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  1. Funny thing about it is my mom and I where staying up late, and watching AMC. After friday the 13th part 3 I got super into horror movies, and have been addicted ever since!
  2. Not going lie I would love to see a Jason X costume, and map in this game. It would definitely add more variety, and I think it would just be fun to kill teenagers on a space ship. I would also kind of like to see something similar to Jason goes to Hell if Jason gets killed, and a Freddy Krueger hand comes out of the ground, and grabs his mask.
  3. So I'm not good at introductions, but my name is Trenton I'm twenty years old, been a Friday the 13th fan for years, my first movie was part three at around the age of thirteen. I love horror movies, and games. When I found out about this game I was extremely happy, and could barely believe it was real. If anyone has any forms of questions about myself feel free to ask.
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