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  1. You make a good point, it's nice to be able to play or practice as Jason for new players so I will agree with that. No idiot wimp hosts quitting all day long...
  2. I probably feel the same way, it's nice but I'm sure ppl will be bored of it in a short time kind of like Single player too. Playing against bots (if they can even get them working right) is nothing compared to playing vs real players in multiplayer online.
  3. Isn't that who Fox is pretty much? I haven't looked at her stats lately but maybe she has a bit more luck...
  4. First of all, Aj just looks so damn good in everything she wears I can't play anybody else! Just like some love Tiffany even if she's called useless. Her luck is the worst but maybe with Man at Arms perk you can get better weapon durability to offset her terrible luck. I haven't tried enough to see if it's great. AJ does have bad stamina & speed but I have Epic Marathon & Restful that I sometimes use which help a lot. I don't know what my favorite combo of perks is yet but it might be...Epics Thick Skin, Swift Attacker (must have for any counselor's) & Sucker punch (now that it's working). Here's how it's done..... I'll admit the Jason wasn't very good lol. Also everyone had speed looted the whole map so I really barely had anything to work with!
  5. I think it happens when you're too close to Jason, I hate when it occurs. I might get one swing off while Jason lands 2-3 in the same time! I hate when he grabs you thru your swing as well. Swift attacker definitely helps your meleeing.
  6. I hope it was my AJ making you lay down Lol just kidding... Swift Attacker probably, one of the best perks you can equip. Always have it on, I've been hitting Jason a lot more now that I have faster swings. It makes a big difference, hoping to roll an epic Swift attacker some day. My rare 17% is pretty nice so far. I also like Slugger 14% increased damage on all melee weapons, another one of the best perks.
  7. I love the emotes but I don't like it being the same button as activating the sweater, I had this same problem a few times. It's harder to get it off right now.
  8. Aj does it all & looks good doing it even dying. Tiffany has the most watched booty
  9. Firecrackers don't work

    I used to use the Firecrackers perk all the time when I was learning the game & they came in handy all the time as an easy stun. Sometimes you cant find any pocketknives anywhere so they can save your butt plenty of times! That's all you need to run by Jason to the cops. Nowadays I don't care about the Firecrackers perk at all, I just rolled an Epic one with better stun range & I sold it. It just doesn't warrant taking one of your perk spaces.
  10. It could've of been you, I don't know. The players gamer tag is Dixon007 on PSN. That would be funny if that was you. I was gonna ask the person about the clothes but I decided to post about it here instead of bugging them about it.
  11. Thanks for explaining about the hard copy & deleting the digital in order to access all the dlc. It's tempting but I'm might have to skip that clothing pack, it's not all that great besidesAj 's purple stockings. I don't know they look great tho...hmmmm
  12. I just saw this player who is a backer, they're level 101 with the kitty shirt & Savini Jason wearing these purple fishnets I've never seen before! Is that from the retail hard copy clothing pack? I would get them if could but not sure about buying a physical copy as it doesn't sync with the digital game unfortunately...
  13. Yes, I pretty much still waste it on perk rolls lol. I'm always broke so this reward thing is pretty nice. That 4,000 turned into garbage like usual. I just about have all the perks I want now, got lucky & rolled a rare Swift attacker few days ago! Been grinding for that for literally months no lie, oh it felt good to finally get that. Could still upgrade it to epic level as well as a few others like Marathon & Heavy hitter.
  14. It's really nice earning CP much faster for Max rank players. I just picked up 4,000 like really fast.
  15. did they raise cap

    Just noticed this myself! I was earning cp like mad, I was wondering if it was glitched or something...