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  1. Thank you, all, for the replies. I was on board with this game from the on-set, from very early in production, and talked to the devs quite a bit. I suggested this, in passing, years ago. I also suggested an end game cut-scene with the paramedics and police hauling away bodies, and the Blairstown Gazette showing the stats for that particular match, both on and offline, Sp & Mp. It's the finishing touches this game needs, that last little bit of effort that says "Yeah, we did pretty good as an 80's horror game, inspired by our love and the love from the fans." "Now it will live on, many years down the road." Honestly, to me, it still feels like an unfinished game, after what? 4 or 5 years! It's soo close to being done, extra content aside, just finishing touch-ups to what is already there. Especially the challenge of actually being killed as Jason, if played haphazardly. Just my two cents, thanks again horrorhounds!
  2. I couldn't agree more, I was gaming when pong was attached to the set lol! Bringing this game into the light a little better, simply requires more single-player tweaking. Without breaking the bank, adding new content, or making the boss angry, adding more survivable a.i. code to the counselors could make a world of difference. Randomizing the strikes periphreal to better damage sets against you, as Jason. First the mask comes off, say in 3 to 8 hits (variable), then another random to allow the cut scene to activate, putting Jason down. This would make stalk much more tangible, and provide a good challenge. Give Tommy a slight edge in his strikes, and make the death scene only trigger with an axe or machete weilding bot. Pamelas sweater could be used as well, but someone would have to actually go for it, or spawn with it on. I find myself playing older games often as well, because they were simply more entertaining on long nights, and rainy days. However, this game still has the makings of greatness, given small randomized changes and finishing touch-ups like the counselor set-up options and actually having to play Jason with a little caution.
  3. Although it's been a hundred years since i've been on the forums, I still stand by what i've said all along...a multiplayer only game is doomed to die, unless it has a strong single player element that can be fondly remembered. Something that keeps you coming back for more, and with random outcomes each time you do. THAT defines long lasting, eagerly sought out, classic games. If only the Ai bots could kill you as Jason, that would give the single player aspect credibility within the challenge, and boost the game to a higher replayability level. Even if one of the counselors started with the sweater, or better yet, have ANY of the counselors be able to put you down with a lucky strike, and the right weapon. Putting your set-up bot counselors in play would also be a bonus, and would encourage perk farming, and costume unlocking, thus more play from the community. These updates wouldn't be that hard to incorporate, as they are pretty much already there in MP.
  4. Something tells me that is a possibility, and an unexpected hurdle. I really hope that i'm wrong.
  5. Which, in turn will hurt us down the road. Upgrades, DLC, Single Player campaigns, Multi-Player add-Ons, the works. The more support we show for the team, will be paid back in-kind. We have all been patient for quite a while, that is completely understood, but I just hate to see such great horror fans at each other over circumstances beyond our control, as I am sure the developers are too. Thus prompting them many sleepless nights, and I'm sure angry phone calls and emails to the companies involved. We will get our promised pledges and a damn fine game that we will all cherish for many years to come, the wait is almost over, we just need to be diligent, but cool. Many sleepless nights of great gaming are right around the corner.
  6. I completely agree. However the devs are caught between a rock and a brick wall. I DO BELIEVE that SONY EUROPE is either being fickle, or just plain rude, and I caught some say that Wes is ready to launch even without their approval, but that would probably make the game banned in portions of Europe. Plus, the problem of launching would cause WW3 with those backers, and be completely unfair to them, just as the PC players have waited for the consolers. The game will be mainstreamed night and day, and any, and probably all surprises within the game would be seen, before they even had a chance to get their hands on it. Something will happen soon, I feel it in my bones, a release tonight WOULD BE EPIC!
  7. LOL! I think the 3rd RANGER Battalion would do just fine in this situation.
  8. Should be as soon as SONY EUROPE certifies, that is one of the main holdups. If not the only holdup for launch.
  9. Ha! LOL! The one above it, looks like what will happen to Sony Europe, if they don't pull the stick out of their posterior!!!
