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  1. The main reasons I don't play much as Savini: 1. Tired of people friending me right away just to ask about how to get Savini. 😩 2. Have yet to be defeated as him. A lot of Jason hunting groups still waiting for that honor. Because of this, I'm afraid of turning into a tryhard Jason if it ever comes to an organized hunting party going up against my Savini. 3. I refuse to play as a non running Jason against jukers. Nuff said.
  2. Technically Gun Media could recycle existing colors/patterns without much effort or it being considered new content, it's just the matter of whether it's worthwhile to them or not. Um, I don't recall Adam wearing any new outfit in any of the challenges. He was nude two times, if that's what you meant.
  3. I can recall two times I've had to deal with someone teaming with Jason one match, then be Jason the next match and go after them until they rage quit. EDIT: Before I forget, back when team killing was enabled in public matches, one round I had to deal with a teamer. So anyway, I come back as Tommy and a friend was fixing the boat, with one of those trolls waiting to get a ride. I shot him (only time I've ever purposefully attacked someone) and rode off with my friend into the sunset. What's funny was another player was also standing by the boat and ran off after I shot the troll.
  4. Also have an old video of the same thing. To prevent a Jason kill, simply stand in the doorway of the shack the entire match, problem solved. :p
  5. Darn, I was hoping it wouldn't be that easy to get around suiciding.
  6. Good points, but it's usually not that easy. Unless you can see the radio tower in the intro, you won't know which cabin has the radio and can usually expect Tommy to get called before taking out the correct generator. Immediately morphing to the shack is wise if your morph isn't still in cooldown. However, if a few players are there, taking out the sweater girl is going to be a challenge. The rage buff is great, but won't help protect you from getting unmasked by a group. If you're playing in a lobby you know to have Jason hunters, trap the shack right away, unless you see the radio tower in the intro, take out the generator and multi-trap it. EDIT: Forgot to mention that since suiciders can't come back as Tommy, you have control over that. Go after people you either know to not be part of the hunting group and any possible sweater girls first.
  7. The "second shack" you are referring to is the one you see at the outro of each match. Second shacks always have existed on every map , but it's harder to get to them with out-of-the-map glitches getting patched. One interesting thing about them is they also have a sweater that can be picked up, which of course offers another chance at defeating Jason. I happened to get a recording (not too long after the game came out) of the car flying off the map and a survivor stumbling across the second shack:
  8. It's a nice touch, but not when you're aiming for a surprise stalk shift, like the first time I was legitimately defeated as Jason:
  9. I was Part 7 on Pinehurst, and a Bugzy player kept juking me. He's the last one left, and I chase him into a cabin. Lost sight of him, so I guessed he hid under one of the beds. First one I picked was the right guess.=😎
  10. Probably because it shouldn't be easy for Jason to spot the Tommy house right away. That's the only chance for someone to respawn in the game.
  11. A similar thing happened to me yesterday. Starting at about 12:20:
  12. Only interaction glitch happening to me lately is not being able to attack after exiting a car. There was also this one time I was driving and the car fell beneath the map. Couldn't do anything and got kicked for being idle.
  13. Oh in that case, disregard that, Kodiak. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, GO TO THIS TOPIC. ABORT.
  14. Maps would be too costly to make; they can't even afford to finish the space ship Grendel map that's half finished. Recolors of clothing would be plausible but still unlikely. How has this topic not been locked? @Kodiak Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with a cherry on top?
  15. Since there is a brief moment until the pocket knife kicks in, you should be able to turn the counselor away from the corner.
  16. You forgot the hell hounds and dark astral powers while in digging mode.😜 I assumed that's how you would be able to defeat him on the Grendel map. Kind of like when he gets shot up in the movie:
  17. That's what I was afraid of. Not being able to weapon stun Jason in rage mode makes it way easier to demask him.
  18. Whenever an annoying ten year old is screaming in the mic, a chance Jason's head explodes.
  19. Two times I can recall. 1. A long while ago when there was this glitch where you didn't show up right on Jason's screen. So I was in a cabin and the Jason player was outside grabbing because on his screen he was inside the cabin right next to me. Felt bad for him so I went outside and gave him a free kill. 2. A kid who apparently just started playing and didn't know how to morph was running around outside the shack. I messed with him for a little while, then led him to some tents and hid. Only kill he got.
  20. If I had to guess, it's because defeating Jason is already supposed to be hard to pull off, so avoiding double hits only adds to the challenge.
  21. The last 15 seconds of this vid: Reminds me of this match, starting at 16:30:
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