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  1. I laughed so hard when he said Tiffany takes off all her clothes!!! What clothes? All she has is so skimpy to start with but that was funny...skinny-dipping is her special power Lol.
  2. I know how you all feel!! I was the same way suffering trying to get an Epic Swift Attacker 20% & it took me like 6 months to get it. Must have spent 100 grand CP as well until that Perk drop increase holiday that it finally fell for me. Its a long grind to have all 30 perks Epics or Rares & I have been playing since launch day. I just happened to get Sucker punch 25% earlier for me & Epic Thick Skin too, was really lucky. •Thick Skin • Medic • Swift Attacker •Sucker Punch •Marathon •Restful •Slugger I think these are the best perks that are really helpful & everything else is meh...
  3. Do people hate Pinehurst?

    Same here, I really like the map similar to the Jarvis house too especially the way Pinehurst looks. It definitely a challenge & not easy running around as AJ because you can't find barely any items after nerf. I like when Pinehurst is selected by the host but I haven't been doing very well on it personally. Even the Jason shacks are so isolated & a long way to a safe spot in a cabin, much better for a Vannessa to snatch it.
  4. Aj might not be the best character but she definitely looks fantastic & it's hard to play anybody else for me. I've seen more Deborah's nowadays because her repair is top notch & even her stuns are underrated. AJ's secret weapon is her thickness lol yeah
  5. This is for all the Chads, he looks like Hefner in his smoking jacket. Vannessa Running man emote, I hope it's real that's gonna be so damn funny lmao.
  6. Aj & Debbs looking ready for bedtime XD
  7. I just saw it too, it looks so cool. The guy Beaty Exbee has a leaked video on the pajamas & new dance emotes so give him credit. If anyone wants to see it
  8. It's the internet, you have younger n younger kids acting like babies or brats. Gawd I hate hosts that still quit at any moment & don't have any consideration for others time.
  9. Yes I want that Violet dance emote from the trailer too, I was gonna make a thread about it but I know how much ppl hate emotes like dancing on the forums :-/ I like the your ideas about smoking cigs or drinking beer too, I'm all for that. Illphonic I'm ready to transfer my funds over to you, hope it happens.
  10. tea baging

    You mean like this... you better kill me otherwise you will receive it...haha it's called having fun loosen up geez I have to add...that one teabag was one of my best ever as AJ was screaming at the same time after stunning Jason, love it.
  11. UK Update

    Dlc usually drops later in the afternoon from Gun/Illphonic so it's probably still a few hrs away. I think the last patch was around 3pm Eastern if I remember correctly.
  12. It's pretty exciting to see this new trailer come out of nowhere, I like the new weapon shears for Jason instead of machetes, axes, & spear. The new kills look really sick & cant wait to see them wow. Plus seeing AJ dancing the robot in the trailer was amazing!
  13. Next Update?

    What's coming first? Paranoia or Grendel/Jason X? The roadmap has single player challenges coming up & another new counselor I believe...
  14. Emotes need to go

    It's the ppl who only want to play as Jason every single round & be a terrifying killer all the time who complain about emotes/costumes. I don't know how many times I hear some little kid saying "if I'm pickedas Jason, I'm gonna kill everybody!!" Yeah right gimme a break I understand they need to fix Jason as he's a punching bag nowadays but I like having fun playing games online & dancing, emotes, plus costumes have delivered that! I think it's time for Illphonic to sell us some more dancing emotes, I'll buy them instantly lol. Let me see how much that angers folks on here. I like playing as Jason but I'm actually bored of playing him all the time. How many times can you do the same kills over n over? Then it's frustrating now & all the pressure that's on you to watch the objectives.
  15. That's true, I've seen less Ajs than before & way more Deborah's now. It depends on the skill of players too, I see plenty of Debbie's who survive to the end kiting Jason if they have to. Even some awesome LaChappas who dance all over Jason!
  16. I still see lots of repair characters like AJ & Debbie are popular to play. Less of LaChappas but I've seen really good players of all three who do escape or fight Jason well too. I think repair characters just have to escape early before Jason gets rage when he can see everywhere on the map. Then the faster characters with stamina have better odds of kiting.
  17. Team killing is for morons, it's bad enough there's players teaming with Jason & helping by letting ppl get grabbed in the car as they pick up victims or running em over.
  18. Post your level here or what high level players you've witnessed in game. I've seen some players upload the Free kick kill on YouTube so they're way past 125 or 130 easy. Im sure some are in the 140's maybe somebody is at 150 max by now with double xp going on currently. I'm at 114 right now, kind of burnt out after grinding so hard for the holiday perk event.
  19. Good thread, I'm interested in this too, haven't noticed what's unlocked at what levels so far. I've got to 114 so far.
  20. I leveled up to 110 this evening & had some hot rolls on perks. I'm so happy I rolled an Epic Swift Attacker finally!! 20% -2% damage decrease. I'm in shock n awe that I got it actually after so much grinding for it. It is a Friday 12/22/17 that I got some luck on the 2nd to last day of the event. This perk holiday event has been fantastic, I'm done rolling perks now pretty much have all that I want. I even got an Epic Quiet Swimmer 25% sense avoidance in the water? That one sounds funny I'm gonna have to try it out. You can roll epics you want just don't give up, it's never easy that's for sure. I know how ridiculous some of the rolls are, so many easy listening, heavy sleeper, heavy mover, Aquanaut, leadfoot, controlled breathing & other garbage you have to weed thru before.
  21. They added two new non-weapon kills for all Jason's to use.... Disarm: unlocked @level 118 2,500 cp Free Kick: unlocked @level 125 2,500 cp It's gonna take me a while to get up to those levels, the xp has been slow for me & I haven't been playing very well right now. :-/
  22. That is so sick lmfao, can you imagine what the Jason was thinking like WTF haha. Firecrackers raining from the skies...
  23. I've tried offline bots a few time but I swear I haven't got any xp for it or moved the xp bar at all? If it was true, wouldn't more ppl be grinding offline bots?
  24. Is there a -25% repair speed (Speed demon perk)?? That's insane! That would be the real Tinker perk awful repair characters need, WOW. I've rolled Max like -14% speed demon b4. AJ Mason is fabulous... Epics: Thick Skin 20% Sucker Punch 25% Rare: Swift Attacker 17% my fav setup for a while
  25. Exactly, I play AJ & Thick Skin, Swift Attacker, & Sucker punch is the main load out I prefer. It's so much fun to stun Jason even with AJ's horrible luck. Sometimes I use Slugger instead of Sucker punch. I mean I like to try to put on Epic Marathon, Restful, & Lightfoot or Spatial awareness but I don't like not having Swift Attacker or Thick Skin XD. It's kind of lame having so many epic perks & not using em but I'm trying experiment sometimes.