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  1. You cut off the last half of my sentence in that quote but I understand your point. In any case, hopefully it’s clear to everyone now what to expect. It’ll be ready when it’s ready. Fair and simple if you ask me.
  2. Yup image from MK, somebody has too much free time with photoshop.
  3. Shifty said the update is not coming out April 13th as no date had been specified. He replied to one of my posts directly clarifying this misconception everybody (including myself) had. For the time being I’m not playing F13 until this update drops. Gonna be playing Sea of Thieves probably. The beta was actually pretty fun. I need a different game to play for time being as I’ve been playing F13 since initial digital release. Haven’t played anything else and it’s starting to get old atm. More so due to connection issues making it hard to play and increasingly frustrating lately. My thoughts for everyone else is just kick back and chill if you need to. Good things are coming just have to be patient. I mean we’ve been waiting this long so what’s a little longer going to really change.
  4. Lol wouldn’t be surprised. I won’t be home anyway. My gf and I are doing the Camp NobeBosco tour of the original Friday the 13th film. Should be a lot of fun with fellow fans. Im still excited for the new updates. I’m looking forward to the bug fixes and connection issues. It’s been kind of hard to play the game regularly as of late due to constant disconnects and errors.
  5. My bad Shifty, I either imprinted that date into my mind or became confused in all the hype posts about said date. I’ll edit that out of my previous post so there is no misinformation going around. Thanks for the clarification. All of the news is very exciting. Thanks again for keeping us posted!
  6. EDIT- original question was answered by ShiftySamurai. I deleted original post since no date has been given yet for next update. ————— Will the Engine update alleviate the connection issues and dropped lobbies (not the result of host quitting) or is that a matter best suited to dedicated servers?
  7. I run the clock out most matches. Now it’s just become boring. Instead of sticking around to help complete all the objectives and call the police I tend to escape early. However, than I become bored out of my mind waiting for everyone else to die or escape. Very few put on a good show so I find myself flip flopping between running the clock out and flat out escaping. At least I make it interesting for those spectating rather than hide under a bed for 20 minutes (I’m not saying that you do that I’m just speaking in general).
  8. The moment you realize everybody’s dead, nothing has been fixed, and Jason has skills ??.
  9. That kid is scarier looking than Jason unmasked. I apologize if this is a clip of your kid if that is the case than I retract my previous statement as she is but the ugly goose that will blossom into a beautiful swan.
  10. One can only hope, right. I’m on Xbox one and the game has the worst lag spikes and frame rate drops. I don’t understand how this is even a thing. No other game I own has such consistent issues. Granted many other games have their own unique problems but sadly this game has had chronic issues since release. Even if connection issues and the like persist at least dedicated servers will eliminate the host problem. I love being Jason just to have the host quit because they believe every objective part belongs to them. Better still, the hosts that quit because they stepped into their own bear trap killing themselves. The list goes on and on.
  11. How about a solid connection to the game servers that doesn’t drop constantly or hosts that quit en masse? I almost don’t even care about the other problems atm except maybe the car bug and Jason interaction lock. I can’t play in a match with lag spikes to 900ms every other match or connection drops and it definitely isn’t an issue with my ISP. This game lags like crazy anymore and crashes almost as often as the early days with the horrendous memory leak that still rears it’s head every now and again. Dont get me wrong, I’m super excited about the new engine and other improvements already mentioned but the game is very hard to play due to the inconsistent quality of matches via poor connections. The dedicated servers will end the host quitting plague thank god but it won’t fix everything. I have hopes for the future but I’m not going to let myself get too excited until I see the results.
  12. Sorry for double post but if I’m Chad and I fixed everything myself and nobody has made an effort to assist or complete any other objectives... than I’ll just take the four seater by myself to the exit and they can figure out how to survive. Can’t say how many times I’ve repaired the phone and than of course everyone stops trying to repair anything. They either camp the exits or just wait out the timer. I’ve started to stop fixing the fuse box anymore just to watch people squirm. They don’t do anything and expect a free ride out or don’t think twice about leaving on their own when you fix an objective so let them duke it out themselves. s for the win!!
  13. Story of my life, this happens all the time. As others have said this is how quick match plays the majority of the time. I cant count the number of times I have done literally everything as Chad from one match to the next. Tommy’s that don’t do anything or attempt to escape as soon as possible. Some even carry the fuse or objective parts with them. Repair characters that hide all match. Hell, I have had just as many matches where Jason had blinders on and I give him the run around for 10-15 minutes and not a single person has fixed anything. Most of the time all of the other counselor’s are huddle together in the same cabin with Tommy lol. I may get frustrated some times but it doesn’t really bother me as much as it used to. I like to play cat and mouse with Jason to test my metal each match. Sadly, many Jason’s are extremely bad and can barely catch a LaChappa.
  14. Don’t feel too bad man. Have two shit days in a row. Yesterday I had ridiculous, intermittent lag spikes. Was about to place a crucial trap at four door and it lagged teleporting me near a cabin some 50ft away and placed my trap near a wall. That match the car got away after my shift bugged out and locked me into the fence. Today I had a crew of experienced counselor’s except their experience amounted to exploiting chain stains time and time again. It was extremely frustrating, several escaped, it happens.
  15. Sorry, but no shift grab is used by many and an important tool in Jason’s arsenal. Unless the devs come out and say it wasn’t intended, it’s gone; I don’t believe it should go anywhere. And you can’t fault all Jason players for the actions of the few that use head punch and choke with every grab kill. Head punch was my favorite kill straight out of the movies but so many people used it time and time again. I stopped using it ages ago because it lost its prestige so to speak.
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