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  1. Just got a free beta code for dead by daylight. It's fun right now but you can tell it's not going to last. The whole game feels like it's been slapped together to beat F13 out of the gate. The game is getting decent press because the dev's are handing out beta codes to high profile streamers like they were candy. Overall, the level design is random and uninspiring, the characters are pretty shallow and there's fun to be had....for now. Like some others have mentioned, there's not a lot of depth to the game. I'll say there's some interesting addons you equip that can change the way the game works (slightly). When the game comes out on the 14th, there's 2 more killers and 2 more levels to be revealed. we'll see if the game continues to be in the top 10 on twitch...
  2. I'm kinda bummed. I was excited about the premise and the "PT" feel to what videos I was able to watch. I was bummed when the KS was canceled, then happy to hear it was canceled due to Team 17 picking it up. Now i'm just confused. They were hiring people in Feb, they put out that update that showed some of the forest areas...it seemed like the game was moving along. Team 17 isn't a huge producer, but I would think they could have helped any issues the devs had. I wonder if this is really the end, or another move like we saw with the KS? Hopefully the announcement tomorrow will shed light on what's been going on.
  3. Make sure anybody that has it does a backup of their hard drive! If your HD craps out you'll be able to download your other digital content, but PT is gone for good. I have a copy on my original PS4's hard drive, when i upgraded to 1TB. I also wanted to share this with you all, it's a student re-creation of the PT hallway: http://jedlondo.itch.io/punity it looks pretty close to PT, and it's free to download!
  4. well, the 32bit max integer is 2147483647, but i wonder how high you could really go?
  5. I just wanted to stop by and let you know that Cinemaware is in the processes of releasing the genesis version: http://desert.cinemaware.com/ You can sign up to be notified when pre orders are open!
  6. I'm 119 hours into fallout 4 right now. I have about 14 different missions going on right now, and i keep getting distracted by the settlements! I'll drop off some items at one place, and realize the defense is a bit low. I tinker around with things and add some turrets, then i realize i need some additional parts. off to another settlement! I pick up the parts i need, but some additional people have showed up and now there's not enough beds & rooms! 3 hours later, i realize i'll eventually get to those missions...
  7. Tommy, I also backed at the $140 level, before the steelcase sold out! I'm hoping the credits are sorted alphabetically. My IRL name is Jason, so usually there's not too many of us however i feel with this game there's going to be more than a few...
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