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  1. The flashlight is basically a give-away of where your counselor is, inside the house. If you are trying to hide your position in an house, turn it off. Jason is bound to notice you by the usual audio bubbles, or sense. The light only helps in pinpointing after he already knows the general location
  2. This actually only makes you just as bad. Just d/c from the beginning to retain a certain moral highground. Use more style in revenge plots. Or just a little bit of style
  3. I always go for the sweater, when I don't have any other available objective (ie. I spawn too far from the car/boat; just haven't found anything useful; et cetera). Only a few Jasons morph to the shack (it's actually not smart to do, if other counselors are doing stuff). About 50% of those Jasons start either cursing, or just being a smart-ass about wasting the sweater. Last round one finally killed me after 8 minutes, being a smartass and calling me 'noob'. Not realising all other counselors were busy with the cars. I can't understand why people think it's a waste to use the sweater, when: 1. It's impossible to match up with Tommy 2. You would've died anyhow (I do see people dying wearing the sweater, I quess these are 'his' players). 3. You can occupy Jason for almost 50% of the entire round. The Jason players often do not understand, what you mean with "Ah well, at least you're with me" I do sometimes taunt the Jason players, when they're incredibly lame. Just to distract him from the other players. (I never curse) I rage-quit from Jasons, whenever I suspect foul play.. Which sadly improves steadily the last period. (Jasons getting rage in the first minute and those things)
  4. There's a lot of troll players, but sometimes it works the other way as well. Once I got annoyed by a screaming youngster. (they always scream in a high pitched voice ánd always lure Jason right to you) He shot his flare and we got into a brawl. Threw fireworks, went inside, Jason came, he went inside, I batted him dead, I occupied Jason for 6 minutes after. Other time I was with a friendly player and the same thing happens with an East European kid (too young players are annoying for multiple reasons). He came in screaming as Brandon with Jason following. We both were muttering about the situation over the mic, when the kid wasn't screaming. It ended up with us making a deal with Jason to get the black guy first. We blocked him in and opened the door. After he died, we walked a bit with Jason and continued the game. The Jason kept his deal and after a minute killing everyone else, we were caught in our car I do the same thing as Jason. "Get him! He's annoying as @#$@#$!".. "Okay"
  5. Small appendum : 1 map has 3 spawn locations for the 4 seater / boat. Savini Jason is the only really unbalanced one, so most players use him as 'the best pick'. I've accepted the fact that I'm the only one not liking the skin át all. Don't think anything will ever change about it, since the silly burning Jason seems to be the only reason most people paid moneys. (ie. backed the game)
  6. You'll know the locations by heart after a few rounds playing it anyhow. I didn't know you can actually get a map from the map stand.
  7. I do agree with you with the grabs. Would rather see it re-invented a bit, where maybe the pocketknife just gets replaced. Some Jason players go for the win (or for the most experience) and just neglect all grabs. They just swing and kill: 100xp without the 10-50xp versatile bonus, but you wont waste minutes on pocket knives. My suggestion would be to limit the pocketknife to maybe just 1. An automatic escape should be the exception, not the rule. (more than 50% of counselors seem to break off with a pocketknife). Also add an extra method of escaping the grab. The first, regular one: Hold 'E' for a safe escape, which most counselors wont be able to do. The second, which almost all counselors should be able to (in full health), is struggle to escape. Depending on health, stamina, you might escape from Jason, but get injured in the progress. After which Jason should have an easier time getting you. Strong counselors can fight off a Jason, other counselors injure themselves in the struggle. The pocketknives do not really work and feels currently as a placeholder. My summarized points: - Button smashing is not okay, just make players hold a button. Increases fairplay a lot and noone likes smashing buttons. Come on, this isn't the Olympics DOS game from 1984. - They should re-engineer the grabbing / pocketknife thing. Currently it forces the non-creative players into a non desired play style. (it's not bad, but it can be good) - Give in-game leaving players a -100xp penalty the next round. (not cumulative) - Give Jason a 100xp bonus, when a player leaves in-game. ("Scared away" - 100xp). Add the kill when close. (suicide should also count for something similar "Scared to death" - 100xp). Currently there are too many exploits for Jason, including combat stances, multiple hits and those things. The non-creative players do use the exploits a lot.
