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  1. One thing i noticed is that ever since this update jenny has a seam of empty space on her neck. This is on xbox one
  2. I dont believe i have seen many people mention this, but fox's stats are different on console then they are on pc. The patch notes say that she has 7/10 strength and 6/10 repair but on console she has 6/10 strength and 5/10 repair.
  3. Im guessing you were one of the crybabies that was screaming for a nerf to jasons grab. Jason is supposed to be op. Now he is just someone that people can troll with.
  4. Yeah if people can't see whats wrong there then there is no point in trying to explain it to them
  5. Whatever you say kid. The grab range will be adjusted i can almost gaurantee you that
  6. See the jason might have actually had gotten you had there been no invisible barrier preventing him from damaging you going through the window
  7. Have you even played the game since this update? The grab distance should be reverted. Of all 3 of the recent changes this is the one that is almost universally agreed upon that needs to be changed back. No i dont suck ass as jason in fact im probably better than you are, but people are starting to just running circles around jason because he cant grab them. You have to literally be right next to them now to grab them. Such a dumb change it wasnt needed. People that prefer this grab distance are just people that suck as counselors. Before this update it wasnt too hard for me to survive and now it is laughable.
  8. All 3 of the majors changes including the grab nerf, trap nerf, and map icons need to be reverted. Things are not supposed to be an extreme challenge for an experienced jason player. There are far too many games now where 5-6 people escape. I do consider myself to be a very good jason player and this update made it so it is really difficult to kill all 8 people. That shouldnt be the case. If anyone thinks that was is happening right now is fine i urge you to go back and watch the films. Jason in all the movies either kills everyone or 1 person survives. This game was never about balance for the counselors. I used to enjoy playing counselors as well but this easy mode that has been turned on makes it no fun. No sense of accomplishment anymore when i escape. I spend most of my matches now trolling jason because i know he has no chance of grabbing me. When you go into a game and just see every counselor dancing in jasons face while he is laying on the ground you know something is wrong.
  9. Ok seriously please fix jason not being able to hit counselors going through windows. This invisible barrier right now that allows them to just get to safety is just broken.
  10. Pamela sweater is really bugged after this update we just had it where we used the sweater on jason and he just walked away as if nothing was happening and we were standing right next to him. Ruined another potential jason kill.
  11. A decent change they could make to this that would be a somewhat of a middle ground is make it so when a counselor gets the jump scare of a nearby dead body that dead body icon shows up on everybodys map. Dont just make it so the items show up on the maps or all dead bodys. You should have to have atleast somebody witness or see the dead body first.
  12. This change should be reverted. While it is nice to have this when there is no teamwork, i believe if your staying in a lobby with players that arent working together its your fault. This game is about communication and strong teamwork. If you dont work together then you shouldnt be surviving. Since this update we have seen a major increase in the amount of games that atleast 2 people are escaping. The nerfs to jasons grab, traps, and these item icons are the major reasons why. All three of these changes need to be reverted. I enjoyed playing both jason and counselors before this patch, but now its wayyyy to easy on the counselors. People have to get used to the idea that jason is supposed to be overpowered. You are supposed to feel a sense of accomplishment when you escape. That feeling is completely gone now
  13. I would argue they also need to revert the change they made to make dropped items appear on all counselors maps. This is just dumb because it completely gets rid of the fun searching for the item you need. Odds are now people will come across everything really early in the match and even if they dont want to take the item with them they will just pick it up and drop it instantly so it shows everyone where its located. signed
  14. This isnt a new issue but i would like to see firecrackers get fixed. I cant tell you how many times i have thrown firecrackers down and jason just walks right through them and kills me and no he isnt already stunned.
  15. Another issue that we ran into is not being able to use the sweater when trying to kill jason. The girl with the sweater spammed the button while in front of jason and it wasn't activating