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  1. Good they did the right thing they knew they had to fix this fast or it would only have gotten worse for them. They were getting a lot of negative feedback on twitter for instance.
  2. Exactly it literally is false advertisement if we aren't getting these new kills. Please devs fix this ASAP by either making a new trailer or quietly releasing the new kills the same way you did for the part 2 kill pack! Leaving it like this just can't happen!
  3. Please make a new trailer if we aren't going to get these new kills. Seeing these new kills just rubs it in even deeper!
  4. Jasonlives4ever

    Still Undefeated

    I'm sorry man like i said if you truly have never been killed it's one of the reasons i stated already . If you're on ps4 give me your psn name and we'll see how good you really are.
  5. Jasonlives4ever

    Still Undefeated

    lol i bet most of you saying you've never been killed as Jason either rarely plays as him, hides when the mask comes off or quits before you're killed. I could be undefeated too if i did those things.
  6. Jasonlives4ever

    Legendary Perks

    hmm not sure i fully understand but if it keeps working for you don't stop doing it that way.
  7. Jasonlives4ever

    Legendary Perks

    That's incredible that you got so many already. Go ahead tell us what is your trick?
  8. It's now working again for me on ps4. By the way Happy Friday the 13th everyone!
  9. Yeah I'm experiencing the same thing i did last night. It keeps coming up as an error check to verify your internet connection.
  10. It's back to normal now i just played 2 matches straight.
  11. Getting the same message too. Earlier I was hosting with only one person in my session. Maybe dedicated servers are finally arriving after all! It would be a great Friday the 13th gift!
  12. I know the devs must be kicking themselves in the ass right now knowing they could have put out more content in those 3 months but instead wasted those precious months on an engine upgrade that didn't really improve much. Right now they could be working on the engine upgrade and nobody would be mad at them. I just keep praying there's some resolution to this or some loophole they find that can allow them to resume content. I really want this game to continue on!
  13. Jasonlives4ever

    Soggy butt girl?

    Wow I didn't even notice these pieces of artwork were taken out. Not sure what the reasoning behind that is but i would rather have more variety of pics to look at while i'm looking at the loading screen. Please reinstate these pics if you can GUN!
  14. Glad you guys now know about this problem but how long will it take for you to fix it is the real question?
  15. Jasonlives4ever

    Patch Notes - 07.03.18

    You guys got rid of too many first aid sprays and I'm not talking about the extra ones before this patch. I'm talking about ones i use to get in the bathrooms of certain cabins not being there anymore.