  8. Hello, There are a few issues, where some are exploits and other things I'm not too sure about. I'm wondering whether these are known and if there is a list of exploits somewhere. I can understand people with a childlike mentality, wanting to win as much as possible in shooters, but for this genre it's just simple trolling. - Multiple Jason players hit 2-3 times within a second. Tudtud-tud. Even a non destruction Jason got in ridiculously fast. (without rage, eventhough they also get rage about 4/5x faster than I do) - Also multiple Jason players get up / brush off events so fast, it's impossible. Like immediately standing up after getting shot down by the shotgun. It's not always the stun resistant Jason. Are these people just using 3rd party key-input programs? (where you can press 'e' 100x in a second with random delays and such) The whole button smashing interface is silly. It does not improve gameplay and only improves chances of people cheating with it. (Hold "E" to stand up, would be múch múch better. Bad game design with consoles in mind) - Jason stuns.. Often other Jasons can shift/morph after only 1-2 seconds getting stunned by a flare gun for example. I might have to wait between 8-10 seconds to use skills again. - Is there some 3rd party software, which can determine a player's location? I'm quessing it would not be that hard to read this directly from memory; assuming they didnt jail the environment right. (pretty safe bet that the Jason player also gets the coordinates sent) I've had Jasons morphing literally right on top of me at the start of the match without being close to any objective / box. - Is there auto-aim? Find it hard to believe for someone to morph on my position the 3rd second of the game ánd immediately targetting me. (I was jogging and running, when the music changed. That's the only reason I didn't get hit at once) Most counselor-related exploits seem to be fixed, but these were only used by trolls. Jason exploits are also used by the people, who don't understand winning the round is not everything.
  9. I absolutely enjoy the game, but also this game is extremely shoddy / cruddy. - Looking at the used game engine.. I don't think they fully employed it. - Launch problems are common, but not being able to scale it up is simply inexperience. The last-minute server activities are not a good indication. The only ever highest peak they'll get, is done now. Would not surprise me that they've upped their network too much now. You should not hold kickstarters / early access, if you don't have the right experience. You pay for the project/product, not personal education. (People like Garry Newman use it as educational funds) - As said: Shoddy. Too many invisible boundraries, glitching animations (in a gamebreaking way), audio not balanced. (I'm excluding visual glitches and all non gameplay issues) - The price is fár fár too steep (PC) for its quality; simple as that. Maybe the limited use of the game engine and the higher price are console-related issues. If we could get it for the appropiate amount of 10 euro/dollar, the consolers would complain. Likewise the gamers complaining about not being privileged anymore to be the only one with the silly Savini skin. - It's always sad to see a game extremely limited, because the auto aiming consolers need to be able to play it with 2 buttons. Marketing wise it is understandable, but it will cost you a lot of points as a PC game review. Going for its quality ánd quantity, the game is nót worth its money and I wont be able to sell it to friends. (PC gamers) Also for the OP: This game has a bit of a learning curve, which the in-game guide does not help a lot with. Also there is not a single offline mode for just walking around and experimenting interactions. If a reviewer plays a few hours, it might still be a bit difficult to win. (especially since the easier Jasons to play are higher level; if he played versus Savini, then yes. It's a game mood ruiner) That they've released a Virtual Shack, but do not release a simple walk-thru-town mode, is silly. Sadly reminds me about Rust. (where Rust itself is the Virtual Shack)
  10. It's actually not an error at all (in the above context) and might be showing the flaw in the current mentality of most people. Accept the fact that some people can also get the most-silly-looking and inappropiate skin of all. You just want to be priviliged..
  11. Funny how people complain in a "it's completely unplayable" about a skin, which I would rather have removed. Man, why does everyone go for the lame burning flame look. It's non-canon as well. Lack. of. style.
  12. If anything.. either make it an actual skin, or remove the whole silly Savini look 'n feel. You can be very much fan of the franchise (which I'm totally not with these slasher movies), but have enough experience with game studio's to know kickstarters are basically the lazy man's approach. Or at least been fooled often enough to back a failing project. ('nuff examples). I would've probably preferred Freddy over Jason. So my 2 cents.. Give them a skin that doesn't ruin gameplay for other players. I play the least with the backers, because of this. Also be a bit more creative than just giving him burning marks from Hell. Now it's just like a redundant American hot rod with flames painted on it.
  13. You do like to get the credits, don't you? It's all good and nice people backed it up (eventho I don't think the starter was necessary, but that's a whole other subject about principles). It did get a lot of love, but as game itself it's rather shoddy. (Very fun, but I can't actually advice it to friends) So to say.. it wouldn't have surprised me that this game, has been made by hobbyists in their free time. I just wanted to show the irony, that I don't play with backers, because they all pick the silliest Jason. Good that you've given some moneys, but I'll probably never see you as Jason P.S. Who ever reads the credits, specifically the thousands of backers / testers? Maybe I should look up the credits, because I don't think it's right to ask money beforehand, if you don't have enough experience in the sector. (The whole network problems at launch do hint inexperience) It's like Garry starting a kickstarter for the next iteration of Rust. You're basically paying for their education, rather than the actual product. (and no, this shouldn't be the case) You wont get love from me just for giving moneys.
  14. Generally if counselors really work together, it's a loss for Jason. I've had a game, where I was a bystander and we all huddled up together. Seems to be a group of 4, 5 friends, who were killing Jasons all day long. The one playing Jason wasn't a bad player and kudo's to him for sticking up with it to the end. We've fixed the car(s) and phone with Jason right there. (he did stalk/shift and all those things). He managed to kill 3 counselors by just blindly melee attacking, which was part of our plan and got Jason killed later by Tommy. At best Jason would've had a few counselors escape (and not dying himself).
  15. If I had to look at the backers, I would think there was ónly Savini Jason. I generally don't play with the backers
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