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  1. That's why I mentioned preventative measures for false accusations. For example, there could either be staff or players reviewing videos from the match where the player was accused. In order to encourage people to spend their time reviewing cases, XP or other rewards could be given out. I understand that reporting systems can be abused, but there are preventative measures that can be taken to minimalize false reports. Also, the punishment for teamkilling, griefing, and other trolling does not have to be a permanent ban. Possible punishments include 30 minutes to week long bans, based on the number and severity of the offenses.
  2. I think there should be a reporting system for trolls. As a counselor, I have been killed by another counselor with a shotgun for no reason. In order to prevent abuse of the reporting system, there should be a check to see if the accused player killed any counselors, where Jason was when they killed a counselor (sometimes when you shoot Jason with the shotgun, you can accidentally kill other counselors), and all reports should be reviewed by either staff or a system similar to Counter Strike's "Overwatch" system. I feel this is a much-needed feature that the game currently lacks.
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