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  1. They trickled in over about 5 minutes, had 2 at once but there was no teamwork at all.
  2. First I hate being Jason, I like the running scared and hiding better then chasing asshole around a kitchen table. I hate rage quitters so that is not an option. I fucked around killing 1 person before the cops were called, did said table chasing for 5min, when the police arrived I used stalk and set bear traps across the whole road, killed 7/8. Luckily 1 guy had a knife, I think 5 bear traps on the road was a dick move, but I cant say I won't do it again.
  3. No doubt but, I was the only one who did any objectives. I later ended up hosting and got 5-6 good games in, so Im a happy counselor again!
  4. After the update, Ive had 5 games so far, host quit everytime.....1 game was allegedly my fault. I spawned beside Tommy call in, so I did it. Prop was in there, great prop in the boat. Then I died, 5 min later I got called back as Tommy right beside the boat and the gas. I threw it in and escaped, while I was dead 4 of the other players including the host were messing around in Tommys room didnt leave until Jason started picking them off. Somehow I am an asshole because I didnt bring anyone with me, so the host said fuck your xp and quit...... when it was jjust Jason and 1 guy left. If the xp was awarded in real time at least we'd get what we earn before douche hosts quit.
  5. Ahhh sucks when i have to watch people running out the clock on the roof. If i climb up and TK can i get back down?
  6. Finally purchased yesterday and im pretty bad but I love it. After I die can I spectate Jason? Dont seem to be able too. How do i set preffered character, on the loading screen everyone has a Jason and a counsel picked but I just have random. Is it better to hold my cp until a higher level or jusy use it as i get it? Overall love the game other then roof glitchers I have 0 complaints.
  7. Looking for ps4 players prefer with mic and patience. Psn punchyhale im usually playing around 9est.
  8. Ive been watching on twitch, and it seems ok, but its all Steam/Private matches. I have a decent laptop but not a gaming rig.
  9. Guessing, Ill wait for some patching and continue on with Farpoint!
  10. I want to grab this, huge like crazy huge fan of Jason but I am really picky about what games I buy. I have a stack of backlog just wondering how the other players are, is it still hard to find a match, do most use mics?
  11. Hi all, huge F13 fan. 4/6 easily the favs. Dont count anything after 8.
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