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  1. The misunderstanding and/or willful ignorance of how game development, merchandising, and business in general work that is on display in this thread is impressive and mind-boggling all at once. I'm going to have to bow out before I pop an aneurysm trying to explain what should be plainly evident to those who care to think rationally about this issue.
  2. Your argument fails on basic premise that the lootboxes are not new content because they existed in the game prior to the June 2018 deadline. It may be a function of continuous payment, but they will not be adding new items to the lootboxes themselves. Whatever you can get out of a lootbox as of right now... that's all you will ever be able to get. Again. Lootboxes in and of themselves are not new content.
  3. Have you seen Illfonic's work? Let's be honest. They can barely handle one game at a time, much less two.
  4. No. Because the developers can't sit around with their thumbs up their butts waiting to see how this lawsuit shakes out. Illfonic still has to continue to operate. If F13 isn't going to bring them revenue, they will have to move on to another project that does. And if it just so happens more F13 can come later down the line, Illfonic will be on to their next thing and unable to just stop that and come back to F13. Come on, guys. Can we use just a little bit of critical thinking?
  5. Honestly, it doesn't make good business sense for them. They can't monetize the game right now. Period. Without a regular revenue stream, keeping Illfonic (or any other developer) on as a full-time development team is just not feasible. Illfonic no doubt will need to move on to other projects so they can keep their lights on and people paid. They can't sit around waiting and hoping that this lawsuit will be settled soon. And even when the lawsuit is settled, you can't just pull Illfonic back in. They will likely already be waist-deep in another project. Such is the nature of business. The wheel turns. Things keep moving. My guess is that there's just enough surplus revenue to keep paying Illfonic long enough to get in the fixes we need and perhaps keep dedicated servers running for a while. That's it. It's the cold, hard reality of the situation. It isn't about Gun somehow "giving up" on the community or trying to pull a fast one. It's just business.
  6. Shadesofjoe

    We're Still Here

    I'll still play this game some. And I'll be happy to play it even more if they actually fix the bugs/glitches.
  7. Shadesofjoe

    We're Still Here

    Unfortunately anything they sell for this game would be considered profiting on the Friday the 13th franchise, because they are selling content for Friday the 13th: The Game -- regardless of whether or not that content has anything to do with Jason.
  8. One of the things that makes Vanessa so good is that stealth play and high repair characters aren't really in demand because Jason can spam sense to find you and low repair characters can just re-roll the minigames until they get a favorable result. If Jason is always going to be able to find you, then obviously speed and stamina become the two most important stats to have. That said, I'd suggest these changes: 1) Change sense to have a global cooldown just like every other Jason ability. Giving Jason less "rolls" to find characters is beneficial to high stealth/composure characters and also actually makes +sense a real benefit as it will come off cooldown faster. With less chances to use sense, Jason will naturally gravitate toward characters like Vanessa who light up the map with sound pings, meaning they will spend more amount of time having to deal with Jason than stealthier characters, which I believe was the intent of the developers all along. 2) Institute a three second cooldown on re-rolling repair minigames. Counselors need to be able to disengage from repairing in order to escape Jason if he morphs to them, but the mechanic is being abused by low repair characters to get favorable wheels. By implementing a mandatory three second cooldown between attempts after you disengage, it makes the process long enough to not be optimal for low repair characters to keep "re-rolling" while simultaneously making high repair characters more desirable, as they don't need to re-roll. 3) Eating a trap (Jason or counselor) should reduce your speed by a flat percentage for the rest of the match. I'm admittedly stealing this idea from @malloymk because I think it's a good one. If you want to make traps have a real impact on the game, you have to do something with them besides causing damage, because thick-skinned and medic are making them completely trivial at the moment. By implementing a speed penalty, you still allow Vanessa to do her tank trapping, but with real consequences that disproportionately impact her and other high speed characters without being totally unfair.
  9. Shadesofjoe

    Should the Perk ,,Medic´´ get removed?

    The problem is that Medic (to a lesser degree) and Thick-Skinned (the major culprit) make Jason's traps trivial. Think about that. You're essentially negating Jason's only tool to protect objectives when he isn't there. And you're doing it without having to sacrifice a precious pocket knife. Just tank, spray, run, and come back when Jason inevitably has to go somewhere else because another objective is being contested. Right now as Vanessa with both perks I can tank two traps before I even need to spray. The only Jason that doesn't get just wrecked by that is Part 2. And even then, if you have two Vanessas loaded out like this running around, you can forget it. Your traps are worthless. If you're not in favor of making any changes to the perks, then some change has to come for the traps. I would suggest thick-skinned having no effect on trap damage as a good place to start. You eat a trap, you're crippled. Period. This alone likely won't fix the problem, but it's a decent place to start.
  10. In my private match groups, I always drop them by the car. In quick play, I never drop them.
  11. Throwing knives actually help against the speed counselors because it gives you a way to damage them from far away. Thick-skinned does mitigate some of that for sure, but they are still a valuable tool to combat speedy counselors. You are still causing some damage. Jasons who don't have access to larger repositories of knives have much less opportunity to damage those speedy counselors and the ones in that category who have -shift are at an ever bigger disadvantage because not only do they not have access to as many ranged damage tools, they also are handicapped when trying to catch fast characters. Part IV works against a fast counselor if you plan on tunneling them and not stopping until you get them. But you are sacrificing map presence at the objectives by doing that, which is a bad outcome.
  12. I'd say half past never at this point.
  13. What's interesting is that the thick skinned/speed meta is inherently in opposition to all of the things that Part IV is good at.