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  1. To the poster above re: nudity. If you sexualize the violence by having naked people being axed between the legs etc, you automatically jump the rating up. It is to do with the Psychology behind it all and heightening arousal during graphic violence is a big no no. I'd like there to be some kind of customization but I think it will never happen. Heck we can't even put the bots in the costumes we paid for.
  2. Well technically Dr Crews team killed Amanda Shepherd.
  3. Exactly. Make the DLC we purchased still viable after the final convulsions are over.
  4. They should allow our custom loadouts of Counselors into Offline Bots too.
  5. Once saves are local and not server side, a lot more can be done to expand the game.
  6. Will this mean more potential for players to... expand the fun of the game? ?
  7. I feel a bit the same way, we were all here for the love of the franchise at the end of the day. We are very lucky and grateful for a great game, but honestly overall everything was pretty shite and if we weren't so passionate about the source material we would've wiped our hands long ago.
  8. Yeah, all we can hope for now is a good modding community to keep the game alive. Imagine if we get the Grendel with new win conditions as an unofficial mod?!
  9. I feel like I should be notifying authorities ?
  10. I think we will be pleasantly surprised. At the very least there'll be altered win conditions. New Hero is another thing...
  11. I'm happy for Paid DLC for cosmetic stuff and kills. They need new maps. These new maps could have very different win conditions to the existing maps which would essentially give us other "game modes" without splitting the player base. Example being the sewers from Part 8. Counselors could try bait Jason into certain areas which can then be flooded with toxic waste by interacting with valves. Risk would be that you'd kill fellow counselors whilst trying to take out Jason. The SS Lazarus could have different playstyle as well which would change the game up a lot. I think we may be getting a taste of if different objectives work with the Grendel map first.
  12. Vanessa's are easily disposed of if you use sense and then shift grab her without her being aware you're there. This is doable as her sound pings give her away early game.
  13. Looks like a recycled couch or painting texture from the game. It is foul. Plain black and white would've made more sense.
  14. She'd suit single player challenges better than multiplayer. That way she can play to her strengths on unsuspecting victims. Sorry, but if the counselors know an older lady is chasing them it really doesn't make sense that the likes of Adam and Buggzy wouldn't just serve her an uppercut and be done for the night. Pamela wouldn't be so stupid either.
  15. The suit makes het body look like an 80 year old burns victim with a continence aid fitted. Definitely would benefit from at least her waist being cinched.
  16. Melissa is the Mean Girl. Tamara is a Hep C riddled, nasty c*nt.
  17. Very much alive. I posted recent pics somewhere in this monster thread.
  18. Manhattan unfortunately won't be Times Square. We'll be getting the docks, back alley and sewer network IF we get it.
  19. Imagine little Muff being the final girl. The intensity as she is running for the police as Jason flings knives at her little furry body. MUST HAPPEN.
  20. They'll need to compensate and add swing speed for each Jason. Savini and 8 should still swing the machete slower of they're getting destruction bonus. On the other hand, say Part 3 swinging a slow weapon should not be penalized by slow swing -destruction. They need to make each Jason swing whatever weapon the same speed and destruction they'd swing their original weapon with.
  21. He wants access to the bloody skins in offline mode for Jason. We should also be able to load counselor customization too really.
  22. Extra kill packs (which I thought we would've saw far more of) would at least keep interest in existing Jason's going. Maybe new weapon packs.
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