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  1. I have always been terrible with throwing knives. nothing to do with the new patch it is probably me
  2. do we have the game sales number for the last few months? I think that would give us the real answer
  3. so the force of nature Jason has to morph away from counselors now?
  4. fixing the game breaking glitches could work
  5. I think the knives are worthless currently honestly.
  6. I think it's terrible even against bots
  7. it has been a year and game doesn't work
  8. only thing I am not happy about is no dedicated servers after a year, the bugs, and the possibility of losing unlocked content once the servers go off any comments on those?
  9. Been hearing dedicated servers have been coming since August come on
  10. I am paranoid we may never know what paranoia mode was going to be
  11. agnes

    Mega-Patch Update?

    PS4 is unplayable online but the single player has been fine for me
  12. so they have been talking about this for like ten months now lol
  13. this analogy is beyond terrible. seriously