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  1. Health sprays useful for: Slasher/sniper Jasons, traps, if you have to jump out of a second story window/broken windows. If I had a repair part I'd have to have that in my inventory, although the health spray would be the last to replace, unless I had more than one.
  2. 😁 Due to popular demand I'm releasing two other videos I've had unlisted:
  3. There may not be mods for this game, but that doesn't go without saying there are F13 The Game mods for other games:
  4. That moment when you get a lucky drawer search, then a lucky phone house guess:
  5. Glad to finally know what the purpose of the tapes was.😊 By the way, I recommend updating the post to mention the removal of the Jason X sections.
  6. I like how the really annoying guy was the first to die.😊
  7. What I mean is that although the Jason X model is an existing asset in the game via the virtual cabin, any new coding that he comes along with hasn't received certification since he hasn't been made publicly available. The X machete kills you mentioned (six by the way, three of them are going to be dlc) count as new content, and Gun Media couldn't release him just for that.
  8. Yeah, unfortunately it's still a problem. Another solution is to go into combat mode.
  9. It's possible the flashing/blinking effect was used without any new coding required. To me it seems like cloning an existing product and modifying it, not too different from the flashing mask icon. But once again could still require some work that the devs can't be bothered with right now. The model may be in the game, but there could be new coding that comes with it which would be considered new content.
  10. That was also discussed. It's possible but not likely because of the time and effort required to put in, and Gun Media already has bug fixes to worry about.
  11. The red mask is from when Jason's rage meter on the upper left of the screen is filled all the way, just made it blink. As for Victoria's glutes, that was explained:
  12. Depends on size of the map, the willingness of players to find and use radio, and luck. I've seen some matches where Tommy never got called, and Jason never bothered taking out the generators.
  13. Got some good knife throws on two players near the end of this match, although they were used to cripple not kill: Here's one from the early days:
  14. Did I ever mention that one time Jason and two counselors teamed up to get everyone else run over? Oh yeah, I did:
  15. Low repair counselors are worthless except as trolls or Jason hunters. Nuff said.
  16. Ok, so this just recently happened, and I don't remember hearing about it happen before, but the sweater girl was about to use the sweater when I started shifting, which cancelled the shift and led to my death. Near the end:
  17. The last time I tried for a Jason kill on the Higgens island, we brought a few weapons, which broke before the mask would come off.😒
  18. By the looks of it, Jason was clipping through the door because you were attacking it in combat mode. A regular door chop puts distance which should prevent that.
  19. Abduction is when you are able to shift or morph while having a counselor grabbed. It was supposedly patched out ages ago. For trapping the shack, I'd only do it if I knew they were Jason hunters (would be wise though if you're Jason first time in a new lobby in case they were hunters).
  20. Pre rage: firecrackers, pocket knife, med spray (with medic perk) Post rage: If Jason is equal part slasher and grabber: two pocket knives and med spray (with medic perk) If Jason is pure grabber: three pocket knives If Jason is pure slasher: three med sprays (with medic perk)
  21. My riskiest kill preventions I can think of are pure dumb luck. One time they weren't able to use the sweater on me, and another the game didn't let them defeat me because of bad connection. There was that one time I hadn't realized I was demasked and the only thing that saved me was the shack door frames.
  22. This must be the biggest coincidence ever, but right after reading your comment I happened to see that kill in a video by @HaHaTrumpWon
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