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  1. Shadesofjoe

    Patch Notes - 05.24.18

    The fix to Roy's hidden shift recharge nerf cannot be overstated. This really helps him become one of the more solid Jason selections.
  2. For those interested, this is the new song for the game that was featured in the recent trailer.
  3. Well I'm glad to have been wrong on this one.
  4. Hey now. There's no need for the ad hominem. I'm just pointing out that this game was rushed to release (as evidenced by the massive launch issues) in order to beat DbD to consoles, so the company has already demonstrated that it's willing to adjust its release schedule in that regard. I hope I'm wrong and it releases this week. But past results indicate that July seems a more likely scenario.
  5. I never said it was a good plan. All I'm saying is that past behavior is the strongest indicator of future results.
  6. That's just another reason for them to wait until then. That way they can rain on DbD's parade, too.
  7. I think everyone should just brace for the fact that, at this point, the most likely dropping point for the update is Friday, July 13th. *forum outrage ensues* Yeah. I don't like it, either. But that's where we're at with this game.
  8. Shadesofjoe


    The entire progression system is pretty underwhelming. There's already such a widespread difference in the utility of perks based on the realities of gameplay. When you gate the few useful perks behind RNG it just makes the game frustrating to play, sometimes. If you want your players to spend time investing in their character, then build a system that rewards time played with the option to build the loadouts they want. It would be much better if players could purchase the lowest quality version of a perk with CP and then spend CP upgrading it, imo. There should also be gameplay changes that make other perks more desirable. The easiest fix would be a change to sense that requires a full cooldown before it can be used again--just like every other Jason ability. Sense avoidance perks would immediately become more viable.
  9. I play with a really solid group of counselors, so if I can get 5/8 I'm typically pretty happy.
  10. I just hope Jason won't be able to hit a counselor on the first hit. Once the door is damaged, I think the counselor should be able to be hit if they stand too close to the door, but Jason shouldn't be hitting counselors with a single swing if the door hasn't been damaged.
  11. I'll be ok with counselors not being able to hit Jason through intact doors when Jason can't hit them through intact doors and walls... and not one second before.
  12. I'm fine with the current doorplay, but for the sake of argument there's a point that's being lost here. For many people, hitting Jason through the door isn't about getting free stuns, it's about getting free heavy attacks with a weapon (such as the axe) that can remove the mask quickly. It's a way to de-mask without having to put yourself at risk of getting grabbed. All it takes is a decent strength character with the right weapon/perks and two hits through the door means off comes the mask. That said, Jason players need to adapt to this accordingly. The first time it happens it may suck, but each time it happens after that is on you for not using the other tools is your toolbox to knock down doors without putting yourself at risk.
  13. Shadesofjoe

    Worst Jason Weapon

    I voted spear. I also wish they'd change the name on Savini's weapon. It's damn trident. Not a pitchfork.
  14. If you go into combat stance you will spin to face Jason when he comes out of his shift near you. I've seen people be quick enough to slap him every time he comes out, although I've never put a lot of effort into working on it myself. I prefer juking.
  15. Shadesofjoe

    Friday the 13th: The League

    In terms of overall standings, right now I'm leaning toward a NHL-style system where a win is two points, a tie is one point, and a loss is zero points. This eliminates the need to deal with tiebreaker scenarios outside of the playoffs.