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  1. Dedicated servers is most important. Especially now that they are upping the level cap and at least 30% of my games end early due to host leaving or game crashing I'm all set with counselor clothing as well. Who cares about that
  2. Thanks I am on a few times a week. Brief warning I am on vacation and don't have my PS4 mic currently
  3. please fix the Jarvis map. the spawn locations for items are horrible
  4. Nope. Screw all this DLC I would trade it all for dedicated servers
  5. There is no reason to enter the two main houses at this point on that map
  6. Perfect world where everyone speaks the same language, no trolls, everyone has mic and works together - get rid of it Actual world we live in - definitely keep it
  7. And some of the worst games I've played are where I am Jenny and the last one left, check every cabin and still can't find parts with like seven minutes left. Gives no incentive to go running through the woods. Instead everyone just hides which is boring to watch and play as
  8. If everyone had a mic I would agree it's a dumb change. But most people in public lobbies don't, which make the walkies useless. I think it's a good change for quick public games
  9. I was unsure about this so just played a few public matches. It's is a huge improvement. With only twenty minutes you don't have time to run all around the woods looking for lost parts I agree about being able to turn it off in private matches though
  10. I hope he doesn't count as one of the "new jasons" on the map
  11. Between nothing happening at the two main houses, the phone always in the same spot, and the parts spread out everywhere it has become my least favorite map
  12. Yeah I agree. The phone issue is particularly bad
  13. As far as I can tell there is no reason to go into the Jarvis house or vacation house
  14. agree 100% on the eyes. And it's weird because on the Jason select screen his eyes aren't very visible