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  1. But there is a difference. A solo player stealing or killing you / A entire party stealing or killing you. Being solo the chances are equals to everyone. But when there is a party, your chances is like 0.
  2. Its ok to me, i like to play with ppl from another regions, its more funny and makes a new way to comunication.
  3. Its so sad when you are going to play solo in a match and then you find multiple parties. The party friends dont kill their friends and also they take all the things in the map and dont give a f.. if you will need it. For example: they get the 4 seat car full repaired, but they still get the another gás or battery and hide it. Also, sometimes, the duo/party kill you just for trolling. So I think, if there is a way to make a solo matching where everyone is going solo to a match, it would be nice and would stop ppl for trolling games or doing what I said. in party with friends.
  4. The game is funny and okay to me. The only problem is the players that are trolling the games. We need report system and a fix to the mute system.
  5. Im unluck. Almost all matches i got ppl who like to scream trolling in the chat all the time. I mute them but it does not work for me, they are muted but I still can hear them. And also we need a report system to the troll players :/ .
  6. I could not find the knock your block, but find the backbreaker. Thank you
  7. Okay. I want to know the fastest animation kills from Jason because some of them take like 10 seconds, so if there is 2 counselors near to me, i can kill one but the other will find a house because of the animation. There is some kills that are faster than it, can someone tell me those? Thanks
  8. yeah i get scared sometimes when Jason appear instantly in front of me. But when i know Jason is coming for me, no way to get scared
  9. This is the reason why we have DLCs. To make things not direct relacioned to the game.
  10. Why we need rights when we can create something new? Just make a new and original serial killer. A new one, so you own the rights.
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