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  1. Dont worry the webpage that will go up will make this a very easy process. Just click on the spot and have the screenshots of the placement right there for you. Good times ahead.
  2. Great post. Couldn't agree more
  3. How about you watch the morphguide then you will actually learn something because yes you can predict where Jason will morph most of the time. I get reported pretty much daily. I wish I could read the reports too they would add a lot of memes for free.
  4. There is a big difference between a tips/tricks section where everyone can share and a thread that is promoted by the staff to beginners that struggle (F13 twitter) and is hold as the only allowed topic by applying the no duplication rule to anything that remotely comes close to tips/tricks. I honestly don't understand why you don't see that rulebending is happening here: First guide I post is merged with the beginner topic due to duplicate rule. Next guy posts tips it gets merged, next two tips topics go through straight, next topic from me was not closed because of exploits but again because of duplication rule and then after kodiak demands proof of the conversation with ben he still argues that ben didn't mean a topic but "post it". If even with this you still don't see that Kodiak will bend the rules then there is no convincing you. You argue, that this is the official game forum. Well there is also the official reddit and an official discord. Guess what that information lands on the official reddit without any complaints and is happily received there. All your blocking does is moving people that want to learn away from the forum even further. This thing is already in a state where people don't come for learning. In the conversation with ben I specifically stated that the one topic rule creates a too convoluted topic and people will start avoiding it. Now the last post is from july 12th in there. So was I right or not? Or do you think we suddenly don't have beginners anymore? So yeah if you use the rules to make sure that there is only one guide up, then it better be correct or removed. By the time the techniques are patched out the time they kept the people afloat allows for changes to be made as the developers see fit. Also the devs might actually have a chance to see something as a good addition if it was used by many without much problems and make it into a feature that doesn't look glitchy. You can call them exploits all you want, but at the end of the day these techniques do not seriously damage the flow of any given game. The game is in a state where every single match has unintended things used. Be it hitting through doors, blocking stuff you aren't supposed to block etc etc etc. You want to be true to your word, then start removing anything that mentions body blocking, animation cancels, hitting through doors, car surfing and so on, because saying you want these things not discussed and leave this very video here which has several things that you consider exploits in it is a double standard. Next you can go over to the morphtrapping section and remove all comments about trap blocking objectives, the morphgrap guide itself since that isn't intended either and roll from there. See the forum is already filled with things you consider exploits anyhow...
  5. This is funny because you are still notified against long range shifts. Stalk is unecessary btw since the music will not play anyhow if you go for long range shift. Camera zoom will happen anyhow and I bet you morph far from an objective when a trap is triggered for sure.
  6. How about the moderation team learns to use respect and stops resorting to rulebending then? So my post containing this very video was closed as duplicate although it had the blessing of ben which you personally know of. Morphtrapping is referred to as cheap by your moderation team, which should at least try to be as professional as you are. That there are personal attacks completely unwarranted in that topic is also readable yet they all get away with it because they go my way? Not that I personally care much. I am just sad that you let this type of subjective moderation go by. Kodiak is as unprofessional as it gets when it comes to modding and of course I understand why you have to defend your colleagues, but dont think that I am the only one that notices. His style of moderation + the aggressive attitude of some forum users made several content creators disappear e.g. Rydog. He was polite and gentle and was helping out the community like no other. Now he is gone from the game as a whole, because of this forum. All so you can let Kodiak scratch his officer ego. I tried to convince ben to make a tips/tricks section here to help the beginners out. Instead all you give the beginners is a wall of text with little actual information of how to survive with a plethorra of factually wrong statements. Even if you think some things are exploits at the end of the day most things are just stuff that help out beginners to survive as legitimate as it gets, but to quote a nice guy. You guys burn down a forest, because you don't like a couple of trees in it.
  7. You brought up intellect. I didn't. I didn't say I am smarter than the rest, I said I have more experience and knowledge - which I do and both have nothing to do with intellect. Intellect is merely the clockspeed at which you process information or make conclusions. So if what I wrote makes you feel insulted I would advice to understand the point I am trying to bring across a bit more. Additionally if you think you can absorb F13 as a system in 10 minutes you don't give the game enough credit. It still has a lot of nuances and depth to it. I can tell you one thing about intelligent people though. Those that truly are don't like being called intelligent for various reasons.
  8. There are morphspots that are within grabbing distance of the objective. So if Jason randomly decides to morph there while you do it you are dead. Yeah a morph trap provides nothing there. Of course you wouldn't know that since the concept of morphspots is new to you. Jason hears the car starting and morphs? Boom trapped and now you can sail smooth.
