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  1. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    I knew he would appeal why wouldn't he. Zerner already said that his chance to win on appeal is poor, why he has to be that greedy.
  2. My mains are Lachappa and debbie but i use chad and victoria if i meet any teamers. I teabag them and dance , stun lock them with traps etc... As normal gameplay i like to be role play ( no dup characters ) and can be very kind to fellow counselors , giving them health spray when i got to much of them.
  3. If you are used to DbD you mind game to avoid grab , Grab is very easy to counter just play the game with experience you will counter his grab.
  4. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Cause of death?

    Never seen that in almost two years of playtime. Probably a bug sometime when Jason is lagging on his screen you are not where you are on your screen. So if he grab you on his screen maybe on your screen you don't see any effect but he grab killed you.
  5. Why not, it's not the only thing i want added. Have you never though to be able to radio repairable.
  6. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Interactions All Bugged

    He happens mostly when using combat stance press R2 he will clear it.
  7. Specifics. Platform ? There is a website for that http://jasonkillsbugs.com/
  8. xllxENIGMAxllx

    victoria sterling outfit

    That character is based on Melissa same for his cloth.
  9. No he doesn't work but the kills do count but, if you still have to do 9 kill he doesn't unlock as the offline bots reset each game.(8 kills)
  10. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Rainbow Blood

    We are still waiting about a big patch coming to fix a lot of issue. The list is long so be patient.
  11. Bring a clip and report on http://jasonkillsbugs.com/
  12. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Roll perk

    Just bad luck.