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  1. Disney is also hypocritical for releasing trailers while working to take down pirated copies. Any company has the ability to decide what content they've created is fit for public release. There's nothing hypocritical, unusual, or wrong with that.
  2. So you're saying they'll release it about a month before the new engine is really ready?
  3. I'm going to be adding some people too. Getting sick of the host leaving.
  4. Yep. It really sucks that people who don't have unlimited amounts of free time get to play and try to improve. I mean, really, what's the point of life if that's going to happen?
  5. Yeah, I have had enough people push me out of the way of the car that I'm pretty much done helping with the car unless I have the keys.
  6. I'm cool with it. If it was paid, no way. Otherwise they're adding content to the game and treating it the way they treat all other content. And I haven't even hit level 31 yet, so I'm not saying this as someone who automagically gets him on day one.
  7. On PS4 if you hit the share button you can save the video of up to the entire match.
  8. Yeah. Normally for me I can't grab or hit until I get hit again. And one time recently I also wasn't able to use sense for almost the entire match to go along with it.
  9. How long has that message been there? I first noticed it in early August and assumed it was (for sending reason I didn't understand) the date of that message given as day/month/year.
  10. I despise online multiplayer. Always have. Playing games like COD and Overwatch are forms of punishment that I only endure to stay close to my nephew, and even then only play a handful of times. This game is completely different. I work full-time, go to school full-time, and have two kids under 5, and a wife. But I never feel like I'm so far behind everyone else, even playing in lobbies with people who have amassed hundreds of hours. If you can manage to play with some people willing to teach you the ropes, you can pick it up in a couple of matches. And each match maxes out at 20 minutes, and they rarely last that long. So if things are going well with a private lobby or quick play matchmaking, I can get in four or five matches in an hour of play time.
  11. I'll give them money if they promise to never make perks purchasable.
  12. That seems to pretty much be the way to have a successful Kickstarter. There are so many projects that you either have to have a popular property or have already been successful.
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