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  1. Absolutely. Melissa wasn't exactly slutty in 7, just manipulative. Sandra and Robin were more promiscuous and would be more the "flirty" girls of the film. Still think Melissa should have high composure. Tina sobbing "He got my mom...." Moments later, "You are nuts! I don't believe you, you people give me the creeps." Serious burn there. Sure she froze for a moment when she opened the door because she was startled but she was hardly a hysterical, uncomposed mess like that Kinsey loose cannon in X. I'd like to think if Melissa wasn't so oblivious and caught on sooner she may have put up a fight for Jason. She certainly was conniving, sneaky and manipulative enough to out fox him.
  2. I hate complaining, but I really struggle to get kills against high speed/stam characters now with the grab nerf. Literally 4 players ganked me and I just remained stunnned at an exit until the police arrived. Jason is now a huge challenge to even get 4 kills a match.
  3. Fingers crossed if she is in the works she drops sooner than later. She's iconic and needed for single player missions!
  4. Hoping we get Fox and a Mean Girl Counselor dropped with kills and clothing. Can hope!
  5. Her pink and white shirt is worse. Texture doesn't align.
  6. Well in my ollllld poll before the game released, "Stoner" came 2nd. Mean Girl/Melissa was number 1 by far. I hope they're listening ❤
  7. Jenny and Chad are good with demasking too
  8. We need Melissa next. Everyone falsely believes Susan Jennifer Sullivan is deceased so it'd be awesome to have her reprise her role.
  9. I think her all white jeans top combo was cute too. Plus she rocked a bikini in her first scene. I'd be swapping her speed out for more composure. Sure she froze, but right up until that axe hitting her in the face she gave no f*cks. Tina and Nick were hysterical over everyone dead and Melissa (QUEEN) was like "meh".
  10. Jenny with thick skin, marathon and stealth boost.
  11. This Jason is free but future ones are paid. How I understood it.
  12. Terri skinny dipping in the third act of Part II