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  1. Don’t play anymore but thought I’d check in to see how the game is doing. Feels like I am in an episode of the Twilight zone and woke up in the past. Roof exploit again? Only now with more roofs being exploited? What a joke. Who’d waste their time on this game? browsing the forums the other topics are also pretty much the same as they were in August when I stopped playing - complete with some of the same people saying the same things. Lol
  2. *shrug* But, I guess every day around here is a slow news day, so at least this is something. lol
  3. My first was AJ, then Chad, then Kenny, now Jenny. Once in a while I'll play Tiffany for fun or my former mains. I like having a challenge.
  4. I apologize I was touchy - I'm still remembering the level 10's shrill voice boasting about how well she did and her expertise due to her YouTube watching, and the rest of the lobby flaming me. Yes I'm still a bit tilted.
  5. Actually I haven't done anything he listed in his post. At most everyone has (unintentionally, against their will) been grabbed by Jason in a spot where no kills light up. The 1 second it takes him to find at least the head punch light up never made a difference in regards to being able to avoid death. I respectfully disagree that standing against a wall and looking away from all of the counselors, doing nothing but hoping to fall into the wall, is a legitimate tactic to avoid death. It's exploiting bad coding and unintended mechanics. Or I'd hope they are unintended, as if they are not, then the devs are worse at game design than I could possibly have imagined.
  6. I'm sorry but no. Denying a kill due to what is essentially an exploit is a puss move. Feel free to defend this nonsensical interaction resulting from shitty coding all you want.
  7. Ugh. I was hoping Jason didn't have yet another way to avoid Death (aside from sitting in the water, or sitting inside a cabin). Now he can be outside and face a wall? Too many dumb "mechanics" to keep track of.
  8. I got flamed as the Sweater Girl because after Jason's mask fell off, he walked over and faced a cabin (he was outside) and I used the sweater. He dropped to his knees but I guess Jason if facing a cabin sinks into the wall and Tommy can't press X? I didn't fully understand what they were saying. I got called stupid because I was unaware of this "mechanic." Is this supposed to be happening? I only knew from before that you can't kill Jason inside a cabin. Is that also still a thing or can he be killed inside cabins now? Anyway this is just incredibly frustrating. The Jason player was gloating, screaming "HAHA IM ONLY LEVEL 10 BUT I WATCH YOUTUBERS PLAY THIS AND EVEN I KNOW YOU CANT KILL JASON NEAR A WALL!!!!" This happened last week, on the present Ps4 patch. I got laughed at since I'm level 150, and supposedly "outplayed" by a level 10 as I don't watch YouTubers who point out all the glitches/cheats.
  9. They really should allow Freddy's alt accounts. It at least provides the illusion to the rest of us that there is more activity in the forums. =D
  10. Happens to me all the time when I'm Jason, or the final girl and have 2 knives and a spray. Annoying AS FUCK. People probably think I quit on purpose to avoid being killed.
  11. Because it can often times take 2+ minutes to find a lobby, and another 10+ minutes for it to actually fill up on PS4, I often go do chores after pressing the button for QP. When I hear the music change I know it's time to start playing. If I'm sitting at my PS4 I'll ready up when there are at least 6 people.
  12. If you gave a decent group of epics it’s not worth the time and hassle to keep rolling. They are often worse. The extra bonuses are pretty meaningless. And the roll system is super annoying. I don’t know why there isn’t an “auto-sell below X quality” feature. Those of us with a decent collection have to buy and sell one or two at a time.
  13. Let’s be honest - aside from the reasons I and Slasher said, as a present Jenny main it’s safest for me to get the sweater pre-shift. In QuickPlay killing Jason is absolutely the worst strategy as 99% of Tommy’s are AFK, disconnect, don’t know how to kill Jason, choose to escape on their own, or are bad and Jason slashes them to death immediately. A lot of Tommy’s are usually the worst players who died first. Grabbing the sweater early means I had to make Jason choose to tunnel me or just give it to me for free. If I get tunneled and in a half decent lobby, a car is fixed or the cops are called for free. Even if I die at that point I more than did my part to help the lobby. If I get it for free, I can still help. When the car is started I can use the long ass sweater-stun to let them restart the car if we crash, or finish a repair to begin with. I’ve also used the sweater-stun numerous times to make sure other players reach the cops that have run out of stamina and otherwise wouldn’t have made it. The sweater isn’t solely about killing Jason and can be used in many situations that lead to Counselor success. Getting it early increases the chance it can be used for something important rather hoping you get a Tommy that doesn’t suck ass.
  14. Thanks - my iPad sometimes does strange things. Edited. Getting full lobbies is still very possible on PS4 but I’ve noticed it can take a while if you get sent into lobbies no one is joining. I’ve sat in lobbies for 10 minutes that maybe one or two join and then that’s it and no one else is sent there. All you can do is leave.
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