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    Project Save Crystal Lake

    I wish i can play online everyday but i'm affected by the server issue. DbD is not as fun as F13.
  2. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Does F13 on Xbox support kb/m?

    Nope he doesn't.
  3. I want to try variety as the devs is gonna rework some perks i want to know what non-meta perks you are using (No Medic , swift attacker , hypochondriac etc...)
  4. MDAC is underated even with his nerf he is still a very powerful perk.
  5. Should have dreamed but i was pretty sure it was.
  6. Maybe all of you did had a bug but i remember hearing it i would like to prove you but it's hard to find a video from launch , on PS4, playing with jason while having the boat being started. He quickly vanish a few times later with servers issues patches, he was already gone by pachanack roof glitch era.
  7. I assure you it was at least on PS4 that's why on the last patch note he told FIXED.
  8. At launch they were sound when starting the boat it's just he has been glitched some patch later ( launch mess ). Motorboarding is more viable now.
  9. Myself i got a stun build for chad (Heavy Hitter - Slugger - swift attacker (legendary version give 3% stun times)). Deb which is my main female character i use thick skinned - my dad's a cop - man at arms.
  10. Never thought of it even if i did know that that fear reduce stamina regeneration speed. Gonna give it a try soon.
  11. Not bad at all i'm gonna try a stamina build for lachappa ( Marathon , restful , easy listening) once i will be able to play online i'm, affected by the server issue.
  12. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Best Jason Music?

    pt5 and 4 have some of the greatest chase music but savini is the most menacing.
  13. Have you looked at data you've fixed in the november patch some may be outdated or your server have issues. look at dedicated servers data for client i'm almost sure the issues is coming from here and your servers.
  14. Yes @mattshotcha has confirmed that the patch is a bug fixes , balance and perk rework and will give us new info this month.
  15. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Question regarding certain perks.

    @mike-hanniganYes heavy hitter is a little buggy but with legendary swift attacker he give 3% stun time a little bonus.
  16. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Question regarding certain perks.

    @tyrant666 i totally agree with you but you forgot Thrasher , light foot and slugger are viable perks too. I like to play with man at arms on low luck character you can hit one more time. Evasion , heavy hitter and scout are underrated.
  17. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Finally All 30 Legendary Perks

    Yes, Jason is a little bit weak but not as much as people think. What Jason would need is a perk system too but that idea will not happen.
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    PC-crowd ?
  19. xllxENIGMAxllx


    Happy holidays everyone.
  20. Hello , do you have trouble finding game i can't find game at all since today patch. So i've played offline and that patch did well for the game ( everything is fixed correctly). @ShiftySamurai Can you help me out.
  21. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Christmas discount

    20$/eur i think.
  22. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Christmas discount

    I find it unfair as the game as been reduced permanently a few days ago.
  23. xllxENIGMAxllx

    R.I.P Steve Dash

    R.I.P Sack boi i wish i could play online as sack boi.