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  1. Nice so within the next two weeks they may settle! Let's pray that they do. We need new content ASAP! I know the devs say they won't do anything new but trust me they will once they see how big the demand will be for them to continue!
  2. Nice interview of Victor Miller giving his side of events. It sounds like there are talks of a settlement happening but who knows how long that can take. It sounds like there's a lot to divide up. Victor just wants his fair share of the pie so he can pass it on to his family when he dies which is obviously the smart thing to do. He really does seem like a nice guy overall. I hope it works out for him and for us fans so we can get some new movies or maybe even new content. Thanks for posting!
  3. Trust me if there is a settlement reached there will be new content the demand and pressure they will feel will be too great for them not to. However, maybe Wes has some inside info that Sean is going to refile the appeal. If that's the case then I understand why he bluntly said it like that. Hopefully we don't have to wait long to find out.
  4. So now we have to pray a settlement is reached within days if not another appeal will destroy any hopes of new content according to Slash N Cast!
  5. God i pray you're right about this I've been praying for new content every single day. This game is far from dead as far as I'm concerned. Where did you see this info so I can see it for myself. I really don't want to get my hopes up yet.
  6. I would add the lawsuit to the list of things that ruined the game. Two old men fighting over money they will never get to spend much of really doomed this game from the get go.
  7. Both of you made great points. A lot of people feel the same way you do.I get the rage factor needed tweaking but they could have simply increased his swing strength and also added back in body shielding to counter multiple attackers. Also like the guy from Slash n cast said you now feel a lot more confident playing as Jason because you know once rage kicks in killing the counselors becomes a slaughter without really trying to. The challenge to kill a skilled counselor as the match comes to an end is no longer there.They will see the consequences of this new patch in a few weeks when more and more people learn about this rage invulnerability and either stop playing altogether are just rage quit or commit suicide on the regular. Then we'll see how fun it is for the rest of them.
  8. Body shielding and increasing his swing strength in rage mode would have been enough to balance things. However i wouldn't be too upset if they made Tommy and the lone survivor the only ones that could stun a raged Jason. I bet they wouldn't want to do that though because it would actually take some work to do. The devs always seem to take the easy way out.
  9. They will realize their major f up when they see the dramatic decrease in numbers playing in the coming weeks. Maybe they don't care if the player base dwindles down because of their new crappy projects they're working on. Anyway I can tell you that I won't be playing this on the regular like i used to do. I probably will stop playing altogether in the next few weeks myself. It's such a shame how a great game can be damaged by giving in to whiny fans.
  10. Well it depends on if your a Jason player or counselor. Its now on easy mode for those that weren't good Jason players before this patch. As for the counselors it's now on hard mode. The middle ground or balance hasn't been reached yet and I don't think it ever will be with the devs continually catering to their whiny fans.
  11. All the devs had to do to balance the game was to first bring back body shielding and then make his swing stronger in rage mode. This would have taken care of the multiple attacker scenario for the most part. They could try it in the beginning but once he starts chopping limbs off trust me, the others would start to flee. Making Jason too strong in rage simply takes the fun and challenge out of the game. It really feels like your playing it now on easy mode when your Jason and it just shouldn't feel that way.
  12. All over social media like facebook groups and reddit you have people complaining about this rage invulnerability. Some of you praising this change need to stop this crap about you're suppose to only escape from Jason. You do realize he was killed in the movies right. There are different ways to play the game not just one way. Stop dictating how we should play it. I don't always look to kill Jason but sometimes I may try. Sometimes i may also try to escape or just survive the night solo. It basically depends on the the unique situation of each game. Right now there may be an increase of players because naturally people will be curious to play the new update to see what it's like. But once they realize what they can't do after rage is initiated the player base will decrease. I give it a couple of weeks before you see the effects of these changes especially if they don't fix the killing Jason part.
  13. Or it just sounds like you weren't good enough to catch them even though the devs were holding your hand.
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