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  1. As someone that sets up completely different perks on all of my counselors and also playing random counselors i would like to have the perk icons present on the side of the screen and a breakdown of the active perk effects on either a pause menu or the map screen so i can better play to my counselors perks i set up instead of memorizing all my builds.
  2. I dont think anyone is arguing for wholesale removal of spectating, only some additional information and more robist functionality. Like seeing what the tems a counselor is carrying, or being able to see a 3rd person perspective when someone is hiding under a bed. Mini games or the ability to affect the match is maybe asking for too much but seeing the map and the objectives that were already accomplished could add a great deal of interrst. Or an auto spectate that highlights action taking place at any given time
  3. In either of these cases a small time penalty would not effect someone who was not rage quitting to find a new match.
  4. Rage quitting as host should be met with a match making ban of at least 15 mins. This game asks people to stay through matches after dying. No problem with that but if a host gets impatient the entire room shouldn't lose all their xp. Sorry but having a great run and dying then waiting 10 mins for the game to end only to lose my xp because a host rudely leaves is extremely frustrating.
  5. I agree with jason not being over powered and would hate to see a sustem innplace to further empower counselors. It is not just thematically appropriate but encourages unique the unique gameplay i hav found so refreshing. So all the preamble out of the way. Counselors should be rewarded for gameplay that may lead to their demise but ultimately helps the team. In my experience on of the most valuable teammates is one that can kite jason continuously. Having a slow accumulation of experience for constantly kiting jason would be a great reward. However i acknowledge this could be abused. Especially in private matches. It isnt a perfect idea but one that could be flushed out.
  6. Most games can detect who is partied up and who isn't. You see it passively in games like destiny. Disabling functions for players that are partied with a jason would provide a solution to this issue. As it stands I have seen lots of abuse of counselors partied with jason. I have seen counselors lead jason to non partied players or had a jason last night keep warping around the area i was in waiting for the cops when i was playing as AJ, had not seen jason, slow walked to a running distance from the exit, and other counselors were alive but hiding under beds. Seemed clear that a dead player was spectating me and trying to relay my general location, which involved no movement for over 3 minutes from a stealth character. While i do understand how this function could be abused, this in a lot of ways is a more of a social game than a true competition. Not changing the way it works now is not a solution since it is wildly abused and the dead lobby is dull. Providing more ways to occupy the dead players is a must as players leaving disrupts the connection and can kill the match.
  7. Absolutely, it needs to work with the same proximity. My big deal is how upsetting it is when i have to hear people drop the n-bomb. If i could mute these players and still provide pertinent info through my character that would be great.
  8. I love this game, and i dont mind waiting for the next round to collect my experience. So here is a list of things that would be great to let players do when they are in the death lobby. 1. Allow players to play with their customizations, roll perks, assign perks and just do general management. 2. Allow players to set their character choice for the next round. 3.Allow players to rotate camp camera, and or see a mini map to not just know where the cameras are but the action. 4.Allow players to see the progress of the objectives. 5.Allow players to see a map even with all active players including jason. 6.have a dynamic camera that passively switches to action. Repairs, calls, chases and it will rotate toward the jason. And make a show of the tension in the match. And not just see a 1st person mode of the inside of the commode 7.hell, let players spectate jason. With the chances being rare to be chosen to be jason, understanding his mechanics and spectating his view lets players passively learn mechanics. 8.have a glossary of in game items, stats, or functions. Sort of likethe how to play but a bit morein depth. I swear most people dont know you can use a flare gun for somethin other than shooting jason. note. Any functions that could be abused by a jason in a party with other players could be disabled if the game detects the player in a party.
  9. I would love to see a dialogue wheel. I find the game most fun swapping the controller with my girlfriend. Most times i dont have a headset on. I feel like a dialogue wheel with options, like how battlefield has, would be an excellent way to participate when i dont have a headset, my dogs are being loud, their is a language barrier, or the people i am playing with are just off putting. being able to have a character convey over walkie about which items i have, something i found, or jasons location could go a long way toward team play with those of us that can be shy in online voice chat. noy yo mention how some guys are just not cool to female gamers. The button layout is currently a bit clunky but i feel a button could be freed up to allow a contextual dialogue prompt selection.
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