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  1. So I just sat through the cut version of JGTH (so an abysmal experience of an abysmal film) and are we actually to believe Joey died from a broken jaw? Surely she is still alive. The whole sequence though showed Vicki the waitress to almost be a contender for taking out Jason. Maybe they'll eventually consider a diner gal. Thoughts/opinions?
  2. Deborah?! She needs a little touch up work.
  3. Hahaha. Ginny, Chris and Trish all kited Jason for at least half a match.
  4. I think if we get Alice we should also get the other girls. Trish is definitely a contender. I disagree on 8 strength though, she'd be a 5 tops. She was athletic but small and struggled lifting a tv.
  5. But she smashed Jason with the boat propeller so she did do damage. Just not a 1:1 cat and mouse chase like the girls before her.
  6. It's like the ending of the Buffy musical!! "Where do we go from here?"
  7. Crystal Lake town map would be awesome. The more I think about it, I'd love it if Alice was the next counselor or hero. There's a lot we can do with her and she is the first scream queen of the series. Look on Adrienne's fb page where she went back to Crystal Lake. She re-enacted the scene of finding Bill, she still sounds young and she screams just as well as she did in 79!
  8. Well Adrienne would definitely be willing and if they're going to add any final girls she should definitely be the top of the list.
  9. So Jason will have no chance of thinning out a herd of counselors chain stunning him at the 4 door? Slash killers can be a bit eh if they're repetitively spamming but it's a mecessary evil if we're to keep some balance.
  10. Blasphemy. Tamara was a cheaper, Hep C riddled amateur in comparison to Queen Melissa.
  11. How could you hate this little gorgeous face?
  12. On PS4 had my regular group so was fine. On Steam had empty Australian lobbies.. slightly worrying.
  13. Now the question becomes, what happens to little Muffin if she's escaping in the boat and Jason tips the boat? Will he pull her down with the counselor? IT'S TOO CONFRONTING
  14. So, been a lot of talk in lobbies. Can Muffin, our beloved little heroine, be added as like a random spawn buff? If you find her in the woods she'll act like an extra perk for all stats and will alert you where Jason is on the map? I'm sure she can be tweaked but she'd be like a little random spawn at a camp site that will aid a counselor until Jason takes her out (maybe with a lovely kick ala the head boot)? How do we feel about little Muffs being included? Is it in poor taste? Will she make Tiffany less stumbly? Can she have DLC armour?!! CAN SHE WEAR THE SWEATER?! Sound off
  15. Will Victoria be included in this wave of SP challenges?