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  1. Jason Selection Update

    he just a quicker shift speed
  2. Jason Selection Update

    No much difference then now but i wanna see how you guys have work on face animation and characters design with the new graphics change and will the game run at higher FPS on consoles.
  3. Totally agree let's tag dan for him to get the idea. @ShiftySamurai
  4. Yup i know the new engine will out first sorry for the late reply.
  5. Savini won't be available anymore sorry.
  6. April at the earliest everything will out at the same time ( SP , Dedicated Servers , weapon swap )
  7. Yup he is very balanced but players that doesn't have played since launch don't know what balance was.
  8. it's true but he lose his high range.
  9. I kind of agree but the fork is not that much of a weekness.
  10. Oh i did search but haven't find i did find one but for a game mode not for an option.
  11. Make Roy Green Again

  12. Allow us to Spectate Jason

    Like people said it's available in private but not in public as he will allow players to help Jason.
  13. Hell Map For Savini Jason

    because not everyone have Savini he would be an insult for players who don't have Savini even if its still an insult for exclusivity anyway. ( I got it myself. )
  14. I would ask what will you think about a no HUD options for counselors and an option to start matchmaking with or without HUD. As this was never included and there no many settings in this game i would he would be a great idea.
  15. Hell Map For Savini Jason

    I totally agree but for single players challenge only.