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  1. The directions of the emotion wheel itself with the left stick are inverted.
  2. I cannot select new costumes it says "Requires DLC. Select to open store." When I click on that nothing happens. Another thing is with the emotion wheel. The input directions are inverted WTF. I am on PS4.
  3. Tommy always spawns with a walkie and map in his invertory (if there's no glitch).
  4. I'm using A.J., and I being spotted first alot. Spawning close to the car, going into the closest house (jogging of course), I don't locking the door, then Jason's music starts, he puts traps near the car. I just staying behind walls, or corners, so Jason can't see me, but then I constate he's comin into my house... Then I just: "wtf I just spawned, have zero fear, have high stealth, how the hell Jason sniffed me..." So I don't understand the game's mechanic sometimes.
  5. No it wasn't muted, you can see the indicator when I'm talking.
  6. I don't think so, but I'll check my recording later to be 100% sure.
  7. I spawned as Tommy before, and had no walkie talike, and I couldn't pick up one either.
  8. I saw on pictures they had some abilities in the beta (or alpha?). Idk why it has been scrapped.
  9. I'm at max level, so gaining or losing xp doesn't matter for me.
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