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  1. Seasonal content adds variety to the game and sets the stage for new stories, allowing deeper immersion. There’s a balance to be struck between tasteful and fun. As long as Jason and Crystal Lake are respected, that leaves a lot of room for new content outside of summer and the films. A snow/ice Jason would be an interesting contrast to Savini’s Jason from Hell.
  2. Would Jason IV be different enough from Jason III to warrant his addition before Jason V or Jason X?
  3. Good question. The order of abilities should be the same as other Jasons. I'm proposing that should be the strength of his abilities.
  4. Part V Jason would be a great addition to the game. Roy/Jason moves very fast from location to location in the movie, so his morph ability should be strong. Can he actually teleport? No, but neither can the early Jasons. Attribute that to horror movie magic. His stalk should also be strong. I don't think we actually see Roy/Jason until the final act of the film, so his victims shouldn't see him coming. Stalk > Morph > Sense > Shift P.S. The retro skin should be switched to Part V Jason when he's added - it would fit the NES game model better.
  5. PS4: Televisionary 18+ F13 franchise fan, looking for balanced games.
  6. Just want to say THANK YOU to the team. Retro Jason is an amazing homage to an underrated game and this unearths many fond memories!
  7. I believe I was kicked from a lobby for having Savini Jason set as my preference. Can't prove it, but that was the impression I was left with.
  8. Also in my 30's and I get where you're coming from - I was reluctant to use the mic but it's essential for teamwork in competitive games. 80% of the people I play with in 18+ private community matches are friendly and there to play the game like you and I. For whatever it's worth, the mic was also a pain-point for me, but it's worth giving it a shot. Good luck!
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