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  1. Jasonlives4ever

    Questions About Future Content

    This is the worst news possible, so even if they make a ruling in the near future you aren't going to add any new content whatsoever? Lol you guys really are dumb if you think moving on from this game is going to be good business for you. Hardly anyone is going to buy any future projects you release. Your name has been tarnished forever. The only reason we put up with your bullshit like the glitches, bugs and broken promises is because we love the Friday the 13th franchise that much! If you try pulling anything like you did here with future projects you can kiss your company goodbye you simply won't last. Essentially, you didn't just put the nail in the coffin for your Friday the 13th game but also your companies as a whole, you just don't know it yet.
  2. That's awesome, glad i'm not the only one that does this tradition.
  3. To answers ops questions I'm just gonna binge watch Friday the 13th movies like i always do on that date while praying for a swift resolution to this whole mess.
  4. Yeah a golden opportunity that's going to be missed. It would have been a perfect time to give us more maps and Jason X. Cunningham should be complaining to the judge right now that he needs a swift decision because he's losing out on more money the longer this drags on.
  5. Jasonlives4ever

    Time for Sean S. Cunningham to cut a deal!

    It appears I jumped the gun on this one. i didn't have all the information and apologize. I found this excerpt from a book called, "On location in Blairstown, The making of Friday the 13th" which was posted in another thread. Victor shouldn't get a dime more as far as I'm concerned and I regret saying Cunningham should make a deal when it turns out he already did in 1988! Cunningham shouldn't give in this time around and I just pray the judge makes a swift decision in his favor.
  6. Wow there it is proof in the pudding thanks for posting this. Victor as far as i'm concerned shouldn't get a dime more.
  7. Whoa that previous settlement I didn't know about. That changes everything for me if this is true. No way in the world should Cunningham make another deal with Miller if they already made one years ago. No wonder Cunningham isn't budging this time around. Seems like greed got the best of Miller especially if he's hurting for money these days.
  8. Jasonlives4ever

    Time for Sean S. Cunningham to cut a deal!

    Exactly my point if they can work this out then they both can come away making millions and if Cunningham wants to save his franchise then why not be the one to step up and negotiate a deal. Victor isn't asking to take over the entire franchise if that was the case then of course Cunningham shouldn't give in but i believe if you can give Mr. Miller a cut of what he thinks he deserves then both parties can walk away satisfied. It's either that or we have a stagnant franchise that won't be going anywhere in the foreseeable future and Cunningham misses out on making potential milllions more.
  9. Jasonlives4ever

    Time for Sean S. Cunningham to cut a deal!

    Lol wow you wrote a whole essay for me. You're right i don't know the ins and outs of the movie business but i know one thing a judge isn't going to come to a decision anytime soon. I just gave my opinion on what i think is fair. My point is if we want this settled anytime soon then it's going to be up to Cunningham to come to the table and start negotiating a deal if he wants his beloved franchise to have any future.
  10. Jasonlives4ever

    Time for Sean S. Cunningham to cut a deal!

    We've all been hard on Victor Miller for wanting a piece of the pie of the franchise that he helped create but if he truly only received $9,500 up to this day for his creative contribution to the original Friday the 13th, then that's pretty messed up! I think it's time for Sean S. Cunningham to do the right thing and cut a deal with Mr. Miller. He should be compensated for his work that he was involved in only for the original movie. I think that 50% of all the proceeds from that movie should go to him. Hopefully Victor would accept that offer as being fair and the devs could finally get back to delivering the best Friday the 13th game that they possibly can. We simply can't depend on or wait for a judge to make a ruling that may take years. If Sean truly cares about the fans and wants to see this game be as successful as it can be then he needs to be the one to initiate a deal!
  11. I suspect by Christmas it'll probably be around 20 dollars. If somehow this case is settled by then maybe they'll keep it around $30.
  12. Jasonlives4ever

    If you were the judge...

    I know it wouldn't take me two years to decide first off. Second i would rule that Miller receive residuals or royalties from only the original Friday the 13th and nothing else after that.
  13. Jasonlives4ever

    Happy Birthday Jason!

    Happy Birthday Jason! Lol nice to see a fellow gemini become such a great legend after all this time.
  14. So now according to Larry Zerner we are waiting on some judge to make a ruling on whether Miller should receive money for future Friday the 13th content? Why the hell is this judge dragging his feet on this lawsuit? I wish Sean would have made a deal with him that stated since he was a part of the writing process of the original Friday the 13th movie, that he would only get paid from that movie alone but not any future content that he wasn't directly involved in. To me that would have been fair and hopefully Victor would have agreed also. However, now we are waiting on some douchey judge to make a ruling that should have been made along time ago.
  15. It really is a frivolous and bogus lawsuit. He's just trying to milk as much money as he can while not giving a fuck about how that affects the millions of fans who poured their hearts into this franchise. I pray for a miracle that his lawsuit somehow gets overturned.