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  1. Yeah, the blood is really funny,you have to do something with it . What about to put an option like " Blood effect : ON /OFF" or "Massive blood effect : ON/OFF" . Let's make a game PG-18 and not 13 !!
  2. Origins :FR-Orionas Steam : [FR] Orionas PSN : Orionas8431
  3. Well let's go forward a little bit, about, 15 years. You open an old box in your childhood's room and you find "Friday the 13th the game" in this dvd box. The cd is clean, so you put it in your pc/mac, whatever, after the installation completed, you launch the game !!! So much memories with the films, so much exciting to play again at this game and showing it to your kids !!! The main menu ... you click on "play" / join game / .... and wait.... wait... wait... no response .. Rage quit steam, turn off the pc.... I don't want to let this happens !!! I know guys are working so hard and so well on it, i'm not pressing you . To the contrary i wish you the best, and hope to see more news @E3 2016 ! For me and i'm sure, it's gonna be the GOY !
  4. Yeah like a cooldown for super skills ! Super skill 1 : Speed increased by 500 % for 10 s CD -----> 40 seconds Super skill 2 : "Finish him" move CD -----> 30 seconds Super skill 3 : Teleportation at some point on the map CD -----> 5 min Super skill 4 : Thermal / night vision for 15 seconds CD ----> 2 min
  5. If they follow the first movies, there are 4 cabin logs, 1 generator room and 1 boat house next to the lake. And at the other side of the lake, we have the Jarvis 's house and their neighbourg (Part 4). The map from the trailer shows us that they don"t want to follow the movies for the map. But i love the new one !!! Here's a map made by myself, it's a draw so be nice ! ^^ https://app.box.com/s/8n640uui5npgt6yd06xoxe7fsziaskl9
  6. -Cut in half up to down ! -grab a councilor by the arms , face to face and make a front kick to disarm the poor little girl and hit her to death with her own arms ! ^^
  7. Welcome ! Love your Friday the 13th story !
  8. Hi everyone ! I'm 32 years old, french, geek since .. forever !! I work with kids , and sometimes we go to camp .. Love my job ! I'm so glad to be here with you guys, to be a part of it ! Take my favorite serial killer and my favorite hobby, shake it for .. 10 months from now ? And BIM !!!!!!! Can't wait !!!
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