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  1. I don't think that the number of traps certain jasons have is the issue. The problem is that the consequences for a counselor eating traps are just not there. When a counselor spawns in with a medic spray and the 2x medic perk they already spawn in with the ability to eat 2 of your 3 traps that you get as a -trap jason. I believe the trapping system as a whole needs a rework or they need to remove the 2x medic perk so that counselors are less incentivised to eat traps. People very rarely waste their pocket knives anymore on disabling traps and for good reason. Making this change to the medic perk would have a snowball effect on the entire game as jason. If counselors arent eating traps as much because they dont have what feels like a million uses worth of sprays then they are more likely to use a pocket knife to take those traps out. A pocket knife has just been taken out of the map and now jason doesnt have to waste more time grabbing people only to get stabbed in the neck. The problem with traps in this game is not the sheer number of traps that jason has but the tankability of said traps. I feel very confident in saying that the medic perk and the frequency of medic sprays in general are the real culprit.
  2. Perks are not supposed to be something that give you a huge advantage. They are intended to be little things that give you a slight edge. The problem is that we have perks right now that are so strong that nobody picks perks like motorboating. I say nerf the perks that are just no brainer choices. Also every single counselor in the game has the potential to abuse this medic perk. I have done this myself countless times with lachappa. A skilled player can abuse this no matter what counselor you play as because at the end of the day counselors really arent that different from one another. The biggest difference that counselors have from one another is the speed at which they repair and even that isnt that big of a deal. With the game in its current state there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to not have medic as one of your 3 perks. When you look at all of your counselors and notice that medic is on every single one of them you start to notice a problem.
  3. This perk needs to be removed. Basically everyone at this point runs this perk because it is so overpowered. Normal jasons spawn in with 5 traps and if you spawn in with a medic spray and the 2x perk and then find another medic spray in a bathroom you now have enough to take out 4 out of 5 traps. That is just ridiculous. Jasons traps at this point are just a joke. People will just tank them right after jason puts them down without any consequence. I really dont understand how you can argue in support of this perk. The people that support this perk would probably support a perk where you spawn in with a pocket knife. The removal of this perk would also help with the current problem in the game of trolling jason because people would not feel an extreme sense of security.
  4. There are issues with neck seams on some counselors. Particulary Jenny and Bugsy, but all of the counselors have this issue to some degree.
  5. There is a really bad bug that involves getting out of the car on xbox one. Jason just stopped my car and when i got out i started running away and i got into a house but on everyone else screen i was just standing there next to the driver side door of the car and jason grabbed me and killed me.
  6. There is a glitch on xbox one where if jason stops a car and a counselor gets out they become glitched in a situation where they see on their screen themselves running from the car but in all actuality they are still standing right next to the car and jason can still kill them. I have noticed that on the screens of those spectating the player getting out of the car looks like he is lagging extremely bad. This may be a glitch thats results from the brief immunity they gave to counselors getting out of vehicles.
  7. When you hit delete save data are you supposed to hit delete from console or delete everywhere?
  8. A friend of mine can not even get into the game on xbox. He loads it up and right after he hits the A button to sign in it crashes to the dashboard. It continues to do this no matter how many times he tries.
  9. How do you kill deborah when she is getting ready to go out? I cannot figure this thing out for the life of me. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. I have played a few games so far and something i noticed in my first game is that there are times when an item is on the ground and you cannot pick it up. I also had the same problem but with a window i hit the A button on xbox to go through the window and my character would not go through the window. Getting hit by jason fixed both of these momentarily. Another minor thing that i have noticed is that street lights on the crystal lake map seem like they have motion sensors. The lights only turn on when you get close to them. Counselors also seem to be having trouble getting into a boat after jason has flipped the counselors out of it. As jason the only problem i have seen thus far is that a counselor became glitched under a bed and jason couldnt do anything to kill them. With all that said i am still very pleased with this update and am excited to keep on playing! Great work! The lights only turning on when you get close to them actually happens on all maps
  11. The problem with this is smart counselors generally do gang up and stick together. There is brief stun immunity for melee stuns, but what i am saying is that the stun immunity should be long enough so that if jason picks up a counselor immediately after coming out of the stun animation that counselor should not be able to be saved from another counselor. Odds are the counselors only point of staying around you after getting free from a grab is just to troll you by dancing or teabagging.
  12. I actually am a very good jason player. Maybe you are just playing against really poor counselors. I play on xbox and whenever i play in a private match with 7 extremely good counselors it is very apparent that jason is outmatched.
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