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  1. Reggie "Reckless" Winter

    No, have Adult Reggie as a counselor.
  2. Reggie "Reckless" Winter

    They can easily incorporate an adult version of Reggie into the game ala adult Tommy.
  3. Back when Jason Teamers was a bad thing, it was because the balancing was what it was supposed to be and made an already tough situation almost impossible. Now with how utterly neutered Jason is, having Jason Teamers isn't such a bad idea anymore.
  4. What's great about offline is that you actually get a chance to be a more strategic, calculated Jason who takes his time picking people off.
  5. The more I think about it, the more I actually agree that item marking actually made being counselor a little too easy. Its not a glaringly gamebreaking as the overabundance of items, the nerfs on Jason and the ridiculously fast reverse driving speed, but it definitely adds a little too much convenience to a game that should be akin to a war zone on the counselor's side of things.
  6. Item marking SHOULD stay in. That's actually one of the few pro-counselor fixes that I actually like and don't want taken out. Also, Jason should be overpowered. I don't remember seeing a bunch of counselors bullying adult Jason in any of the movies and even when they kinda did (Freddy Vs. Jason comes to mind), the outcome was not pretty for the poor saps that tried to mock the masked one.
  7. I think Richie plays the game in that scrubby action movie style I just ranted about. That's why he's so defensive of the whacked out balancing, me thinks.
  8. Next time I play as a counselor (until the next patch undoes all of the damage, I hope), I should do that. This shall be the start of the "Bitchy Jenny" era.
  9. It wasn't exactly hell to survive as a counselor in month 1, but even when I died, it was still a real joy to play. Surviving a total bloodbath to see another day was actually a big cherry on top of an already fun experience. What we got at the moment, though, is a real scrub exhibition. Bunch of cocky S.O.B.s thinking they're hot shit by exploitation the messed up balancing. Hell, those people shouldn't even be playing this game. I want a slasher film simulation, not this nonsense.
  10. Just had an awful, AWFUL session with some of the biggest scrubs i've seen in a single session. They had the gall to say I suck ass as Jason. No, you guys suck because the current balancing is all out of whack. Yes, being a counselor should be a hellish survival of the fittest, not "pick on the mentally disabled man". Don't even give me that "you should block" crap. I'm here to chew ass AND kick ass when I play as Jason, not be on an equal playing field with the counselors...except Tommy. He can have more in-game buffs than everyone else. That's why the first month of the game was a total blast. It actually was like playing a slasher film in video game form. It was beautiful. I really do not like this more action game centric incarnation we got right now. Totally betrays what the game was meant to be.
  11. Actually, this would be a quick fix to the existing kill. Just add eyeballs popping out in the next patch. Also...I want them to to try and replicate Jason Goes to Hell's infamous spear death (minus the sex) for Part 6 Jason somewhere down the road.
  12. Screw that noise. The Duke says a Friday the 13th game should be a Friday the 13th game, not Dead by Daylight: Crystal Lake Edition. They can keep all of the current existing buffs to the counselors, just bring Jason's overall strength back up to launch week levels (albeit with the buffs and nerfs to stuff exclusive to certain Jasons). Then the game will become really fun again.
  13. Yes, if we get an option to make the gameplay challenge as it was during launch (but with all of the glitches and exploits fixed like it is now as well as the icons for dropped repair items), all would be forgiven. I said months ago that nerfing Jason would be a really bad idea and yet no one took my warning to heart.
  14. Paranoia theory

    I feel like Paranoia is going to be a mismash of the JGTH body swapping, Roy Burns and that ancient Commodore 64/ZX Spectrum F13 game.
  15. Unpopular counselors

    The slagging of my waifu Jenny makes me a sad Duke.