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  1. Considering that the case being resolved in the near future is the BEST CASE scenario, I don't think the case lingering on indefinitely is going to make new content more likely.
  2. I respect the honesty in that making it clear that we are not getting new content. Congratulations on your success with F13th and the massive profits it's made since release. Are you going to take the opportunity to retire, or gamble on new games?
  3. Can't we just get the "Christmas DLC" people wanted and instead of Pamela's Sweater, we stun Jason with an Ugly Sweater? Deborah is already wearing one.
  4. NScarlato

    Let this be clear...

    It may no longer be financially viable for the company to add content, especially if the game dies off during what could be a very long wait. At some point, they do need to move on as a company. We at least got a year of updates - actually more than I expected from this game. I also didn't expect to still be playing after a year.
  5. Have a "Thank You" Trophy as I haven't seen these. Kill #3 made me wince. I also mourn the potential Grendal Face-Freeze environmental kill I had hoped would make it in the game. Also wanted the girls in my profile pic to make an appearance as a source of points for Jason and a chance for Sleeping-Bag kills.
  6. I'm sure rescinding a product 2+M people bought would do wonders for their PR.... Also very likely the re-release would be bugged anyway given the track record.
  7. NScarlato

    We're Still Here

    I'm at work so can't look into things too deeply, but do we know how exactly the game got into the "crosshairs" of the litigation? Did Victor's attorneys specifically take some action against them - such as threatening a lawsuit against them specifically or a cease & desist letter? Or is it a development somewhere in the case that just impacts them passively though they are not directly involved in the suit? I'm just curious how exactly Jason X is being prevented from official release when the model is already publicly in the game. @F134Ever86 Unfortunately IP rights don't work that way; you can't use someone else's IP without permission, even if it was not for profit.
  8. Victor Miller: "I now own the copyright to snow and sunlight."
  9. NScarlato

    We're Still Here

    Despite being a skeptic, I do want them to succeed in fixing the bugs, keeping the servers running, and adding dedicated servers. I hope this then results in more positive word of mouth and more support for the game overall. I do know one thing - many people used to complain on Marvel Heroes' website about bugs and balance issues. Then the IP was revoked, the game shut down and made inaccessible, and people are on the reddit talking about how they wish they could still play it. I don't really want this to happen to F13 after the hours of enjoyment it provided.
  10. I haven't played any other Movie License game other than F13 on NES. So....top-tier for me.
  11. Depends on the project. Despite it's many issues, I got more playtime out of F13 than I have AAA games. Maybe they can get the Halloween IP and we can all play as "babysitters" lol. Sheri Moon Zombie can take the place of Pamela as the discombobulated voice. I wouldn't support a kickstarter as they made a lot of profit from this game. I'd wait for reviews though to ensure the game functions.
  12. NScarlato

    We're Still Here

    Abandoning it is going to be a business decision, and one that will probably come sooner than later unless they view good-will maintenance as necessary to the success of their next game. No new content means the well will dry up. The bulk of the people who will purchase the game did so, and no more DLC to add to the coffers. Luckily they made a massive amount of profit, turning a $1M kickstarter into a game that sold 2+ million copies and DLC, probably earning at least $100M if not more in topline. After distributor cuts they still have quite the budget to do some level of maintenance. How long they justify that, who knows? News that there will be no more updates, and that the game has always been a buggy mess and still is probably won't make the most compelling argument for people to buy the game at this point.
  13. NScarlato

    We're Still Here

    I don't think support from the 50 or so people that visit the forums is going to change how this plays out.
  14. I never argued for bug fixes over content because I don't believe they are capable of ever getting rid of the bugs.
  15. And then the late 90s showed up, 20 years ago, and updates, fixes, and DLC became a thing. So did things like servers, and the word "license" becoming even more important as games can now be shut down entirely and inaccessible. And by license I mean the license to play the game, not any license for IP.