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  1. First and foremost since the most recent patch the lag is horrible. When you are trying to stop counselors from escaping in the car it is a pain the ass to have a counselor blocking the driver side door so the E prompt does not work along with lag. Both issues I feel needs to be addressed. I know I can simply grab the counselor and kill them but that is wasting precious seconds when trying to stop them. The prompt should work just like it does on the phone box. Also being body blocked while playing as counselor needs to be addressed as well. Many times I have my only way of escaped whether it be by door or window be blocked by a trolling player sometimes by accident. I apologize if it seems like I am complaining. * Fix Lag * Fix Body Blocking Thank you for your time
  2. I thought that this would have been fixed by now. I am still crashing/lockup. It seems to happen more frequent now. It happens at random points. I can be playing or I could be on the score screen.
  3. There are other posts about this issue. I am sure they are working on fix.
  4. I am getting this a lot I grab people and before the animation finishes for the kill they leave. Then I did not get credit for the kill. A lot of people are raging from the game if they are being killed. It needs to be fixed to where it gives you credit for the kill as soon as the kill animation starts imo.
  5. I was in a public game tonight and I think some players found a glitch. They would stand on the toilet and constantly crouch backwards and go through the wall. I have attached a link showing how it is done. Credit for finding the glitch goes to xNightMar3xx and LittleGwenie. They asked that someone record and report it. Toilet Wall Glitch Video
  6. I apologize. I had never encountered this personally before the patch. I tried searching key words but was not sent to your posting. Thanks for letting me know.
  7. I have noticed if a player becomes Tommy and then leaves the game. Tommy will bug out and be alive. However, he will not show up on player list as alive. The game will only end when/if Jason finds where Tommy spawned and kill him or time runs out. Never seen it until patch 1.03
  8. Ever since the most recent patch my game will randomly lockup. I do not receive a error message it just locks up. It does not become unresponsive either. I was not having these issues until patch 1.03 When I was Jason on crystal lake I just broke a door down to a cabin in the north of Camp Hillbrook. I then used the phase ability to go into the cabin soon as I got into the doorway to the second room it locked up. I could still hear the game sounds but was stuck in the door way in phase ability. I waited about a minute then my friend said he got disconnected from party. I alt tabbed to see if it was a crash or the game was unresponsive but it was nothing I had to end the process. Second time I was a counselor on Higgins Haven My friend and I were at Blair's cove we just got the car fix then Jason showed up. I got out of the car turned left towards the cove and my game locked up again. Similar to what was posted above. It seems to happen at random times. Nothing that I can replicate.
  9. I have noticed that if someone leaves the game you can not pick up their items. I had it happen twice today. Once on crystal lake outside on the road I watched a player disconnect. I was not able to pick up any of their items. The next time It was Packanack searching cabins and seen a dead body with the phone fuse, got kind of excited then I am unable to pick it up. I had another player come and try to get it as well to not avail.
  10. Maybe you are missing the point of my first posting and did not read most of the others. There are some moments that I agree friend fire is a good thing. My point is people that just come into the game and first thing they do is hunt down other counselors to kill unprovoked. You are assuming that people are doing something/saying something to egg on the said attack. Also I am not going to sit back and let the person kill me. I will defend myself but it ruins the game if I spend 5 mins fighting it out with some troll when I could be finding and fixing things to get a possibility of escape for everyone. Then if I successfully defend myself I am punished by getting -200 exp because some other counselor was trying to kill me. If I am not successful then the attacker continues to kill others all the time not giving a crap about the -200 exp they receive for each team kill. Yeah sadly some people resort to violence instead of just asking "hey I can use that. May I please have it?" I know your pain.
  11. Seems they have a lot of work to do. Nicely done on providing them with what needs to be fixed. I did not know about most of these.
  12. I had a weird situation similar happen to me the other day. I was Jason I could not pick up the last counselor on my sense. I was not getting any music change either. I happened upon there cries of terror. They were inside the Pacanack Lodge top floor all the way to the left glitched inside a closet. I was not getting the prompt to kill them and I could not hit them with knives. Of course they staid inside and ran time out cause I could not kill them. Maybe it was something similar. I do not think it was perk in my opinion.
  13. If you look at the first sentence they have a fix for it just needs to be patched in. Just got to be patient.
  14. I have seen this a lot recently as well. Probably did not help that some live streams showed how to do it. While playing I accidentally got onto the railing then I took the opportunity to record how people are doing it. I did mute the audio for the video before anyone asks. I hope that there is a fix in progress for this. It is game ruining. Moose Glitch
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