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  1. Do you still play the game?

    I quit last patch. The game itself is no longer fun. They turned Jason into some weakling and needs rebalancing
  2. I used to use Adam a lot when the game launched. He is appealing since he is a bit well rounded or a jack of all trades, but the problem is simply he cannot stand out and shine in a certain area. I prefer Vanessa over everyone then Jenny Speed/Stamina/Luck are the stats that matter the most to me.
  3. She is highly underrated. She can easily escape a Jason grab with little effort... It’s a free pocket knife. Throw on a Escape Artist perk and it’s even better.
  4. Stealth is useless and has a very diminishing effect every minute the game goes on.
  5. Well what I meant by wedge is to hide behind the door, but that only works on Jason’s that aren’t that experienced
  6. I’ve done this often and it works most of the time. Theres a few really good spots on each map where ou can wedge into. If your dealing with an advanced Jason it doesn’t work well
  7. Not true at all. Just restart the repair mini game till you get something you can manage. I repair the phone all the time with Vanessa and it’s not an issue at all.
  8. Yeah, I’ll trade raw speed for stealth any day, Any decent Jason won’t waste time chasing a Vanessa anyways. Plus she is fun once you get an epic marathon/restful
  9. Vanessa is better than Tiffany in all aspects. Stealth is useless the longer the game goes on.
  10. Medic > Hypochondriac When I use Adam I always run Restful/Marathon/Medic. Very fortunate they are all epic.
  11. I still play a little here and there.. not as much as I had used to. Whenever I’m Jason I can still manage to easily get 7/8 or 8/8. im glad part 9 is still a beast
  12. Part 2 is the undisputed king at camping.
  13. I'm not following much on this swimwear dlc, but it would be priceless if they had Lachoppa in some shorts with his fat hanging over.
  14. I run Vanessa and the 2 repair can suck sometimes, but it is manageable. I thought about running an epic tinker as well, but unsure how much it will help.
  15. Tina from 7 is who I'd really like to see.