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  1. I didn't think devs/publishers were allowed to moderate a Reddit for their gay? Against Reddit rules, I thought.
  2. If we include this it'll turn into a witch hunt. People will report people others over Jason play styles, people will fake evidence, people will abuse it. This is just what happens when game forums include name and shame threads.
  3. I occasionally hit up quick play. Mostly I play with my newly built up friends list. (Thanks to this game and the awesome community) Or I just use one of two groups with 5k+ active members.
  4. Some fantastic points! Not at all. I've played a lot of public matches since the last update. (Xbox) And I've managed to escape loads of times. In a majority of these lobbies I've been on my mic saying "Hey, anyone else in this lobby on mic" But players flash lights or do crouches to communicate etc. And while it's not ideal, we have to accept that not all gamers want to use headsets. RNG is a big thing - In some public matches I've escaped in a full four seater simply due to the fact that myself and a few others spawn in close proximity to the car parts. Back to the OP thing - The fact is that Jason is a total badass, he's gonna squish you and your buddies a lot of the time in private match with a well coordinated team. So of course you'll likely get murdered horribly more often in public lobbies, where communication is next to nothing. I do think we need more content, ways to escape, maps, perks, weapons and items to fend off Jason. But Jason doesn't need any debunffs, the game isn't too hard. He's a huge powerhouse of death and that's the way it should stay.
  5. The support Twitter mentioned that are looking into it when replying to a complaint. Can't find the Tweet to link it in.
  6. A better epic version of my beloved Firecracker perk (Start with 1 firecracker + increase firecracker stun radius) A rare EXP gain (finally, I haven't got anything other than shitty white exp boost perks before tonight) Epic sense avoidance perk with a 0% negative. Awesome! A shit ton of whites per usual.
  7. Back in the day (typical "when I was a kid" post) we used to play games and go for full completion just to fully explore our favourite games. I still remember getting to level 99 in Final Fantasy VII before leaving Midgar! Good times. But yeah, potentially they'll add higher level unlocks in the form of free content in the future. Or perhaps it'll be paid content not walled off by a level requirement. Who knows, I'm speculating.
  8. If I earn money from my job and it just vanished like my CP does so often, I'd lose my shit. Hahaha.
  9. Yeah, basically. It's such a shame. Seems to be a trend forming here. Unreal is a pretty powerful game engine, but games dev'd in Unreal usually come with a ton of issues, mostly optimisation related issues. F13 runs nicely however. I'm hoping Illfonic/Gun can get their heads around these issues. If they get free and/or paid content out quick, it could give F13 a really long life span.
  10. I've had a look around and I can't seem to find a time when double XP and the 13k CP goes live. Do we have a time?
  11. Well the console version sucks. Plenty of frame drops and nasty stuttering below 20fps when chases occur. I'll stick to Steam if I decide to go back. But after playing this morning, I'm reminded why F13 is a better game.
  12. Try following the game on Facebook and Twitter guys, they put out all the information there. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Fridaythe13thGame/ Twitter (Main and Support)
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