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  1. i'm been since launch and i don't want the grab to be as launch but maybe a faster grab could solve a lot of problems. As for the block i find it unfair that Jason can spam the block to avoid stun, as counselor themself have penality but not Jason in those situations.
  2. i can't play since the lastest patch but mostly Lachappa with Thick Skinned - Easy listening - marathon but the one i use mostly is Thick Skinned - swift attacker - scout.
  3. xllxENIGMAxllx

    F13 Obsessed

    Ramos i suppose.
  4. Holy shit is that a dead body ? yes he always do.
  5. @mattshotcha maybe you can help me clear it out. i suppose some of us have a wrong update can you look into this.
  6. Hello , everyone i'm trying something on my side but i want to know some things about your update version on PS4. Update version : 1.30 Zone : EU What are yours i'm explaining why i'm asking that. On DbD on the spirit release there was an issue with the update, two version have release some did have 1.13 and other 1.14. The latter was the good one so i'm asking if our version is correct.
  7. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Outdated Client Warning

    I remember something similar have happened in DbD some did have 2.3 ( 1.13) and some (1.14) the latter was the good one. I suppose it's why we have those issues.
  8. @mattshotchaWelcome in the community Matt, i'm sad that there is not patch coming in december he really needs it right now. Servers and stability is a priority along bug fixes i mean it's not funny to see clowns on rooftops. More information about balancing ( Jason buff , perks change...) as mentionned here http://forum.f13game.com/topic/21476-discussion-rolling-perks/
  9. @Slasher_Clone I both like and dislike the no dup idea for two reasons. 1). Not being able to select two times the same counselor 2). Increase the role play and for killing Jason he make a little more harder. It's a good idea otherwise don't you think.
  10. Myself if i were developer i would. Be more communicative about change and future content/update. Add a better incentive progressive system. Badge rewards CP when doing them. I will make all perks be useful whatever the situation and revamp them for a more Team-Oriented play style. I will change rules for public ( no duplicate counselors , more randomness for objective.) Add more options for customization for offline play ( Allowing to change the perks/items for every AI.) That way i add more cosmestic with the possibility to change glasses as well new game modes.
  11. Issues with perks is that they are intended to be used how is described in game but players use them differently. For medic maybe allow two healing but one for you and one for allies. As for thick skinned remove trap damage reduction and revamp scout perk. For easy listening which i like a lot since his buff allow all radios to be repaired or add more radios. For every perks that increase or recover stamina should be more efficient for low stamina characters ( lachappa , Deborah etc...) but less for high stamina one (Vanessa , Tiffany , Victoria etc...) So here how he looks One healing per players for a total of two ( Medic) Remove trap damage reduction ( Thick skinned ) Revamp Scout - Reduce trap damage by 15% and increase trap escape speed by 15%.(Max) Easy listening ( is well balanced as the current radio mechanic ) but if the radio is allowed to be repaired then need to be nerf to 20-25% but remain the same if only additionnal radios is added. For stamina-related perks if we take low stamina counselors the recovery should be faster as they have less stamina. As high stamina counselors should have slower recovery has they have a lot of stamina same goes from hit recovery.
  12. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Does Jason remember Tommy?

    He does remember as the ending suppose it.
  13. @ShiftySamurai Are you looking into this.
  14. always was here there is two spawn on each map this is one.