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  1. Yeah, they need to fix it, I've been grabbed from stupidly far away, and I've grabbed people myself from stupidly far, sometimes so far that I'll just let the person break the grip because of how BS it was. IDK what exactly causes the problem but it happens everywhere, in cabins, on hills, on the road, in the woods, everywhere. I think it's part of the reason shift-grabs are so insanely strong, because you don't have to actually grab, you can abuse the hit-box of Jasons 12 foot long arms according to the game.
  2. Plus Pamela could realistically die from one shotgun round to the chest, and then Jason would have to have some sort of debuff happen when she dies, like maybe he gets stunned just like he does when someone uses her sweater on him, leaving him open to be hit by someone and killed by Tommy. it's just a bad idea to add her.
  3. The thing with pamela is, they can't have Jason AND her in the map at the same time, because they both didn't live at the same time during the movies, AND Pamela being just a normal woman, a counselor could find a shotgun and blow her away, end of match.
  4. I think you forget about the I-frames Jason has after a stun, where he can walk around a bit before another stun. if he gets stunned again it's his fault for not walking away and shifting back or something like that. Also, firecrackers stun and nothing more, they can't get his mask off with firecrackers, they don't dmg Jason, if they want to do a kill, they still have to beat the shit out of you the ol' fashioned way, they can't stun with crackers THEN hit you, it doesn't work.
  5. The problem is, even when you aren't looking at him in a dark room, he can get you to 100 fear, plus you can't tell exactly how scared you are, just the face expressions and the darkness around the borders, some sort of "fear meter" would be gladly welcomed, maybe even make it some sort of bar Jason can see when he sees you with sense.
  6. I heard they won't release the physical copies until the campaign is added.
  7. this would be pointless too, as it would just be "what jason swings the fastest with the longest range on his weapon" then everyone plays that Jason and wacks each other until they die, because grabs would not work obviously. The devs would never add a mode like this.
  8. I've read through this forum thread now and I have to say; Jason does need changes, namely his instant-kills, counselors are supposed to try to help each other survive, right? But why would you ever try to group up with others, where more noise will be made, if you can't even help each other when Jason grabs? because of his invincibility frames and his kills that require no space that he can activate before another counselor can even think about helping, it's pointless to group up, unless you plan on getting your fellow counselor killed before you so you can live longer. I've seen this happen DOZENS of times, it's not rare. I've done it myself as Jason very often, killing entire groups of counselors because my invincibility frames prevent them from stopping me when I grab them. Jason IS supposed to be very powerful and hard to beat, but he is in a game now, and as such needs to be balance to make the game fun for both Jason players, and counselors players. Right now Jason is the only one who really gets to have fun in most games, and that's still questionable, because it doesn't feel rewarding to get a kill as Jason, it just feels like you completed an animation, not like you killed someone who was fighting for there life.
  9. nah, if you could break free from his grab really easy, then players who wait for the time to run out with hiding tactics would always win, they can just hold onto a pocketknife, hide in a closet, and when Jason comes into the house get out of the closet, break Jasons grip with button mash, start cabin hopping, break his grip a second time eventually, and then pocketknife him for his third grip, that's like 7 min wasted right there.
  10. I know some PS4 games have made in-game chat the same as game audio, so you could hear them even if you were in a party with friends. I forget what games they were, but I know it can be done.
  11. One thing they could fix, is making in-game chat the same audio as the game itself, so even if you're in a party you can hear what people in-game are saying.
  12. to expand on this, you could make it so that the higher strength a character has, the more they push Jason, and they add a few fractions of a second to how long it takes him to get back up after being shoved.
  13. he can when he's on his back, Jason is a giant door-blocker in cabins. if you hit him right as he enters the door-frame and normal stun will leave him blocking the door, if he's laid out he is knocked back enough to get around, but if he walks into the cabin a bit and then gets knocked down he will land right in the door-frame blocking counselors from leaving.
  14. nothing can be done about this unless it's on Xboner. ps4 has no means to block parties, and PC has 3rd party systems like discord.
  15. only thing that makes it an issue, is an issue that every cabin and trap-spot has, doublestack traps right in front of the place you have to walk, instantly killing you if you don't have a pocketknife and injuring you if you do have one.
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