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  1. Looking for ps4 players with mics drop your tag
  2. If you have a Mic and play often our group is always looking for smart gamers. Add psn fractalvisionary with f13 in message
  3. Fractalvisionary

    Outfit suggestion!

    For real I'm cool without micro transactions but I do think my original idea of cp purchaseable goods would better gameplay
  4. Fractalvisionary

    Outfit suggestion!

    Yea I know^^ but look at it this way. It would bring more income to the game bringing more updates and possible dlcs. I'm not all for pay to play but it would make the game better in the long run.
  5. Fractalvisionary

    Outfit suggestion!

    Now this is not advised by me, but there also is a large market of people willing to spend money to enjoy their gameplay. The creators could throw in some sort of key, and crate system, generating more income, but the loot would have to be good, like perked clothing and such.
  6. My suggestion is that certain articles of clothing be made purchaseable with cp just as perks(counselor) and kills(jason) are... nothing too crazy, but small percentage buff on what perks already offer. Stackable, I'm thinking something like this. My level headed perk is 11% sense avoidance -3% noise generating penalty. I would spend cp on both a hat or shirt that increases my sense avoidance chance, and shoes that take away the noise penalty. Catching what I'm laying down?
  7. Fractalvisionary

    PS4 Private Match LFG

    Need a match I have mic inv fractalvisionary
  8. Fractalvisionary

    PS4 Private Match LFG

  9. Fractalvisionary

    PS4 Private Match LFG

    fractalvisionary ing me
  10. Fractalvisionary

    PS4 Private Match LFG

    Setting up private match PSN fractalvisionary ADD ME
  11. Fractalvisionary

    PS4 Private Match LFG

    Yo looking for matches inv me psn: fractalvisionary Got Mic
  12. Allow the host of a private match to change lobby to public.