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  1. @mattshotchaLook at your PM i will send a message.
  2. @mattshotcha Any news about stance glitch fix, new rolling perk system and victoria butt.
  3. @mattshotcha Hey Matt, the patch will include the new perk revamp + victoria butt rework as well bug fixes. As mentionned by wes.
  4. Hello, community the new update by Larry zerner is expecting a settlement in two weeks otherwise the lawsuit will continue. I let you read it by yourself. https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/291501/friday-the-13th-lawsuit-expected-to-settle-in-next-2-weeks-nintendo-switch-video-game-update/
  5. @Friday_Queen thank you GG to your boyfriend i know how hard choice can be for some legendary. @mattshotcha thank you for checking with the team i appreciate it friend.
  6. Hello Gun, i wanted to have your input about adding some things that i find interesting to add. Below the things you can add. Allow us to get all 45 perks + some space to roll perk. Allow us to mix cosmetic (Halloween + spring break) for example. @mattshotcha Are you allowed to revamp system of any kind perks in that case if so. Put a more incentive system the more you play with the perks (ex: aquanaut you swim a certain moment amount of time then increase his rarity etc... until legendary.)
  7. @mattshotcha Since the hotfix the game search P2P games. Can you look into it.
  8. @mattshotcha This patch is very great Jason is strong again but there is one thing you could adjust. His grab animation speed otherwise you have fixed the block and increased width with his swing (hitting everyone on the line) that was awesome but, you haven't fixed the stance exploit (sliding glitch).
  9. Sorry matt but no actually he shouldn't be blocked either Jason or counselors he give more advantage to counselors then Jason. Since launch that spot was never blocked and shouldn't in anyway.
  10. I wish i can play online everyday but i'm affected by the server issue. DbD is not as fun as F13.
  11. MDAC is underated even with his nerf he is still a very powerful perk.
  12. Maybe all of you did had a bug but i remember hearing it i would like to prove you but it's hard to find a video from launch , on PS4, playing with jason while having the boat being started. He quickly vanish a few times later with servers issues patches, he was already gone by pachanack roof glitch era.
  13. I assure you it was at least on PS4 that's why on the last patch note he told FIXED.
  14. At launch they were sound when starting the boat it's just he has been glitched some patch later ( launch mess ). Motorboarding is more viable now.
  15. Myself i got a stun build for chad (Heavy Hitter - Slugger - swift attacker (legendary version give 3% stun times)). Deb which is my main female character i use thick skinned - my dad's a cop - man at arms.
  16. Never thought of it even if i did know that that fear reduce stamina regeneration speed. Gonna give it a try soon.
  17. Not bad at all i'm gonna try a stamina build for lachappa ( Marathon , restful , easy listening) once i will be able to play online i'm, affected by the server issue.
  18. I want to try variety as the devs is gonna rework some perks i want to know what non-meta perks you are using (No Medic , swift attacker , hypochondriac etc...)
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