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  1. With the single player challenges Just released I figured out a way to incorporate Pamela's character in the game. And that is through the single layer challenges. Because she would have to sneak and kill with silence its perfect. Please consider this gun media. Do not end this project without putting the first killer of this series in thegame.
  2. Take lessons from DBD Jason is a monster not a goof guys. No disrespect The game has a lot of potential but Jason getting danced on, and knocked down 100 times with a baseball bat. Jason Is no joke. This is the man who can throw a person 50 feet or more. guys do better at making Jason scary again. PLEEEEEEASE
  3. I was wondering why Jason can't pull counselors out of the windows. In the movies when couselors are standing near windows jason creeps behind them and pulls them out of the windows. What if we would add that option ?
  4. We need another hero. Maybe a police officer who arrives with a pistol.
  5. And this is why I think Jason should be able to use/pick u different weapons. Maybe a wheel like Gta V that holds all weapons Jason grabs. For example.... Roy breaking down a door with hedge clippers not realistic. we should have a HUD that starts Roy or other Jason's with a weapons such as an axe to break down doors. This way its more realistic. Make a hud for Jason's weapons just like you did with emote packs.
  6. 1. So while playing the Game I noticed that Jason can't pick up his mask after its knocked off. Jason should be able to grab things like different weapons, and his mask to put back on. Maybe Allowing Jason to take his mask off can create fear in counselors. Like in Friday the 13th part 3 2. Why only a night time setting? In the movies Jason did many of his kills during the day. A beautiful day time setting would be awesome. Please consider these things Gun Media and if not please give a good reason. Thank You.
  7. How about a free roam mode where we could roam the camps and see counselors doing things like sexing, swimming, cooking etc....
  8. a way to hang jason like in part 3 climb the ladder counselors must work together to hang him. Knock him out and grab the rope to hang em
  9. OK so in Friday the 13th part 3 there was a seen where the final girl climbed the ladder in the barn jason followed her and she ended up hanging Jason. And Idea would be to allow counselors to climb the ladder in the barn and work together to try and hang Jason we can knock him down and then try a used the ropes to hang him. Next whoever is playing Jason can be alerted to snap rope by hitting a button rapidly to allow jason to to cut the rope or snap free. If he can't in enough time he passes out and dies.
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