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  1. +1 for leaving this in game. Make it happen on the other maps as well.
  2. I won't even consider buying them unless they fix the scorecard view shortcut.
  3. I'd like to see a change to the current window environmental kill. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that being thrown through a broken/open window looks ridiculous. They should add different animations for different situations. 1: Closed window stays the same. 2: Broken window has Jason slam their face into broken shard of glass. You could even have the dead body stay there and either prevent anyone from climbing through or have a high fear penalty for climbing over a dead body. 3: Open window should have Jason slam the frame down on their head. This could also have the body stay in the window like #2.
  4. Is it just me or is the text size of players names in game really small. I can never tell who is near me. Maybe I'm too far from the TV. I wish the text was bigger or there was an option to adjust the size.
  5. Quick Match hell so far this morning. Anyone playing? Send me an invite jc-17-
  6. Anyone looking to play tonight? Adult w/ mic. Send me an invite or friend request: jc-17-
  7. Anyone have room? Send an invite please. serious player, have mic. jc-17-
  8. I have a perk for increased damage as Tommy, so I'd say whatever perks you have equipped for your counselor have to transfer over to Tommy.
  9. Send me a request: jc-17-
  10. They just need to make it so that anyone who "earns" their -1000 EXP for betrayal is fair game for others to take out and not get their own -1000 EXP. That would at least allow you to rid the match of them and not hurt your EXP gains.
  11. On now, anyone playing? jc-17-
  12. I'll be on later today looking for private matches with serious players with mics. Send me a friend request: jc-17-
  13. Looking for a game, adult, have mic: jc-17-
  14. Looking for a group, have mic: jc-17-
  15. Lfg, have mic: jc-17-
  16. Ready to play with mic: jc-17-
  17. Still looking, have mic: jc-17-
  18. I'm down for that, but I don't know the next time I'll be online. PSN: jc-17-
  19. Looking for a game now. PS4: jc-17-
  20. Totally think part 9 should have a machete. When did he ever have an axe in that movie?
  21. Looking for an invite. Just got the game and I have a mic. PSN: jc-17-
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