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  1. Hi! I'm not too sure if this would be frowned upon, but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in taking turns killing Jason for trophies? I don't have a mic so it wouldn't be a good idea for me to try lead this thing and I've never done it before, but as far as I understand you need to do the following: -Have at least 3 players (or 4?) -Have one counsellor be a female -Have Jason kill one of the counsellors after Tommy has been called with the radio -Have the female counsellor grab Pamela's sweater -Equip Tommy with a machete -Equip sweater girl with a bat -Knock off Jason's mask (machete sounds the easiest way to do this) -Have sweater girl stun Jason with the sweater then immediately smack him with the bat -Have Tommy machete Jason's face when he's on his knees -???? -Profit Again, I'm sorry if this is frowned upon to look for a group to try this out, but I really don't see myself getting the trophy otherwise lol. My PSN is Jared_117 and again I don't have a mic, so if any of you are familiar with the steps above and have a mic and wouldn't mind leading something like this, send me a message :)!
  2. Oh he definitely meant to, he was aiming it at me just before that lol!
  3. Jared_117 don't have a mic, looking for a game
  4. Gunna1312 shot me with a shotgun at the start of a Quick Play match because I locked a door to the big house we were both in -.- made no sense. never got my revenge because the connection timed out before we could start another match.
  5. Jared_117 I don't have a mic, but I'm still looking for a game
  6. Jared_117 Don't have a mic unfortunately. Send me an invite!
  7. Oh man .-. Got in one of the private matches but the connection was severed...
  8. My PSN is Jared_117 I'm looking for a private match to join as it's impossible to find any sessions. I don't have a mic but I plan on playing all evening. I just started last night. Feel free to add me and invite me to your games
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