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  1. Not sure if anyone made a topic like this yet but I wanted to start one if not! Anyway the movie that started my interest in the series overall was actually Jason X and I'm wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me or what you guys think of that movie? For some reason I feel like I'm in a small group (if not the only one lol) so I'm wondering where everyone stands with Jason X and where they started. I was born in the early 80s but I don't think I've ever seen (that I can remember) an actual Friday movie from start to finish (or parts of them even) until Jason X came out. I downloaded it when it came out and fell in love with the Jason/Friday franchise ever since and ended up getting/watching them all a few times. Of course though I knew of and who both Freddy and Jason were and liked em both but didn't really know anything about them besides they were cool looking and scary guys who killed people at the time, when I was a kid lol. Anyway what started your love for the series?
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