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  1. Fortnite maybe dumb & for squeakers n millenials but it's a runaway success as far as generating vbuck sales. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  2. It's too bad this lawsuit ruined any new DLC from coming out anymore, I was ready for Uber & Grendel map just like everyone was. New maps really did bring more excitement instead of ppl just playing Packanak small every single time! When the game was hot, I used to play every day for hrs at a time & come checking this forum like all day long. I mean the small team of devs & bugs did frustrate players. I remember watching streamers on YouTube playing this b4 Fortnite came out n dominated everything. The game was scary & played smoothly when Part 8 was everyone's favorite...there was no P4 or Roy or no window player immunity. Once I got to level cap 150 & rolled all my cp for perks, became bored of escaping when you've done it so much or even killed Jason a bunch. The key to games staying popular is new content coming out fast or regularly. That's where Fortnite is destroying the competition because supposedly their in beta still where they don't need to certify stuff thru Microsoft or Sony. (NO WAITING FOREVER) Even Rockstar seems like theyve slowed down dlc or the new RDR coming out. Fortnite store releases new cosmetic stuff daily, I admit it's freaking expensive...12-15-20 dollars for a Skin but kids & players are buying it. (I think ppls jaws would drop if they saw how much cash they're piling up) Gun Media/IllFonic made a fun game which is why it hasn't completely died. When they made players really like the counselor's characters as much as the Jason's, they did a fine job. I'd be sad to see it completely end as I still like playing sometimes. Miss playing this every day nonstop when it had momentum.
  3. I know it annoys most Jason players but it adds fun to the game otherwise the devs wouldn't be making them for the game. Most games include emotes or dances now, there's a huge market for it & it's making so much money. At first everyone wanted to be Jason all the time, now it's just as fun being a counselor probably more since playing Jason can be a bitch.
  4. I've tried Epic Escape artist on Jenny too, it doesn't work well. It seemed like when Mitch first came out, that guy breaks out of grabs so fast without any perk or pocket knives. I don't know about now, I hear Adam breaks out quickly too.
  5. I hope we get some more stuff come out sooner now that the engine is upgraded. Maybe Grendel map & Uber Jason would be amazing this Summer. Of course the gameplay needs attention like glitching...
  6. I'm really happy with the new emotes, it's brought me back to playing again & SP challenges has been amazing. I'm stuck on part 9 for score & part 10 almost had it until Tiff upstairs spotted me by the octagonal window wtf? I think Pelvic Thrust is number one, when they had Deborah modeling it thrusting her vag was too much lmao! I like Feelin' it & the Vincent look like parts of the Charleston dance which I've always liked. Im with all who said they need the dances to loop & we need more room on the emote wheel now.
  7. I think Uber Jason should be as strong as Savini or Part 8/4 destruction wise or more since he's supposed to be a beast? I think Uber will be popular because of his look & some of his kills are savage lol. I like the blade straight in the mouth thru the throat which was in the Virtual cabin teaser.
  8. I spent around $100,000 CP too & got 6 Legendary perks which sounds better than other players luck? First one was Grease Monkey which I hardly ever use, My Dads a cop, Heavy mover, Grinder which I sold... I got Spatial awareness too & probably my best was Marathon legendary. The three I want most like everybody does is Swift Attacker, Sucker Punch, & Thick Skin or Medic? The RNG still sucks like b4!! Kept rolling My Dads a cop, Grease monkey, Escape Artist, Adrenaline rush, Speed demon, Aquanaut, & Easy listening over n over.
  9. I saw the guy live streaming & acting like he was innocent playing as Uber Jason. Maybe Über might be close to ready if it's similar to what I was watching? The streamer was like "You guys believe I'm not hacking right? Gimme a break, he had over 10 million CP too?? There's that one guy on here has $2 million who plays like it's his job.
  10. Video has some (SPOILERS) from some of the challenges so beware of that.... Please watch if you want, I try to showcase some of the ones I unlocked on Day 1. I understand why a lot of players hate emotes in a horror game but I really enjoy them, brings a lot of fun in my opinion. I think my favorite is Pelvic Thrust so far, that one I could do all day XD. Can't wait to do that on a stunned Jason omg it's gonna be hilarious. I want the Running man pretty bad too, haven't unlocked it yet. I have to see this Bel Air one also which is supposed to be the Carlton dance?
  11. I think it's annoying to have to watch it over n over if you're stuck on the same chapter but it makes you try harder to move on to the next level. Its was actually quite humorous yesterday to hear players live streaming getting mad & commenting that the dialogue was driving them nuts hahaha lmao.
  12. Same here, too busy with Single player challenges I didn't even go online for multiplayer on Day one. I don't like how her clothes fit on her way too grandma-like, looks really bad. I guess it was like that in the movie tho, she needs a makeover & swimsuits a.s.a.p.! Her blonde hair looks fantastic in game.
  13. After killing AJ n Adam upstairs...Try to wait on the stairs & go into stalk...sneak up on Debbs while she's opening/closing the door. I couldn't get the boom box kill because Wheel chair Bugsy was at the other door on the other end. I just grabbed Deb & took her outside to kill her after that so Bugsy doesn't hear it.
  14. There's always somebody who is so good that they knock it out really fast, wouldn't be surprised at all. I don't think it will be that hard besides the stealth parts maybe...undetected could be tricky. Gawd the wait was so damn long (what 4 months since Roy Burns?), happy it finally arrives this week.
  15. Really don't want to wait till July even if it's an anniversary! I'm tired of waiting...3 months is a long time. Hopefully they're close because Slash n cast feels that way & like ppl said the devs been dropping a lot of news lately.
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