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  1. It's really not that tough, Just don't B line to the exit if in the boat. Give jason a couple zigs or zags and you should be fine. I've been tipped over in a boat only once, and I think that's a pretty good percentage.
  2. Why am I picturing the end of E.T. with Jason replacing the FBI?
  3. I did not know about that mechanic at all. Thank you!
  4. I heard he tried to hold them up for more money and they told him to kick rocks. But I digress...
  5. The Stalk effect seems way too short and is all but useless, considering it's Jason's main means of killing in the movies. What if Stalk lasts twice as long, but is automatically canceled if you use another power?
  6. Needs to be in game. He dances uncontrollably when the radio is turned on.
  7. Of course, lol, but I do know the kind of force it would take to rip someone's jaw off and it would definitely kill someone.
  8. How many jaw rips have you performed in real life? That kind of trauma would cause death within seconds. Same with a fire axe to the jaw.
  9. In the upstairs hall of Packanack lodge, I grabbed a counselor as Jason, but I could not perform any kills and the guy eventually got away (He then ultimately called the cops and escaped, but I digress.) Has this happened to anyone else? Not sure if this is a bug/glitch or not.
  10. You're absolutely right. After playing enough games I realized it's fine as it is.
  11. Yeah this sucks. Especially when Jason pulls you out of a car and gets pocket knifed, but you can't get back in the car while he's stunned.
  12. I would like if the final survivor could kill Jason alone. Not an easy feat, make it virtually impossible in fact, but just having it as an option would be cool.
  13. I like that hardcore mode. It might be necessary as people get really good at being a counselor.
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