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  1. Jasonlives4ever

    This Track never made the cut?!

    Would have been real nice to have this eerie ass track play on potential new maps like Forest green or the Shepard residence.
  2. Jasonlives4ever

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    a pocketknife in the gazebo still can't be picked up on one of the crystal lake maps please fix that in the next patch!
  3. Jasonlives4ever

    Latest patch broke game on ps4

    Try getting out of the application and going back in if it takes more than two minutes to find a game.
  4. Jasonlives4ever

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    I tried to hit Jason with my weapon after i got out of the car and i couldn't swing only when i completely dropped the weapon could i regain the swing motion. Its happened a few times already after this new update. I'm glad they added back the mom's crazed laughter and the extra loading screen pictures. Now can we add back body shielding so Jason can counter someone trying to hit him from behind?!
  5. God i hope he's right about Victor and Sean cuttting a deal within the next 30 days. If they do I feel the developers will continue with new content but if this drags on for another 6 months to 2 years it's basically over.
  6. Jasonlives4ever

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    This might speed up the process to end the legal battle once and for all. The success of Halloween will now make everybody and their grandma want to make a Friday the 13th movie to piggyback on recent success of Halloween. Someone like Lebron James can use his stardom and riches to influence both parties to cut a deal and move forward with the franchise. Plus Larry Zerner made a post recently showing how optimistic he is that a deal will be made soon after Halloween's dominance over the weekend! By the way i saw the movie on Saturday. It was a solid 8 1/2. Definitely better than those stupid Rob Zombie remakes that's for sure lol!
  7. Jasonlives4ever

    Horror Inc Files Appeal

    Damn these two greedy fuckers just couldn't reach a settlement for the goodness of the franchise. They just had to drag this out longer while we, the fans pay the price! Just for this i really I hope Sean loses the appeal and whatever percentage of the franchise he owns. That's the very least that he deserves for ruining this franchise.
  8. I'm banking on this new Halloween movie being a big hit this weekend. That should hopefully give enough motivation for both parties to get back to the table to cut a deal. I really am fiending for new maps, clothing and kills packs, Jason X and even new music!
  9. I think Jason is pretty fine the way he is, however adding back the body shielding he could do before with the counselor after he picks them up will help him a great deal against groups attacking him.
  10. Jasonlives4ever

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Some more good news! According to Larry Zerner, Sean and Victor both have to come to a deal if they ever want to make another Friday the 13th movie because Sean has the rights to the franchise in the foreign markets. While Victor has the US rights. No movie company will release a movie franchise like this in only one market it has to be both domestic and foreign! So a deal has to be made! let's hope cooler heads prevail on this one and an agreement can come sooner than later.
  11. Jasonlives4ever

    Victor Miller Wins Lawsuit!

    Holy shit this is great news! I really needed it to. I pray that Sean accepts this and makes a fair deal between him and Victor. If not, Sean is going to get a lot of hate if he drags this on. I have a feeling Gun knew a verdict was coming soon, that's why they gave us the dedicated servers this month, hired a new team and they are promoting the game for free next month on PS plus.
  12. You talk a good game I'd love to see you in action. Are u on PS4?
  13. yeah i miss seeing those other alternate load screens with the cool art work. it gets boring watching the same load screen all the time. Also for some reason they haven't commented on why Pamela's laugh is no longer in the game hopefully someone will give us an answer soon on that one.
  14. She still talks but no laugh. I'm assuming this is a ps4 glitch because PC users haven't complained about this. I give the devs props for finally giving us dedicated servers but they really need to stop adding new glitches with each update. This should be a hot fix hopefully we don't have to wait 2 months from now to get a new update.
  15. Yep same here i used to check the map also whenever i went through a window. You also forgot Pamela's laugh is missing now. What i wanna know is this a ps4 glitch or is the same thing happening on the PC?