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  1. Yep, it seems that way. I think the game is having complications figuring out whether the USB or the regular controller is the correct one. That makes some sense for the voice chat, but I have no idea why that messed up morph and ability to see player names. I haven't played as Jason to see if morph works, but I can definitely see player names above their heads now, as weird as that is.
  2. Holy crap, I think you just helped me get it to work. At least the voice chat part. I tried playing with my charger as well and noticed that every time the controller disconnected my username disappeared from the menu. So the accounts seem to be heavily paired to the controllers. Well I have had a wireless Guitar Hero Live USB plugged into the back of my Xbox forever, and unplugging it made my voice chat work. I'm now trying to find out if the other things work as well. So if anyone has a USB or anything extra plugged into their Xbox, try unplugging it and see if chat works.
  3. Yep, my settings always reset as well. I just hope that they are aware that this is happening to people and that they fix it with the next patch. Let me know if it starts working again for you.
  4. I've discovered that I have at least two other problems that some other people with the mic problem have as well. When I play as Jason I am unable to use the morph ability correctly because there is no red circle for me to select where to morph to. Also, as a counselor other players' names do not appear above their heads on my screen. Do you have either of those problems as well?
  5. I am an Xbox One player, and not once have I been able to speak in game chat. I can hear everyone else fine, but my mic symbol doesn't even light up when I speak. I have tried everything that I could possibly think of: I am definitely in game chat, and my voice does work in party chat and in all other games I only have one headset (Skullcandy), but I have tried two pairs of headphones with mics as well (also both Skullcandy, so if the problem is "on my end" then using Skullcandy mics is the only think I think it could be, although it still would a problem with the game). I have also tried a different controller I have tried setting the "Output Voice in World" option to both yes and no, neither work (although I heard that that option has nothing to do with speaking anyway) I have quit and restarted the game multiple times, as well as hard resetting my Xbox As a last resort, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game, and that didn't work either I was patient with it throughout the week because I saw a thread in which PS4 players were having the same problem and it seemed to be fixed by a patch. So my hope was that the Xbox patch would fix it, but unfortunately it did not. Thanks for any help!
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