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  1. I forgot to ask what does the perk with a picture of a dagger do I haven't seen that one
  2. Probably but it wouldn't be a bad idea to add it though, because the med spray perk does it.
  3. My apologies he had the slugger perk that spawns you with a bat that does increased damage, there's also a perk that spawns with you with first aid spray and gives you multiple uses, and a perk that spawns you with firecrackers with and increased range. But I think it might exist I'm not sure but here's a link where a few others were discussing this: But before I seen this link I also heard that it spawns you with a pocket knife and gives you two uses of it.
  4. I agree with you about it being a waste of time smashing the a button and the limited amount of pocket knives. But there are many firecrackers and there is also a perk to start you with some and one to start you with a pocket knife as well. I am listening and I'm understanding your frustration but your only looking at it from the counselors perspective and not Jason's for example there has been several games where me and my friends have found all the parts to fix the car or boat and escape in, I think my fastest time is, 3 min. 27 sec. Also there has been several games where the fuse to repair the phone box and call the cops is in the house with the phone itself so that instantly cuts your time from 20 min. instantly to 5 min. so in some situations you need to be able to get that quick kill off. But you won't be able to do that if you constantly have to keep chasing the same counselor.
  5. Again you can get out of it pocket knives or throw down firecrackers as soon as he shifts and stand in them or make sure your with other counselors and they can just hit him, it's not instant death like people think just takes timing of the swing trust me I've done it dozens of times.
  6. I wouldn't ask some of these guys because their probably gonna say 99% of the time lol
  7. Even if I did the average players are OBVIOUSLY not bad at the game and probably don't get shift grabbed and complaining about it.
  8. So you don't want shift grab but you prefer to increase melee range but you said it yourself if you have the thick skin perk it would basically be pointless, which the majority of the time one melee hit isn't going to cripple the counselor and slow them down anyways, and once shift has been used it has to cool down before Jason can use it again and unless the guy using Jason is one of the runners the counselor is going to get away so explain how that theory would make any sense.
  9. Most people, wow you are legit crazy person. Do you not know the meaning of the word most lol that's sad like I said many times before check your numbers before you start slinging around the "most" thing and I'm not nor do I have to go anywhere. Also I'm pretty sure I'm not speaking for myself I believe I'm speaking for the ACTUAL FANS and majority of the people who don't want a FANTASTIC game ruined.
  10. Since you can't understand I'll slow it down for you ok T H I S T H R E A D I S A B O U T T H E S H I F T G R A B. Read the original post and I read your other post as well and I'm finally seeing what you and others are saying. To sum it all up you guys are basically mad at Jason for doing his job by killing you, and since he doesn't hold you long enough for you to get away or a friend to save you, which in turn leads to your death your upset. So basically what your saying is your upset for Jason doing HIS JOB. I mean do your research and go watch the films and please tell me how many times Jason just holds a counselor without instantly killing them or holds a counselor while someone tries to help, do that then come back to me. Also if you bother reading I'm not telling you to leave the forum you have every bit of a right to be here and state your opinion just as I, I'm saying you can leave the game and play something else if it's THAT BIG OF A DEAL TO YOU.
  11. Ha that's absolutely false the counselors shouldn't be getting away and I'm against glitch spots and the mechanic is not broken and it does come down to skill if it doesn't then please explain to me how the games majority rarely gets caught by the shift grab and the ones that do complain huh answer me that if it's so broken it should, for the majority of the time work, right? And did you not read this forum isn't about the grab meter it's the shift grab and insta-kill but nice try I want the game to be like the movies just as the devs. stated when they started the project, and for the most part it is and we legit fans don't want others to ruin it. Don't like it as I've stated before leave and play dead by daylight or evolve. Thanks.
  12. Lol a poll of 37 people lol get out here cause yea only 37 people play this game lol I'm done with you. Your interpretation skills are terrible too btw lol garbage as in nothing important sir. You want REAL numbers go their Facebook page, their twitter page, these forums, etc. enough said.
  13. Facts speak for itself the minority support the possible nerf while us the MAJORITY, and players that are actually good at the game and don't cry over garbage stuff, are opposed to it. Don't like it leave is all I can say.
  14. Yea give a mini-game to take more time for Jason which he already has a limited amount of and what are people talking about spamming a kill what do you want him to do, oh wait let me guess have him hold you long enough for you to break free and get away, if he is able to grab you he will be able to kill you unless someone helps or you have a pocket knife. Pretty much to simplify what a minority are saying is I WANT THE GAME TO BE EASIER FOR ME CAUSE I CAN'T WIN ???
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