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  1. Last night I decided to get a refund, however I have decided that if these issues do get fixed in the future, I will be buying it again when it goes on sale or something, because I do very much enjoy the game, I just have other things to be using my money on and there's no point having a game that I can't even play.
  2. Might have to look into that. I get that they're doing their best and I respect it, like I said, I don't mean to talk badly about them I think they made a great game when it works, but it's been a week and I still have a barely playable game. To me, that's unacceptable. I've tried to be patient, but I don't see it fixing in the near future, even after the patch yesterday, my game was still riddled with the same issues I had before. Not exactly a fun experience.
  3. Means a lot to me that you aren't giving me grief over this, I wish I had a PC capable of running games like this because I would've 100% bought it on PC instead. I love the game, it's a hell of a time to play but, that's when I /can/ play it. Otherwise it's just, not fun, which is a massive shame because I've been very excited for this game. I've not watched the films, but I am going to go back and watch them after playing this, there just didn't seem to be any games like this that actually.. did it right, y'know? And this genre of gaming is one of my favourite genres to play, it's just a pain in the neck when you can't play it due to server related issues, bugs, glitches, game crashes. In the past twenty minutes, I've tried to play three different games, and upon getting into a lobby, my game has crashed and sent me back to the Xbox dashboard every time. It's by no means entirely Gun Media's fault, they didn't expect their game to be this popular. I'm not trying to shade the devs, but who can blame them? Yes it's a very big franchise, but it's also being made by a very small company. I wouldn't expect my game to get more than five players if I was in a company of their size. However, they should have had a plan, in-case it all went wrong and should've put preparations in place if it did, to be fixed within a few days. For a game to be almost unplayable a week after launch... it's disappointing.
  4. I don't mean to be harsh, I respect that Gun Media is a small company, and they've made a fantastic game... when it works. Which, I don't know about everyone else, but for me? 1% of the time, I'm able to get in a game (still a private match, quick-play STILL won't work for me) and play until the end of the game. However, the other 99% of the time, I'm greeted by a screen that tells me I can't connect, or I get kicked from a game, or I'm sat waiting for fifty minutes, just trying to find a quick-play match. I love the game, don't get me wrong, but I'm very, very annoyed at how this launch has gone. It's been a week and a lot of players that I've personally spoken to, still have an almost unplayable game. I'm willing to be fair, and give it a little longer wait, however, if these issues still persist in the very, VERY near future, I will be demanding a refund from Microsoft. I respect all your opinions and I'm fully expecting to get some backlash from this topic, maybe even from Gun Media themselves. But I just want to clarify, I am NOT calling this game bad. I have a lot of fun playing, when it works.
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