  10. Awesome! Took me a while, but I got it. Thanks for the heads up!
  11. Thanks Shankerone, that is very small indeed! I figured the skins alone, to be that!
  12. Off topic, but how does everybody feel about the servers? Massive lag? There are ALOT OF PEOPLE going to be playing. Also for PS4 file size? I heard 30Gb. Time to download? Hours or days, LOL. With that, i'll say, I think we'll hear something tonight or this weekend. Maybe even be pleasantly surprised, the last mile is the hardest.
  13. God! I hope that doesn't happen!!!! The base rage would sink the project.
  14. I look at it this way, we have waited what? 31 years for a decent Friday the 13th game (and movie too), then as Summer Camp was announced, another 2. We got the backer going for another year and a half or so, especially when it was officially Friday 13. We can make it a little while longer, does it suck? Sure! But that will all soon be forgotten once we start up our machines, and are taken to CAMP BLOOD.
  15. Console cert. has definitely thrown some unforeseens at the guys, the fact that Easter just occurred slowed things down with Europe as well, 2 or 3 days off for the employees, I gather. Certing for country to country has been a bear. SONY AMERICA, has appologized to Wes and the team for the delay, so who knows? Maybe some strings will get pulled, speeding things up.
  16. Also, apparently someone got a hold of some of Wes's reddit tweets or something, anyway it pretty much sums it up. See Friday the 13th reddit post 'LAST NEWS ABOUT CERTIFICATIONS FROM WES ON DISCORD'. Wes has been up night and day, pulling for the game through channels, and is getting quite displeased with the Sony Europe certification group. Other boards have also mentioned it is officially 100% out of their hands right now. They are working hard to get it to us ASAP.
  17. Nobody around here understands the stress management goes through, and tell Stone Cold, he's.....FIIIIIRRRRED!!!
  18. Great points all! Especially the last survivor...love it! You are absolutely right, they can all TRY and kill him, even when the method is discovered. However, chances are, they will meet a grisly demise, even by dog-piling him. I witnessed that in the beta, where the Jason player just stood there taking their best shots. His mask flew off, and he dropped over and over, till finally the Jason player got bored and killed the whole group! It was comical in a way.
  19. For me, it's all about nostalgia. The beta already had me sold. I own tons of games from various eras, and would not give them up, even if they're not the greatest. It's all in the eye of the beholder, I guess. However, not only is this looking fantastic, and a blast to play, but also has my involvment in it's creation, even if by a small part, and for that I am eternally humbled. I can sympathize with what Ben has just said, being a small group, dealing with these issues. After all the franchise is historically HUGE, as is it's fan base. You can't win for losing either way you go. So they are taking the road less traveled....that of developers actually giving a shit. That alone speaks volumes on integerity. People will always bitch and moan, but not everyone has the guts to stand up for what's right, especially when money is involved.
  20. Mark K

    The AAR

    Your Sergeant will help you set up an account on post, in fact, finances are crucial to operational deployability and squad readiness. Do not screw up with credit cards or bounced checks!!!!!!!! It will get you kicked out, no matter how bad-ass you are, tabbed or whatever. Taken VERY SERIOUSLY!!!! I witnessed some great Special Forces soldiers get their walking papers because of financial screw ups!!! Now these guys can get in a bar fight and damn near kill someone, and only get an ass-chewin'. But screw up and bounce a check....forget it!!!!
  21. The same. Maybe a little more canon options like the ability to play AS Crazy Ralph or Abel, or even officer Dorf. The inclusion of more of the films characters, definitely Pamela. Some epic single player campaign spanning the the whole series from 1 to at least 6 or 7, with the option to play as either the leads or the killer.
  22. I caught that right away, and loved what the devs did there. It completely looks sooo much better now. See, it's things like this, the polish, that is holding things up, I think. People are yelling and griping, but most of the heat is coming from other sites, and the instigators aren't even backers, just hype trolls. P.S. I LOVED the whoosh of the throwing knife as it came at the screen, too bad it wasn't 3D!!!
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