  9. If there is counterplay there is no big advantage but that might be too massive for you to understand. Arguing with me about these things kodiac is like a random dude on the street picking a fight with a nuclear scientists about fusion. That is directly comparing my knowledge about this genre with pretty much everyone in this forum including you. I have created the most advanced meta for months to hold in 3 out of 4 games (evolve, dbd, deceit, f13) my playtime in this genre is somewhere around the 3k+ region + several thousand more hours debating, concluding and finding out. You can safely assume that I know a metric shit ton more about what is good for these games than you do. You can also trust that I cannot have an interest in blowing up the games that I cover, because that would be sabotaging my own work. Wether you like it or not I am pretty much an expert for this genre and you can of course try hard and find someone with more knowledge. Does that mean that I do not make mistakes? No of course not, but it means that when I say something it comes from a very different understanding. Do you think all the messages I get are praise? No some people contact me stating that I killed the game for them, because of this or that. When I put it down to a ratio then it would be somewhere in the ballpark of 100 thank you to 1 fuck you. So no King Casul I am not hurting the game. The game is hurting itself for various reasons and is by now pretty much a dead fish already. Very much to my disliking, but it isn't for the lack of trying on my part. How about you do what you are best at and make up rules to make morphtrapping disappear. Certainly it is a duplicate post of some sort and while you are at it those personal attacks against me in that very topic clearly are out of hand wouldn't you think? Oh I forgot you are as biased a mod as it gets
  10. Yes everything is always easy to swallow, when something else chews it for you. It certainly isn't high level, obviously everyone knows about it since it is so apparent how morph works. Yet somehow I never saw another soul put down a morphtrap in 3 months. I get called a cheater the absolute majority of the time I employ the traps, because it is so apparent how morph works right? The massive amount of people telling me how they didn't even morph there etc is all imaginary and all this although I explained how morph works pretty much the day the game was released, while people even in this very forum denied it since they could "easily" and "skillfully" morph on top of people. So yes I am not gonna trick myself into believing that this technique is high level at all. It is in fact so low that basically everyone always knew about it and it was just beneath them to use it There is a reason the F13 basically has no content creators left. This forum is a big part of it.
  11. Abduction? Yes to buff Jason against groups. Make the shift a good chunk shorter or let it have a bigger wind-up. RIght now abducting someone is just styling him since you can't really just go and abduct someone since it ends the game if he holds a pocketknife you die or if he struggles free manually - which can happen with one of the longer ones. So reality is abduction gives the ppl tons of chances more than they would normally have. You check them for pocketknifes first, you limp them and then you abduct them. Sometimes you even mess up so you have to wait even more. Not like there are people abducting ppl out of groups. With traps we can argue back and forth. I don't think it is healthy for the game to allow Jason to effectively lockdown objectives against beginners. His single trap is meaningless against any veteran already. Using weapons for disarming... well we might aswell remove the traps from the game then. Weapons are plentiful and you aren't defenseless. You simply go inside the house that is always next to the trap and drop your current weapon next to the trap. Trigger the trap - pick up your old weapon. Maybe if traps had a cooldown and regenerate upwards, pretty much like knives should we could accept this. Right now the traps are too damaging to beginners for my taste in a game that is already very frustrating for them.
  12. I would fix the button combination of how car surfing is currently done and make it so you can slide out the other side of the car or mount the roof, but I would keep it. Bodyblocking I would implement in an easy 2-team interaction in a streamlined fashion. So yeah I would keep it.
  13. Just because something is not intended doesn't mean that it is inherently bad for the game. The things I post are all good additions.
  14. It baffles me that you still don't understand the rule. There is stuff I do not show, because it breaks the rule that I set to swiftly distinguish bad stuff from good stuff. Either there is counterplay to it or there is not. No counterplay? I won't post it. Like resetting the skillwheel as any char to get the minimum amount of skillchecks. You don't see that in any of my guides. You won't see duplicating pocket knives, teleporting via traps from me either. That is not seeing everything equal. All the stuff I post is already thought about in the sense of: What if everyone did this and it was still an okay result. Several ppl carsurfing at once? Weapons will start breaking and they will hit each other very fast. Jasons will git gud and understand how to break car surfing or just flat out ask me. Bodyblocking traps? Put them in certain shapes there if you really want to deny the objective. See you complain about the bodyblocking trap stuff that I showed involving a teamate. However there is a perfectly fine way to do it by yourself. Did you see me post that? No. I could have, but instead I chose to take the 2-man variant and promote that over the method that lets you do it alone. The stuff I show is good for the game. Keeps it fresh, adds knowledge and skill. See I could make a Jason guide that will get them to be a near unstopable force against the players in quickplay, because they are simply too weak. I don't, because most lobbies are already annihilated without a guide that skyrockets Jasons power even further. You guys might not like certain things that I show, but that doesn't mean that I am hurting the game.
  15. That is funny, because the match before the girl collaborated with Jason to kill me to increase her survival chance. The very girl whining about cheating in this clip and I was shot by another guy that was doing useless shit after pointing out that all he has to do is shoot Jason and put in the fuel. He chose to kill me instead. Clearly there seems to be a rule here: Gamers have the most fun at the expense of other gamers. They had no beef shooting me dead for fun and giggles and throwing the game away for everyone else. During the match where I pummeled Jason into nothingness more trolling was going on, but certainly I must be the one reasonable protecting their little group fun by not using my knowledge, because they are casuals not even understanding the depth of the game. Just stick to the golden rule of gaming and enjoy the game for yourself. Their whining is funny, because the skill I showcase is so far off that they can't distinguish it from hacks any longer. I like it that way.
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