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  1. I get a blue screen all the time while hosting...guess I get to go to the salt mines.... this is a bad idea.
  2. Yawn, been 150 for a long time and already have all the tapes.
  3. Me and a friend were playing together last night and most of our other friends were offline so we played some quickplay matches together. My friend was the last one alive and was giving this guy with Savini Jason the run around. He ran into a cabin and ran to the back to open the window so he could jump as Jason came in. While running to the window to jump out there was one of those brown cabinets by the window and as he ran pressing X to jump through the window it made him go into the cabinet. Jason was right there and instantly killed him but my friend did not die, he was glitched. So the guy whispers him and tells him he is reporting my friend for glitching. We were like wtf and told him he did not glitch but they guy did not believe him. So me and my friend went into a private game just me and him and tried to see if we could recreate what had happened and we did. So now that we know how it happens my friend contacted the creators on their facebook page. I have a feeling innocent people will get banned for stuff like this. Also, after the patch I had an instance where I was climbing out of a window to get stuck in the wall. People screamed I was glitching which I was not.
  4. Hell, even that is fine. $40 is fair for the game in my opinion. It costs money to get licenses. They are working on the problems first, I saw Wes streaming and he said that was the first priority.
  5. Nope. I do not have him and don't need him. That is for the backers who helped give us this great game.
  6. The group I play with do it also when we have to roll quick play. We murder them all.
  7. I could grab a gun and go shot someone but I KNOW that would be bad. You know the game is not meant to glitch or get into spots that you should not be able to get into. So you SHOULD know that it is wrong. So if you get banned its your own fought. Just play the game the way it was meant to be played and stop being a little bitch and hiding in spots you should not and you wont get banned. The people defending them by saying its the games fought are probably the guilty ones.
  8. Me and the same group of guys play together every day and none of us have ever found a tape.
  9. I have got more than $40 worth of fun out of this game. I play it everyday and never get tired of it. If I went out to eat and to the movies I would spend more than $40 for one night of fun so I think it is well worth $40. Also, don't forget they said all future content added would be free.
  10. You can survive anyway you have too. Some people get mad at people hiding under beds ect for long periods of time. I see nothing wrong with it as the point of the game is to survive. I hide all the time and sometimes it works. How is it cheap? The point of the game is to survive not go in like Rambo and fight Jason...lol
  11. I hope Gun knows that on PS4 I have seen people get glitches by just playing the game legit. I saw one guy try to come out of a tent and just start floating in air. There were a bunch of us already dead who saw it. What if someone reports them because they dont like the player? The game is still very broken and this is going to cause innocent people to get banned. I hate glitchers but it does happen by accident sometimes.
  12. Ahhh damn, was going to say add me and we could play. Maybe you can find some friends to play with in private games. It really is the best way to play.
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