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  1. smackdown420

    It finally happened to me

    I've had this happen several times as well. Seems that Jason can always grab me right by the finish line and the cops do nothing, but when I'm Jason and trying to do the same, I get shot and stunned by the cops.
  2. smackdown420

    Jason and the Outhouse Hiders

    The title of this thread sounds like it's the name of an 80's hair band.
  3. If you are used to playing as Part 2 Jason then this won't really bother you at all, but the -traps will kinda hurt. 3 traps is just not enough. Hopefully the +weapon and destruction will make up for the trap shortage.
  4. smackdown420

    Fair use of traps?

    This is the same thing I do. I only place the one trap unless I mess up with the placement. Then it's just replacements for traps that have been sprung.
  5. I voted for 7. I only had a few Friday the 13th movies on VHS when I was a kid and part 7 was one of them. I used to watch it all the time. I loved the zombie look.
  6. On steam it's 56 total kills.
  7. I've only been in a round where Jason has been killed once. Only 4 of us left alive at the time, including Tommy, and Jason was already de-masked. I had the only female character left alive, so me and Tommy went hunting for the shack while the other two distracted Jason. By the time we got back with the sweater, Jason had killed one of the other two that were keeping him occupied. The last guy left was able to make it over to us and I stunned Jason with the sweater and Tommy did the rest. It would be nice if the sweater assist counted for the kill achievement instead of needing to be Tommy to do the death blow. The sweater is just as important as Tommy, as you can't complete the feat without one or the other.
  8. smackdown420

    Pamela Tapes ?

    I found one about a week ago. Tape #19.
  9. Seriously, on steam you can at least report the guy for harassment. Not sure how it works on consoles.
  10. smackdown420

    Pamela Tape!

    I just found one tonight during a public match. It was on Crystal Lake map, probably close to about half way through the round when I found it. Looting the desk drawers in the tool shed on the west side of the map and there it was.
  11. Look it up, director Joseph Zito wanted to used Tommy as the next Jason. Direct quote from his interview: "I wanted to make it so that Tommy could be Jason. I wanted to make it so that Tommy could be the link into the future even if he's not Jason. I wanted to open the door to other movies, but there wasn't a strong interest by the studio to make other movies, however I did leave it open just in case."
  12. Ask a silly question, get a silly answer But in all seriousness, you have to understand the point of Roy in part 5 was just to push Tommy further over the edge into insanity since the studio wanted him to take over as Jason for the next movie, hence the whole ending scene with Tommy in the mask holding up the knife. Once they realized that was a bad idea, they decided to bring Jason back to life, by any means, which is why he got the Frankenstein revival treatment and brought back by lightning.
  13. I think I might know a thing or two about drugs
  14. This. While Roy was posing as Jason, he was able to walk through doors like Jason in rage mode and even lifted people up by the neck with one hand, which requires quite a bit of strength to pull off. Plus he was able to get up after getting hit by the tractor that Reggie drove at him. Roy was every bit Jason until the mask came off at the end.
  15. Same here. I always double check looted cabins, just in case. I can't count how many times I've gone back into places people have already been in and found key items left behind.