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  1. and that's your excuse so you don't want this games fixed
  2. I will give you that. But at least this game is playable. How ever I still feel this game is more balnaced. If they fixed Jason's grab. All will be solved. A good Jason will get most kills if not all. As a Jason player I want it to be a challenge. Not to easy. When I play as the killer in DBD I feel challenge. Why because I can't just fine you easy. Also when I fine you I can't kill you instantly. That's how I want it when I play jason. Mybe not like those thans I said. But I want it to feel rewarding when I kill some one. Friday the 13th has the potential to be a great game. But it needs a great fixing. Most perks are useless on there. Some of the stats are useless. Composure being the main stat. I feel like strength is useless since it's only useful to take Jason's mask off. Let's be real who really trys to kill Jason some might bit most won't. So mybe take off that stat and change it to some than else. That's just my opinion. I just want this game better and to make sense. I love the game don't get me wrong but if people think this game is perfect as is. Well this game will die soon. (Like FOR HONOR) how ever as I said Jason does need fixing so do the counselors. And the long ass table in one of the houses. You can just kite Jason there forever. Why the hell can't Jason knock the table over don't make sense. He did that in the movies.
  3. There is more problems with the grab than what you posted. It is a fact. Until people realize that. This game will remain broken.
  4. Your funny. I play with a group of good people all the time,level 90 here. I kill most if not all of them this is why, this game will never become balanced, because of people like you don't see this games broken. I just started playing dead by daylight, and can tell u for a fact when your the killer it takes skill to kill someone. In that game and a lot harder, but it's also very rewarding. When you get the kill. the game has its flaws, but at this time it's way better than f13 right now. Why you ask because people think it's fine the way it is. I'm getting bored as Jason it takes no skill to skill some one. You grab and you get a for sure kill. Unless you have a pocket knife. When you grab some one in dead by day light. You have to put them on a hook. Even than they don't die and can get out. Also the killer and the people don't have a map. The big than Is the killer has to play in first person. How ever the people you get to play in third person gives them the advantage in a way. Once the killer fine you how ever it's hard to get away. As it should be. How ever in f13 I feel like when I play Jason it takes no skill at all. This game can take some tips from dead by day light when I play as Jason I want it to be challenged. At the same time I want to be op when I fine you as well.
  5. Again look at my past post from 19 and 22 hrs agao and give them warnings clearly there insults again do your job and I wouldn't post public if u would of messaged me from the start like I said before I can care less u work for free being a mod I can make a difference account by All means u got a problem with me than tell me in a message I told that guy to stfu because he's been insulting trolling me again give me warning u give him warning period DO YOUR JOB RIGHT
  6. Naw your not I posted on other forms and was insulted 19 hrs agao mybe not these forms u have no respect post in a message not in public sorry for telling u like it is funny than is I post stuff to help the game and get trolled you had it out since day one with me before u became a mod
  7. That's funny because half your members insulted me u want to imply rules sure than do your job right
  8. You just need to stop posting plz ad trolling my post if your tired of my post don't comment on it don't make since and you don't speak for most people who don't care about my post y well a lot of people commented and agreed on my post so plz stfu and stop trolling me and stop posting dumb shit
  9. It is because he basically is broken in combat stance I don't see the point of him haveing it if it causes problems I'm asking in general what's the point
  10. I'm pissed cause I paid for a broken game I can care less about the Jason skin and have a right to be so shut up im tired of people defened them
  11. Jason don't need the RT to smash down doors combat mode does it for him but faster Jason can go thru traps in combat mode as well You see why I say Jason's broken every than he does is broken
  12. https://account.xbox.com/en-US/gameclip/77fc9716-cdb8-44fa-b2ee-d808e209e577?gamertag=SSR G0KU BLACK&scid=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
  13. you say 90% but people don't believe so I'm just makein a valid point people will give up on this game if it keeps being broken and thanks I'll start posting this stuff on the bug forms hopefully less negative there
  14. I believe that if you disarm a time so with a knife you shouldn't lose that knife that's why I have the thick skin perk so I can just set off trap that way we need more knifes or a better way to disarm trap I just wish people can understand this game is broken right now and it's far from perfect needs fixing and doing all those thans Jason should still be op no one's saying nerf Jason just make him more balanced I don't get why people can't see this games broken some do see it but don't want the change all they want to do is grab to get a for sure kill you try to hot Jason as u seen in my video gets me killed it's not that Jason's op right now it's that he's just broken that any than u do to Jason is useless u better have a pocket knife are you lose and there's only like 4 pocket knifes on the map I want this game to be great but if there's no changes to the game this game will die I seen a lot of good games die we the people need to come together and stop fighting sure I suck at typeing heck the job I do I make 20 bucks an hr I get picked on at work at home my family hates me because I'm not normal like them so I decided to move on my own and I do wish I have help but don't but I love this game so much and a small company like this shouldn't ignore these types of comments instead respond to them
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