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  1. I don't even believe that the salt mines exist, not for pc players anyway. I have seen no reduction in the amount of Jason players quitting during play.
  2. The Salt Mines actually exist. Either that, or the developers have made the price to get in/stay in way, way, way too high. Over the weekend I have had multiple Jason's quit and still see these same players again shortly afterwards in other lobbies. Anyone else seeing this?
  3. You...... Yes you! You have forgotten what it is like to feel hunted. You have forgotten what it is to feel helplessness. You have forgotten fear. But you will remember. Oh yes you will. Very soon now you will remember that you are nothing more than meat for the grinder.........
  4. Hi all, I purpose that Jason's Trap System is overhauled to work like his knife system. I would like to see the system modified so that Jason can either find new traps to add to his inventory (example old traps laying around wooded areas, etc) or give him the option to pick up bear traps in counslor cabins that were not used by players. To prevent abuse of this system make all Jasons start with the same number of traps (suggested 3 or 4) and make all traps a one time use so that after they are set up they will be not available for futher use (if Jason or a player sets a trap it should be final and not reuseable). This will encourage players to use traps wisely or run the risk of Jason getting more to use against them. This could also help counter the 7 to 8 knives that are spawning for players in the game to help balance gameplay. Others please share your thoughts on this purposed change. Other suggestions also welcomed. Thanks.
  5. But you already can disable a trap without a pocket knife. Just step in it, med spray, and repeat.
  6. I think part of the reason Friday the 13 the game isnt as scary as it could be is due to the Jason theme music you hear whenever he is near you. Its hard to be scared when you automatically know hes nearby. I suggest a change to where you dont hear the theme music unless you or another nearby character (distance to be determined) can actually see Jason and upon seeing him the music starts up and continues until you lose sight of him. This would also free up Stalk so that the devs could give Jason a new power in the future if they decided to do so. What are yalls thought on this?
  7. If you glitch or exploit hopefully you get recorded and reported. If you get reported hopefully you get banned (lifetime). If you get banned hopefully you go away and we never see you again. Moral of the story, dont try to do anything that you shouldnt normally be allowed to do in this game (advanced tech or what not).
  8. Animation canceling is total bullshit and often the cause of shitty / buggy programming. Poor ESO is still dealing with this problem today because rather than fix the game (recode it) they took the easier route and decided to claim it as an unattended game feature. Patch your game to make it work as intended, dont let outsiders decide how your game will run.
  9. Thank you Developers for standing up for the ones who enjoy and want to play the game correctly. For the glitches and soon to be banned for purposely abusing others I leave this here for you.... https://youtu.be/pbIR51_J_qY
  10. I heard one of the tapes is in the Virtual Cabin that most of us dont have access too. Makes me wonder if you can even find them without access to that place? Level 54 here and I havent seen one either.
  11. Also another great idea that was posted was that Jason should have the ability to move/use dead counselors like he does in the movies to inspire fear in others. Think how fun (or scary) it would be to try to hide under a bed or in a cabinet and open it up to see another dead body in there. It could be used like traps for inside a house to control hiding spots and make others give thier locations away.
  12. Hi all, before I start I want to acknowledge that I know that some of these ideas have been suggested in other posts. I also want to acknowledge that I have no idea what process this game has gone through in the Alpha phase and Beta phase of development. That being said I hope this post can be used in a constructive way to provide feedback to the Developers of the game and as a way to look some of the current game mechanics. Part I: Counselor Game Mechanics: A. Currently I don't feel like the game provides enough in the way of terror for a survival horror game. I understand that some of the perks let counselors start with a radio and a map, and I am ok with that. What puzzles me is why do we immediatley know the exact location of counselors once we aquire a map? That just makes no sense to me and removes some of the suspese of being alone and the relief of finding other survivors. What I suggest is that no counselor knows the location of another unless that can actually see each other in the game. Also I believe that the flare gun should have two purposes: 1. One to stun and mark Jason (like it already does). 2. To be used to actually mark your location on the map for others to see (like they are actually used for in real life). B. Some one else already recommended this idea but I thought it was worth listing again. There are multiple fire extinguishers in the game. Let them become interactable in such a manner that they can be used as a way to temporarily confuse and disorient Jason (he's sense ability doesn't work for x amount of seconds). Part II: Jason Game Mechanics: A. I am fine with how Jason's abilities currently work, however I would suggest a small change. First of all let Jason gain the stalk ability first, not morph. Second let him gain the sense ability. Third the Morph ability and last the shift ability. This will let the counselors have more time to find each other and items before encountering Jason. Also do not start Jason in his mother's shack. Leave him at the starting location by the fire when the match starts. Why would Jason kill only to immediately leave the area when there are others still nearby? I hope others leave constructive feedback here and we can make this post a way to suggest how changes can make this game scarier and better that it already is. Thanks for your time.
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