacking and are not broken at all, this probably shouldn't happen. Maybe let the fire-poker, which is otherwise useless, have a special attack that can hit and *attempt* to stun jason through doors with holes in them, as shoving the poker would fit through the hole and would give a weapon we all avoid a use. Perhaps Machetes also can attempt to impale-stun Jason with a thrust through a hole. Bats, wrenches, pots/pans, and axes make little sense as a thrusting weapon. And NO weapon makes sense going through a closed door, hole or no, with an overhead combat-stance attack.
  22. NScarlato

    Too hard to escape?

    Depends on the map. Jarvis/Pinehurst - Yes. Others - No.
  23. Universally hated in the group I play with and I agree. Objectives are agresssive. Phone and car can spawn in the same spot and nearly impossible to escape by boat with how slow it is and how far you have to go. Gas glitching nearly every spawn makes it difficult to finish anything. Parts require ferrying from one end of the map to another. Typical match feature Jason camping the phone and needing to wait for him to kill everyone or the time to run out.
  24. I too would like this suggested change when playing a counselor. As Jason no thanks.