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  1. I believe Savini Jason counts as "DLC Content" and doesn't effect the counter for kills.
  2. This is going off my friends word, he has the badge on PC, and I've no reason to believe they'd leave out that kill.
  3. I really believe it is like any other environmental kill, but again, for console it is glitched and doesn't work. From what I saw, you grab them from the BACK of the boat to grab and drown them immediately, not too and then get a prompt to drown them
  4. I believe it is a boat kill, such as the last kill in the first movie. For console it's glitched, or very finicky.
  5. In Higgins Haven, the fence on front of the barn has a special kill
  6. There's someone on steam that has a post saying he's played about 105hours, he might have an answer. I'll get back once I get a reply
  7. I used that video as reference for myself and my list, it still missed the graveyard fence and barn fence, I think mainly cause a lot of the gameplay was in beta.
  8. so, just an update, we tried a few boat things, having the propeller on, trying to throw knives, and nothing has worked. There's likely some way to do it, but not one I have seen.
  9. I might wanna join to test a boat thing. I have an idea but my friend is wrapped up, I'll add you and we can party up
  10. My friend and I are thinking that the propeller? Like once it's attached you kill them on that before it goes/before the gas is in it
  11. I'm on ps4, and no. I haven't figured it out yet! That might be the kill I'm missing. Here's the list of environmental I have found, with some like, stipulations These are the environment ones ive found -Corner kill (desk, rock, Packanack porch) -toilet -tree stump -tree (impaling) -tree (pruning) -window -drowning -against wall (Back break) -against wall (face slam) -coat hooks -under the bed* -in the outhouse* -in a cupboard/closet* -fireplace -chair -graveyard fence -door slam -campfire -water pump -barn fence** -wall inside a cabin*** -bird bath These are all I've found in the environment. I'm not gonna lust the executions because the game does it for you, and then there's -bear trap -melee (Jason's weapon of choice) -throwing knife I saw something about killing someone IN the boat. Not by tipping it, but while they are in it, again, unsure *-may count as same kill **-could appear in maps other than Higgins Haven, I'm unsure ***- may or may not have been a misclick. Haven't retried yet
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