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  1. he don't teleport as you can see at the barn at end for weapon strength i was thinking something forget it. Edit instead of water speed i would go Less HP instead.
  2. The thing a buff him a bit is to increase his running and walking speed jogging players can easily counter it jason speed need to be increase to make counselor run more often and of course use a lot of stamina. As for stun do not touch it i don't want a DBD here stun can be easily countered as Jason maybe too much when he attempt to hit you just go backwards there we go.
  3. Seem correct nice work but i don't think he is morphing but to fit the game he could weapon strengh instead remember that tree kill.
  4. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    late 2017
  5. @[IllFonic]Courier , @wes we really want to know all we know is that you fix performance , optimization and physics and of course upgrade the game in DX12. Edit: i also suppose dedicated servers will come with this new engine.
  6. "Mean Girl" Trope.

    we need a blonde girl counselor.
  7. Oui c'est sur mais le probleme c'est que Jason a trop d'inconveniant et faire ca le rendrait la vie dure surtout contre des pro ses mouvement sont long et les joueur tendent a spammer L2 pour les agripper et les tuez au lieu d'utilisez son arme deux example. regarde a 8m30 Bon je pense que ta conpris jason a trop de faiblesse je pense juste que de nouvelle mecanique de jeu doivent s'appliquer.
  8. Sweater Respawn?

    I would say no to a respawn system for sweater but yes for multiple way to kill him as Tommy Jarvis maybe.
  9. I must agree with you it would be too OP.
  10. retravaille ton anglais mais pour repondre a ta question sa serait mal balancer tout simplement parce que Jason ne pourait pas le contrer et puis crois moi c'est pas trop facile de jouer jason avec des bons etudiants crois moi.
  11. 3 perks can be very powerful but everyone is always taking the same ( thick shinned , medic ) perks need a revamp for sure upgrade maybe. Stamina : as Jason is slow no he is good that way as players jogging can outrun if he is getting close you run a little then jog again. Objective items : Items is good that way but need more randomness there is two spawn pattern he need more. Jason traps : as they were patched to stop stacking traps i should say that traps have a perk dedicated called scout i think but doesn't reduce damage but reduce the time to free yourself there is a thing they can do about trap is to add two features one being able to help another counselors trapped to free him and second a minigame you desarm them composure make it easier. Repairs : nothing to say about it but i do not say that two chance should be applied. Jason weapons : Range should be increased a little as sometime hit detection don't work.