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  1. Another one of these threads? I thanked them with my $40 plus extra for DLC. I’m sure that’s core of the thanks they want. Expecting a product that functions properly and being glad the game exists aren’t mutually exclusive.
  2. Please go read this

    Your intentions and what you actually wrote are two different things. Starting off a thread by diminishing people's posts as bitching and whining is not the way to go.
  3. Please go read this

    Bullshit. Read your very first sentence in this thread and then evaluate the whole purpose of this thread. It was to look down on posters who express concerns.
  4. Why is stealth bad?

    Stealth is bad because it is not needed. The correct way to play is to dance in front of Jason while he swipes the air around you, unable to grab anyone.
  5. Please go read this

    Thanks so much for directing us to an already active thread that’s only 2 days old. I don’t know what I would have done without this one. Let’s be clear here - this game has been in ameteur hour since release. The issues they can’t seem to foresee as Devs astounds me and is flat out reprehensible this far after release and after earning millions upon millions of dollars solely from the good fortune of inheriting a popular IP. If you lack the expertise to do it right - maybe spend some of that money on people who know what they are doing. ——- This is honestly my feedback right now as someone who made a thread asking People to vote for this game for an award. The amount of time ruined due to the lack of dedicated servers, bugs rendering Jason unplayable, and their balancing ideas makes me regret the once a week I might try playing again. listening to a dev suggest we are stupid movie watchers with no knowledge of gaming is just the icing on my hateful cake.
  6. 3. Game was awesome for a while but didn't have lasting appeal. Constant bugs and lack of dedicated servers despite millions of dollars of profit leave me expecting more. I'd still recommend a buy as I got a lot of hours of it, but I haven't had the desire to play in quite a while.
  7. Do you still play the game?

    I got my $45 worth (dlc included) but it’s stale to me now. Still too much frustration involved. It’s never been without bugs and disconnects and probably never will be. Once a month I may hop on for an hour but I mostly lost interest.
  8. We're done with the game

    Last night I got Jason and after 1 kill he bugged. I couldn’t slash, grab, break windows, stop the car, nothing. I even got hit by a counselor which didn’t help. Normally that fixed Jason so he can do things but All I could do is walk around and shift for some reason (but not control stopping shift). I wasn’t using a mic so the counselors thought I was just bad. I left the game then stopped playing.
  9. What is happening?

    I’m level 101as of this week so I played a lot, but getting bored / burned out. Its not being 101- it’s liberating to do whatever you want and take risks when you don’t need points. I’m just bored. I went from playing hours a day to a couple matches a day. I think this for a lot of people will be a more casual game to check out as new updates arrive.
  10. I missed most of double XP weekend because I returned to Abandoned Camp for Friday the 13th weekend... but this time I also came prepared =)
  11. Suicide counselours

    I saw a counselor in spectator mode (I got ran over by the car...) step on a trap, set it again, and wait for Jason. As soon as Jason arrived they suicided. I can see if being annoying for Jason but I don’t think there should be -1000 or any penalty. I’ve died to suicide legit trying to get away from Jason due to falling or window damage. I even had times where I had HP to climb though a window but Jason slashed the window at the same time and it registered as a suicide. Also not big enough of an issue. Jason still gets his no survivors bonus if he kills everyone else no ,after how many suicide.
  12. Servers are trash today.

    They always say that, but this game is the only game I ever have any problems with.
  13. Servers are trash today.

    At this rate they should call it “No XP Weekend”
  14. Oh great.... a Savini who can only slash-kill and doesn't even have the option for a grab kill =P