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  1. seems like the steam charts are working against your train of thought : F13 : http://steamcharts.com/app/438740 DBD: http://steamcharts.com/app/381210 i like F13 more than DBD (havent even touched dbd for more than a year now) , but it seems the steam charts dont lie... DBD has the average of F13s all time peak in terms of players. Does that mean its a better game? Certainly not, but it certainly is more popular it seems.
  2. Increase Jason’s rage , emotes use stamina (dancing uses the most), tea bag grabs that are interactive “press this button then that button” so as to shred the limbs off of your opponent tea bagging too close (special kills) , make high fear counselors unable to emote . Pick one or all there Illfonic , were ready for your game to have some ACTUAL IMMERSION for once .
  3. Pretty sure I saw a savini using some sort of cheat the other day ; he morphed over 8 times in the first 7 minutes , exactly to each counselor and killed all of us , then killed the last one after another morph ... if he was working with one of the counselors and getting directions to each other counselor it could make sense but that was very sketchy , and usually Savini Jason's aren't THAT good :/
  4. Maybe a glitch , maybe he looked too quickly and assumed . The Jason should change in the intro depending on the killers chosen Jason . to the op : I would love to see more Intros unique to the chosen Jason ! It would only make the game better .
  5. This is good to know if true - I thought I was wasting my time AND xp with each match of these asshats encountered ! I suppose for now I'll just quit the matches when this happens , although it is really disappointing that the devs don't chime into the discussion and explain their view on the matter ...
  6. The biggest issue with this game? Not hacks, not glitches, but open use of an immersive breaking exploit. The game is meant to be played like this : Jason kills counselors, counselors flee and kill other counselors if they are desperate enough. Thats how the developers designed it , yet half the time we experience something totally different like this (beware of my rage induced salt) : In this video you can clearly see that the girl (debby was the unspeakable ones name) and her friend (the killer, A.K.A Romeo) are working together , they werent partied up but they quickly became infatuated with eachother in the lobby ( the killer even changed his name to match hers - real cute) and decided to help eachother. The girl counselor didnt do much but walk to us and reveal our positions but it became clear that after we all had died that we had to suffer through 12 minutes or so of a killer and a survivor walking hand in hand, completely breaking the essence of the game and ruining immersion. She wins in the end not because of stealth, not because of skill or luck, but because this dude had a hard on for the girls voice. Developers please take note of this, it is not fair to make us sit through the end for our experience points if you have half the matches end up like this due to not having any fail safe mechanics in place to prevent teaming. Either add a report function for jason/counselor teamers that can lead to temporary / permanent bans or allow us to leave after we have died, those that want to stay WILL STAY but forcing me to watch 12 + minutes of a jason and a counselor flirting really makes me want to get my money back. This game has a great idea but poor execution will destroy it, small developer team or not i believe this should be addressed sooner rather than later!
  7. Haha good analogy ! I guess I'm just biased because I saw the Halloween remake by him and was impressed with the gory, modern update and since then have always wanted to see the same thing happen with my favore f13 movie :0
  8. They're all great / good (except for Jason goes to hell and Jason X) but my definite favorite is part 2 - it's so grittty , suspenseful and realistic what with that gnarly burlap sack disguise , and half way in it he actually uses a scary old man mask that looks like leather face original mask ... Overall I hope for rob zombie to do a remake of Part 2 and make it more realistic and gory than the original like he did with the Halloween remake (the first one).
  9. Maybe they went easy because they ... hmmm how do I put this ... like , the game ? It's not hard to believe deuchy critics like some games sometimes , although it does seem his bias for these types of horror games still lies with DbD and that F13 will be a passing fancy ; which I believe is the opposite IMO ... DbD is too niche where as this game has a fan base no matter if the game is in a wierd phase or not from the movie franchise - and tbh I like it a lot more than DbD , it just feels right , and that's coming from someone who doesn't normally like these horror arena games !
  10. I agree . Please please please make more fmvs for the beginning of matches , I hate seeing the same guy die and seeing that blonde dude with his mouth wide open every intro pisses me off to no end lol !!
  11. I like all these ideas . They are sensible , balanced and fun . The virginity idea is unique but it still fits very well with the game - if I remember correctly Friday the 13th part two was the brutal love making spear scene XD . Good ideas man , hopefully the devs implement them all .
  12. Umm I don't know maybe anyone else that's still in game could be Jarvis ? Frankly their tommy system sucks and so does their hosting system - randomly selected host leaves "game over" randomly selected host is pissed and rage quits "game over" . Just let the damn host and tommy Jarvis opportunities move to the next random selectee if the original disconnects / rage quits / whatever's .
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