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  1. No, if they had a clear shot they’d stun me and of course I’d drop the counselor. Of course if I tried it, even if I shot Jason in the foot, the counselor would die.
  2. I do miss grabbing counselor’s and using them as a human shield while they’re friend tries to Billy the Kid em free.
  3. Remember Chads face before they fixed it..
  4. Perhaps drink some more milk for that vitamin D. Item spawns are nonsense right now but I bet you they’ll be fixed in next patch.
  5. How do you scare counselor's?

    Hiding under the bed as Jason and speaking in tongues. But seriously morphing ahead of a counselor on the run and stalking into the the cabin ahead of them. Waiting out for their arrival. As others have said, waiting behind unlocked closed doors in this way is always a sure thing.
  6. But my real name is Jason and my mother really likes her sweaters; therefore, it must be a lifestyle. I was once told in a previous life I drown in a lake.
  7. Where is everybody from...

    Good ole New Jersey and no we are nothing like those asshats from The Jersey Shore. They were from Staten Island, New York. Nobody talks like that here.
  8. @GunMedia_Ben, just wanted to say thank you for providing us with some feedback. As others have already stated it is good to hear from you and have discussion even if you can not disclose a great deal of information. And as Alkavian said it’s nice to have you come in and shoot the shit with us because we get to see you on the forums and interact with you. I can probably understand with the multitude of individuals following you any presence results in a barrage of angry players and/or directed questions but I’m sure that would die down some if we received more input from you guys. And what I mean is simply coming in now and again and speaking with us. I know that’s not your job and time is money but now and again couldn’t hurt. In either case I’m excited to see any future changes/additions to the game. I’m sure everyone is and has been hard at work. I know I’ve been vocal at times but a lot of the frustration from the forum and abroad is from a love of the franchise even if it’s gets pretty ugly at times. Keep up the work, don’t be afraid to swing by more often, and looking forward to “soon.” (That was a joke btw)
  9. I was in a lobby with bunch of kids like that. There were four of us in total. They were all bitching I didn’t ready up. I said you really want to do this with only three counselor’s? They said yeah! Okay so I hit start. I wasn’t Jason but within first few minutes two were dead. I had fixed a car and called in tommy so a player came back. Jason decided to focus tommy who died so I escaped in car lol. Quick n easy XP
  10. Lol, just finished a match where host quit. There was a bunny Deborah and her two pals. The Deborah kept calling me trash and taunting me. Soon there after she got stalk-shift slashed and than thrown out a window. I said, “Well, I guess you’re done talking shit now.” But of course get down to last two counselor’s and second last is the host. He was talking shit earlier too and I limped him. Wouldn’t let him use his medspray after two attempts and than he croaked. And than... you guessed “You were kicked by host.” Would be nice to finish a match once in a while.
  11. The devs don’t communicate with us as often as they used to. I appreciate that Shifty actually acknowledged current issues that most of us have been griping about for some time. However the interaction/responses are sparse. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this but it would be nice to have more communication with them. But seeings how forums are “out dated” and social media is the new millennial buzz for all things insta-gratification we don’t get as much here as we would like.
  12. Thing is I actually prefer to play against players like that Chad. I enjoy being challenged by someone who knows what their doing and becomes a battle of strategy and wits. I can handle being outsmarted or outplayed. It’s great to have a good match but pisses me off beyond belief if you’re gonna be an asshat about it.
  13. Th game is messed up. I’m not sure which gets on my nerves more: the connectivity issues or the numerous bugs/balance problems.
  14. Had my first match a couple days ago where a Chad healed himself about 11 times. I’ve had my run of the mill, since last patch gave counselors abundant resources, but this was the first time one of them has managed to cop that many heals. It was certainly frustrating and I probably would have gotten over it end of match if the guy didn’t shit talk me afterward. Went on to say how I’m such trash for slashing and that I should have grabbed him. I grabbed him twice and of course both times he had a knife. Each time i gimped him he healed it off. He had experience and knew Jason’s weaknesses and how to conserve stamina. Nothing I haven’t dealt with before except each cabin he looped through had a medspray and he was running medic. I probably should have attempted more shift grabs but I ate plenty of knives from counselor’s earlier in the match and he hit me with two and was able to get into cabins time and time again and collect resources, healing off knives and broken windows, melee strikes. Extremely frustrating especially hearing him talk a load of shit. I told him Counselors are strong right now with far too many resources. It’s way too easy for anyone with experience to kite Jason all match; I do it all the time. Last night had three hosts quit because they couldn’t take the “L”. One jumped through a window some 8 times to commit suicide. I just laughed as if it’s hurting me. I’m nearly level 140. I’ve done it all and whopping 1,300 or so XP from one match doesn’t amount to how much the guy is actually stripping from himself and everyone else in the lobby.
  15. Jason is a freaking joke.

    Hey, I’m still all for throwing a weapon if it could be implemented correctly. Anything that gives Jason more cool shit to do without breaking the game. Unfortunately I doubt it could be put in without breaking something.