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  1. People keep telling that boat always has been silent and no, the boat did make sound at launch until the roof glitch was fixed he was glitched.
  2. @Wes that's a good version for those who don't have the game but you know this will bring more trouble. People will complain as such the dedicated servers will not come and such. And i really want to hear your reply about that are they coming.
  3. Grendel is indeed unfinished but we can't say the same thing about Uber Jason.
  4. I play since launch and still play it every night about 4-5h per per day and it's fun except with those issues mostly with Jason, But beside that yes and yes.
  5. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Future Content

    I don't know what to say you know i'm like you i wonder why they do not fight to put him since he is on files. All they want is to polish everything which i'm sure they are allowed. Since he is not a new content simply because he is on game data, So it's more likely a fix and they are ALLOWED for that.
  6. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Future Content

    Everything is said.
  7. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Future Content

    Yes , but @wes said there's a lot of things missing well you know the deal.
  8. i'm sorry to hear this but yes an expert difficulty is good.
  9. Yes i want this with. Toggle on/off rain be allowed to change counselors Be allowed to change their perks all at max rarity ( not our perks but all perks selectable for bots only). Fixed bots more smarter , less buggy , harder and of course stop increasing their spawn items to make them look harder. Lol basically i want challenging bots with more selections.
  10. There's many ways to change it these would include. Increase Jason health by default and actual normal one for part 2 , 6 and 9 (less healthiest) Add a last standing bonus or something similar. More steps to kill him. The thing is that once Jason is unmask he is way too much vulnerable, Block is bugging right now which does not help. And glitchers , exploiters is worse. For me to solve the problem these are the step. Fix the sliding glitch. fix cars DPS. Increase health for all Jasons by one or two hit and actual health for the weakest. Fix block issues
  11. good question i want to know too.
  12. Savini have the best strength ( Destruction for doors , Weapon Damage , Shift+ increased shift speed and decrease time to use shift again.) + a forth strength pitchfork increased range like part 6, he also have 5 traps , plus normal morph. His true weakness is Water Speed- the only way and only chance to catch a boat is to go at the exit. His match for those who don't have Savini is Part 4 , He is OP not at all let's just say he is the most balanced Jason.
  13. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Small space is good for Jason look at the purge ( Table loop ) is that what you want again.
  14. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    Here is a list of everything i've experienced and haven't been fixed - Higgins Haven issue where the spot below the stair and next to the radio is still inaccessible. - Block when in combat stance for Jason still slow ( Only when not host on consoles). - The so-called exploit Sliding is still there ( Combat Stance Glitch ). - Doors not destroying correctly in rage mode. - Counselor Combat Stance issue too obviously. - Sound delay in intro cutscenes in Offline bots. If i encounted more i will edit that post.
  15. xllxENIGMAxllx

    Patches? Timeline?

    I feel you me too i'm a backer i've put 100 $ and i have no regret but yes i'm disappointed that no more content they could at least ask authorization to put Uber and Grendel.