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  1. Smarter bots that don’t crash through windows toward me AI Jason multiplayer I’ve given up on
  2. Quick google search will show the numerous bugs/glitches problems, dying player base and lack of new content coming out. 99% of Jason fans have already bought the game at least once and most of that number has probably already stopped playing the game.
  3. Private matches last year on PS4 were a blast. Then people kind of dropped off and I just played with bots because I couldn't stand the host/Jason quitting and trolls in quick play. Then the last patch with the awful Jason grab ruined single player for me.
  4. They already got their money. Uber Jason isn’t going to bring in any more cash so they don’t care
  5. yeah i'm not expecting much. there is literally no reason not to tell us what they were going to be though at this point
  6. I'm guessing it was going to be something like the virtual cabin or something. Since we aren't getting them anyways, is it possible for the devs to just tell us what Lazurus Mode and Paranoia were going to be? I don't see how that would be harmful
  7. I have Savini and I think he is by far the best Jason due to his strengths. -water speed is nothing since you can just play goalie at the exit Also why I don't use him. I like the challenge of using Part 7 honestly plus he is the best looking one IMO
  8. they had to get those emote and counselor costumes out there first priorities you know
  9. host/Jason disconnects make the game unplayable. it's more tense waiting for that than being chased by Jason
  10. hate them. never use them. wish they weren't in the game
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