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  1. I saw the guy live streaming & acting like he was innocent playing as Uber Jason. Maybe Über might be close to ready if it's similar to what I was watching? The streamer was like "You guys believe I'm not hacking right? Gimme a break, he had over 10 million CP too?? There's that one guy on here has $2 million who plays like it's his job.
  2. Video has some (SPOILERS) from some of the challenges so beware of that.... Please watch if you want, I try to showcase some of the ones I unlocked on Day 1. I understand why a lot of players hate emotes in a horror game but I really enjoy them, brings a lot of fun in my opinion. I think my favorite is Pelvic Thrust so far, that one I could do all day XD. Can't wait to do that on a stunned Jason omg it's gonna be hilarious. I want the Running man pretty bad too, haven't unlocked it yet. I have to see this Bel Air one also which is supposed to be the Carlton dance?
  3. I think it's annoying to have to watch it over n over if you're stuck on the same chapter but it makes you try harder to move on to the next level. Its was actually quite humorous yesterday to hear players live streaming getting mad & commenting that the dialogue was driving them nuts hahaha lmao.
  4. Same here, too busy with Single player challenges I didn't even go online for multiplayer on Day one. I don't like how her clothes fit on her way too grandma-like, looks really bad. I guess it was like that in the movie tho, she needs a makeover & swimsuits a.s.a.p.! Her blonde hair looks fantastic in game.
  5. After killing AJ n Adam upstairs...Try to wait on the stairs & go into stalk...sneak up on Debbs while she's opening/closing the door. I couldn't get the boom box kill because Wheel chair Bugsy was at the other door on the other end. I just grabbed Deb & took her outside to kill her after that so Bugsy doesn't hear it.
  6. There's always somebody who is so good that they knock it out really fast, wouldn't be surprised at all. I don't think it will be that hard besides the stealth parts maybe...undetected could be tricky. Gawd the wait was so damn long (what 4 months since Roy Burns?), happy it finally arrives this week.
  7. Miss AJ

    My personal speculation.

    Really don't want to wait till July even if it's an anniversary! I'm tired of waiting...3 months is a long time. Hopefully they're close because Slash n cast feels that way & like ppl said the devs been dropping a lot of news lately.
  8. Jason X would really bring ppl back to playing because he looks pretty epic. I like Jason X name better than Uber Jason sounds dumb to me for some reason.
  9. Nobody likes waiting for long, it seems like it's been an eternity I swear. Too bad they can't get dlc out like they bring out teasers every week! Over 3 months since Roy Burns came out & it hurts waiting....The update better be massive when? it arrives...Love the game so much but been @150 level cap & bored, have stopped playing it.
  10. Miss AJ

    Legendary Perk Bonus Stats

    Such low % added hardly is a difference I agree, it's like when players get excited using Grinder perk for added xp...even Epic Grinder is nothing. Legendary Perks don't look amazing at all, I might want a few of them like Swift Attacker, Sucker punch, & Thick Skin but that's about it.
  11. Miss AJ

    Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Good to hear that, I think players who favor Jason will be rewarded when Jason X or Uber Jason finally arrives on the Grendel map XD. I'm excited for that as well. No doubt they'll have more kill packs too
  12. Miss AJ

    Skull Objectives & Emote Unlocks

    Not everyone hates the emotes!!! The dances add fun to the game, it's not just trolls being abusive. I'm so excited for the new emotes n dances, omg I can't wait. Hate me if you want Lol but I'm in that camp. Emotes can generate cash for the company too just look at Fortnite & all the emotes plus customization. I'm sure they'll be selling the new clothing pack pj's? too
  13. Miss AJ

    Most degrading kill

    I hate the head punch, it's like Jason saying F$*%ck You! That one pisses me off, I can see it angering ppl I know it's fast but I prefer 1-handed quick choke over it. I like Part 4's dragging the pig splitter in the crotch or the up n under crotch chop especially for the ladies...Tiffany, AJ, Deborah, Jenny or Vanessa even the guys lmao
  14. Fox's white tiger print looks so damn good on her I swear.
  15. How can Jenny look bad in anything she wears?? She is fit.